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Not Without Use...
by Leafy
Citation:   Leafy. "Not Without Use...: An Experience with bk-MDEA (MDEC) (exp105468)". Apr 30, 2016.

T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 100 mg oral bk-MDEA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:45 60 mg   bk-MDEA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:45 25 mg   bk-MDEA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:45 25 mg   bk-MDEA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:00 40 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


t+0.00 100mg ethylone
t+2.45 60mg
t+3.45 25mg
t+4.45 25mg
t+6.00 40mg ketamine

After two chance encounters with empathogenic substances this past summer, 1 80mg MDMA experience and another unidentified substance/mix, I was amazed and exalted at the human condition when I'm tripping on my own major endogenous psychedelic, serotonin. Because of my limited experience with this class I may not be the best candidate to describe the nuances of this material, but I do consider myself sensitive to drug nuances nonetheless.

I acquired 1 gram of MDEC, and after a few trials with small doses to test my reaction, I decided 100mg to be an acceptable hypothetical dose. I made a date with a close friend to share it in the comfort of her home.

We ate a very filling meal and headed upstairs. We were both too full to consider taking the MDEC immediately, so we smoked some grass and listened to music, excitedly discussing what to expect and who-knows-what but we were both in a good mood to boot. I weighed out the doses, and my friend being almost twice my weight, I gave her twice the dose. This material does not seem to have a very steep dose-response curve and, luckily, we both seemed to be at the same place mentally as we were mg/kg.

[t+0.00] We waited half an hour and started sipping on our spiked teas. There was a definite bitter chemical taste along with the herbal tea bitter, and I was a little repulsed at first. But a few moments after letting the liquid sit in my mouth, I could feel the very faint signal coming from my mucous membranes. Holy shit, this is an RC what am I doing?! gave way to acceptance and desire for the chemical.

[t+2.00] Well we sat around and smoked some more grass and tried dancing but our bellies were still too full. After about 2 hours it started coming on like gangbusters for me. I was getting it strong all of a sudden, but my friend wasn't there, so I gave her a little snoot up the nose of maybe 10mg worth, before my attention moved to the awesome sound of the trap/trance playlist I'd made.

MDEC is very interesting because it does not hit with the force I experience with MDMA. With MDMA, I knew when it was coming on, it ramped up, I got really stimulated, and it broke through. With MDEC I sort of accepted I would be in this new state, and then after I was there I realized I'd arrived.
With MDEC I sort of accepted I would be in this new state, and then after I was there I realized I'd arrived.

[t+2.45] It definitely met my expectations for an ecstasy experience. My friend and I hugged each other, completely open to the other. I was definitely in a place where I could not imagine there to be any embarrassment or sorrow. Suffice to say we rolled face, redosing as we saw fit. We redosed perhaps 3 times during the night, which seemed to keep us at about the same level for 3 hours or so, until we came to a point of exhaustion and said 'we've had enough'. MDEC seems to put me in a state where I feel much more open about taking more MDEC. It's a little fiendy, but I could easily control myself as soon as I felt myself becoming exhausted. Because of this I'd say it still has a rather noticeable stimulant aspect.

MDMA seems to have inherently psychedelic properties that the cathinone series don't, probably on account of its inferior 5-HT2a agonism. So there was definitely less visual beauty, but my feeling of empathogenesis was pushed to a new high never before seen in this short lifetime. I like MDEC, there isn't too much body load or stimulation, so I can push the serotonin effects quite high without discomfort.

t[+6.00] We're gently coming down, mildly tired but still riding the wave of excitement. So, we decide to take some of my dubious ketamine a friend picked off the ground at a festival for me. I did multiple reagent tests (very clean results) and after a little Paracelsian micro-doses found it was a dissociative. So I throw it on a tray and snuff a bump of maybe 40mg, she a line twice the size. For some reason I quickly felt this was toxic to my system, leaped up, and rinsed my nasal cavity in the bathroom sink, GRAY DRIPS! Eeech, but there had already been enough time, I was out of it. I wobbled back and my friend had come completely k-crazy. Neither of us could figure out what happened! We were so happy a little ago and now we're so stupid and what the hell is even happening! She couldn't stop saying anything that popped into her mind, and I was neither here nor there, the stimulation of the MDEC kept us awake and talking whereas usually we probably would have nodded/dys'd out.

[t+7.30] We were really tired but happy to be able to communicate rationally again. Smoke some more weed, lean back, and drift in to a stimulant-induced unsleep to metabolize our way to normality. During this time I felt like I had taken just a tad too much (~210mg), or the ketamine really was reacting with the MDEC, because it felt like I had a mild form of serotonin syndrome. It felt like my brain was melting, serotonin receptors depleted, visual flecks of what appeared to visual neurons going haywire. I think I was a little hot as I did my best to ignore it and calm down.

[t+13.30] Day after I didn't feel too terrible, it seemed like an even trade-off. I had a lot of mood swings, much deeper emotional attention than usual to an almost excessive degree. Comedown is light like the come-up. As of now, about 2 weeks later I feel almost recovered. I feel like there is a dullness in my brain that's only now starting to wear off. Empathogens are HEAVY MACHINERY, incredibly beautiful, and I don't think I want to repeat this for some time.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105468
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 30, 2016Views: 3,054
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bk-MDEA (346) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), General (1)

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