Early Metocin Impressions
Citation:   Goddess Mode. "Early Metocin Impressions: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp104774)". Erowid.org. Oct 27, 2017. erowid.org/exp/104774

  oral 4-HO-MET
    smoked Cannabis
    inhaled Nitrous Oxide
This write-up will cover the last three experiences I've had with metocin since I last uploaded any trip reports. These three trips were all wonderful, but I didn't feel that they all really called for individual reports of their own. Rather, I figured I would document them together here to note some of the patterns I've recognized from one trip to another.

The first experience followed about two weeks after my previous trip report, which was of a combination of 4-HO-DET and LSD. I had been until that point staying in the range of 25-30 mg for all of my doses with synthetic psilocin analogues aside from 4-AcO-DMT, and I wanted to see more of what these things can really do. I was also excited by the fact that I was able to effortlessly meditate myself into an out-of-body experience on my previous trip, when before that they had only ever come out of my control. For this reason, I decided to take 50 mg of 4-HO-MET.

As usual for me, the come-up was very hard and fast. It actually kicked in for me in a way almost indistinguishable from DMT, and also very similar to 4-AcO-DMT and 4-AcO-MET. However, unlike all of these other psychedelics for me, the transition was overwhelmingly smooth. I had been caught off guard for a moment by how quickly my environment had started transforming into a hyperspatial reality, but once I got over the initial anxiety I noticed that in some ways I barely even felt altered.
I got over the initial anxiety I noticed that in some ways I barely even felt altered.
There was nothing out of control about the feeling, there were simply strong hallucinations. They consisted largely of sliding and transforming imagery embedded in tunnels and form constants. One visual that particularly stood out was an enormous spinning wheel with the ring broken up into square sections that each contained a smiling and slightly more cartoony than normal image of Roger the alien from American Dad!

Something I had noticed from my first experience with 4-HO-MET is that what it seems to excel at above all other psychedelics I've tried for me is enhancing normal sensory information to the point of causing sensory overload delirium. I feel like this may be because it has all the hallucinogenic potential of any other solid tryptamine out there and yet unlike so many for me it is quite lucid at all times aside from that sensory overload, rather than pulling me as far into my own mind. On my first try with metocin, even just listening to the silence in a room after doing a balloon of nitrous oxide felt incredibly profound. This time, there was actually a very nice, warm breeze outside that was blowing the trees around quite a bit. I decided to head out back and lean back on a lawn chair with some cannabis handy and just listen to wind and observe the night sky. So far this was one of the times I've felt the most connected to nature on psychedelics or any other time.

During all this, I actually was perceiving an enormous sphere of hallucinations surrounding me. There were rings of creatures like lizards and spiders along with complex geometry crawling around the circumference of the sphere in multiple directions, and the whole thing was covered in some sort of wireframe design. I felt as though I was at the center of something very cosmic, and being outside allowed this perceived space I was in to open up to as wide as possible. When inside, the same thing was happening but in a much more reserved space. For example, when I was in the bathroom I actually say the creates crawling around on the sink and walls. After some time I went back into my bedroom to do a balloon of nitrous, and I don't remember too much about it other than that it was very delirious, but it opened up my sensory perception even more and afterward I felt the stimuli completely overwhelming me as I laid there.

Suddenly, I was out of my body and floating in a void. The gentle patterns I had been seeing suddenly evolved into perceptions of female entities all wearing cute one-piece bathing suits around the torso and black latex gloves and stockings on their arms and legs. They started floating around and gesturing toward me, and I had the feeling that I was now in a hypnagogic dream-like state that was being dramatically enhanced by the 4-HO-MET's stimuli enhancement. This enhancement that I've noticed applies not only to external sensations but internal ones as well, and so I attempted to use the hallucinations like I would with normal hypnagogia to launch myself into an actual dream. The way I felt was essentially as though I was using the 4-HO-MET as a springboard to dramatically intensify the ordinary signals my brain would be sending. Hallucinations started bursting to life from my efforts and for a moment I started to see fully realistic entities walking around a pool, and I was even creating for myself an avatar entity who I was beginning to control as if she was my own body, but then the whole thing collapsed as quickly as it appeared. A little disappointing, but a good start toward something great nonetheless.

There was more to that experience on an emotional front, but that's basically what needs to be covered to show the pattern that I've seen in my trips on metocin. The next time I took it was at a get together with three friends where we had all spent the prior night together and then dosed when we woke up in the morning. For simplification reasons, I will call these tripping companions friend A, friend B, and friend C. A is a male who was given 15 mg of 4-HO-MiPT to ingest. B, the female companion of A, was given 15 mg of 4-HO-MET. C, another male, was given 15 mg of 4-HO-MiPT as well. All of these friends were trying the compounds in question for the first time. Personally, I chose to take 20 mg of 4-HO-MET.

This story doesn't have quite as much to cover as the first one, because much of my trip was spent with my attention divided between my friends and just catching up and connecting with them. However, I can briefly cover the situation. All of our doses started kicking in very quickly, with the general reaction of each person to each substance being roughly what I expected. A was becoming quite and reserved during the come-up phase of the 4-HO-MiPT. He and C both seemed to be feeling the more 'sedating' or relaxing effects of the drug. B was displaying an extreme amount of energy in response to the 4-HO-MET. She was laughing, running around, and communicating playfully starting early on and lasting for much of the experience. I was starting to get some fairly strong patterns appearing on surfaces compared to normal for the dose that I took, so I was excited at the thought that this dose may actually take me a lot further than I had expected.

In some time, the trips had started to resolve themselves into some heavy plateus. A was lost in a half delirium as he continued to move in and out of his own world and confusing behaviors. I was spending a decent amount of my focus helping him to center again whenever something that C would say would throw him out of his comfort zone again, which was generally not too difficult. But this was happening because C was hallucinating quite strongly and regularly dictating the visions see was seeing or the disordered thoughts she was thinking. B was enjoying himself but was in a much more lucid headspace like myself, and instead seemed to be getting into sort of an analytical mood. I was in a place where my trip was relatively easygoing, but there was still a moment that really threw me for a loop. I had said something to calm down A, and I honestly can't even remember exactly what it was anymore, but after the fact I reflected on the sentence I had said and realized that it was structured entirely by rotating back and forth between all-or-nothing concepts, with the one part of it I remember being 'It's never anything.' This thought seemed incredibly significant in the moment, and I found myself suddenly feeling as though if I held on to this recognized pattern I could untangle the entire fabric of my personality and learn more about myself than I could have ever had hoped to know, but that it might come at the cost of my own humanity. I toyed with it for a moment, but then just let the moment pass me by instead.

As innocent as that sounds, while this thought was happening my perception actually escalted into a complete sensory overload just like the one from my previous trip. I found myself following dots traveling along the edge of a sphere which represented the inner workings of my consciousness becoming accessible to me. I sort of realized this at the time, but I didn't realize how odd it was until I was walking down the hallway a minute later and returning more to reality. In retrospect, I felt that this strange dissociative moment was just the result of one of those 'trippy' feelings you get from thinking about something really abstract being intensified to the point of delirium just like the hypnagogia had been before. After this point, the rest of the experience continued without any major incident, but it was a wonderful time with some close friends.

The third experience that I'd like to talk about happened just last night. The previous trip had happened about another two weeks after the first one, and about two weeks after that I had taken 20 mg of miprocin. Perhaps notable about this trip was that it didn't seem to be nearly as enhanced after my large dose of metocin as the previous smaller dose of metocin had been. I do think that these experiences with metocin are opening up this aspect of my psychedelic perception even more with other drugs as well, but it seems to be happening even more significantly with the metocin itself. After this trip with miprocin however, I started having some pretty bad stomach problems, unrelated to the drug itself. Because of that I was planning not to trip again for a while until I'm feeling more physically healthy, but the events of last night were sprung upon me pretty suddenly. An old friend who I barely ever get to see more than a few times a year anymore was going to be in town and wanted to stay at my house over night, and I didn't want to pass up the chance to have some fun with him while we could. With that in mind, we each took 20 mg of 4-HO-MET. At this point, it had about a month since my last experience with the 4-HO-MiPT.

My stomach was not overly happy with me for my decision. We had already ate some pizza earlier in the night as well, so I had anticipated a fairly rough ride up. We started out our night by playing Yu-Gi-Oh! until the beginning of the second duel in which neither of us could easily read or comprehend the effects of our cards anymore. I was starting to get surprisingly strong visual distortions combined with the sort of really scattered, overwhelmed mindset that can comes with things like a lot of nausea or cramping when you're coming up on a psychedelic. I tried smoking some cannabis to help with the pain, and it helped just a little bit. My friend had also never tried nitrous oxide before tonight, so after a test run he was eager to see how it would combine with the full psychedelic effects of the 4-HO-MET, so for a while I pretty much matched the number of chargers he was using for each balloon. Normally by this point the combination of cannabis and nitrous would have me feeling pretty good on a psychedelic, but the stomach pain was still holding me back by a good amount. I felt a little bit of anticipation at the thought that I could be in for a pretty uncomfortable and powerful trip if I couldn't manage to rid myself of the nausea that I was feeling, and puking has proven to be something I should never have even the slightest amount of faith in happening to relieve my stresses, as I just keep things down too well it seems.

In the meantime, we were listening to a lot of old psychedelic rock songs and watching music videos. This is when I started to notice that the sensory overload effects from my previous experiences were starting to reach a new high. The videos we were watching were almost incomprehensible to me due to the fact that the visual information I was receiving was itself pushing my mind to the level of that delirium, causing everything I was seeing to be massively corrupted into geometric madness. It took a while and a lot of shaking, but I finally was able to burp in sort of a way that cleared up the feeling of nausea in a way similar to what vomiting would do, and from that point on I started feeling a bit better. Afterwards I decided to do a big balloon of nitrous to help propel myself even more towards a positive place. So far I had found that the thing that 4-HO-MET intensifies to the point of overload better than anything is nitrous oxide, being able to take the already quite psychotic delirium it causes me and escalate it to completely unbelievabe levels. Just the night before I had actually used nitrous while only high on cannabis and even then I reached a level of being completely convinced of a grandiose delusion about people who are insane actually knowing the truth of the universe, and thinking of how I could possibly explain this to all of my 'sane' friends who were still trapped in the Matrix, so to speak. Because of this and the fact that nitrous oxide has a sort of reverse tolerance in me, I was very curious to see what using it again on this now even stronger 4-HO-MET trip would do.

The result of this combination was so illogical that it is almost not even worth attempting to explain, but I'll do the best that I possibly can. The effect that I experienced here seemed to synthesize a combination of things that I have experienced on 4-HO-MET before into the new even deeper levels of nitrous experience that I was starting to reach. The sphere of information that I have been getting quite a lot around me appeared again, and the points traveling around it seemed to be vibrating at an extremely rapid rate. At the same time, the all-or-nothing theme that I had picked apart from my brain's process of creating sentences on 4-HO-MET before was playing an important role in the delirium I was submerged in. This was interpreted as an extremely significant message about all of reality being reducable to this flip-flopping pattern of existence. The implications of this were understood through a dissociative sort of perception in which logic was inseperably interwoven with echoing spiral imagery of myself and colorful form constants. Within the moment all of the things I was perceiving felt completely undeniable, and I felt the need to remember this great truth to reality that I had uncovered, and so I ended up starting to write myself a note about it only to realize that none of it actually made even the slightest bit of sense. Around that moment, reality started reintegrating into my awareness and I was filled with the desire to burst into euphoric laughter.

For the rest of the experience, the trip was very easy and quite enjoyable. It followed the same theme as my other 'resolved' metocin trips of following my imagination exactly except exponentially intensified, by the same cognitive springboard effect I mentioned before. The result is usually quite sexual or personally significant, and as usual I was able to get quite a lot of emotional work done on this trip. There wasn't too much left that would be relevant to talk about here, as the night was really just spent talking about things and listening to music.

So, the big patterns that I have started to notice about 4-HO-MET for myself are lots of rings and dots spinning around spheres, the feeling of registered mental concepts quickly switching back and forth between two extremes, and sensory overload up to the point of complete delirium which seems to become more and more prevalent with each experience. So far it has been nothing but a beautiful psychedelic for me which can be amazingly lucid but at the same time is just as intellectual or meaningful as the classic psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms. I have to say though that with the level to which it seems to increasingly intensify in me with each trip, I'm likely to start using it less often and in lower doses in the future, just so that it doesn't become too crazy too quickly.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104774
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Oct 27, 2017Views: 5,616
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