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The Day I Met the Goddess Lucy
LSD, Mescaline & Ketamine
by Moros
Citation:   Moros. "The Day I Met the Goddess Lucy: An Experience with LSD, Mescaline & Ketamine (exp104739)". Dec 27, 2018.

5 hits oral LSD
  40 mg oral Ketamine
  300 mg oral Mescaline
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


Howdy, so here is the story of when I met Lucy.

It was a brisk fall evening when me and my friend hit up this kid for acid. He said he had acid, mescaline, and ketamine, we said fuck it and asked for a little of each. Who doesn't like a good hard trip into the unknown.

Now, a little back story on what has been going on in my life during this time. I started the drug phase of my life when I was 14. It was first spice and coke. OD'd then I moved onto pills. Dad OD'd on pills, which threw me into a whirlwind of intense depression with the thought of my dad dying from something I myself was doing. Needless to say, I took a break. Switched schools and met with some pot heads. Smoked weed for the first time, thought it was boring, so I searched around for more things. Got back into spice and pills.

But then...I met this girl, C, who asked me if I've ever tripped before. I had not touched psychedelics before I met her. I always thought the idea of hallucinating as a 'myth'. So one day she picked me up after work, I'm 18 and graduated from high school at this point, and she said we're going to NYC to trip on some mushrooms. 'Sounds cool to me.' So, we got there and I ate an 8th, she ate a 16th and two tabs of acid. Nothing was happening for an hour for me. She was deep inside her head, I was holding her hand while she was crying. I didn't understand why and neither did she. So, I thought nothing of it. I started to get pissed off because nothing 'trippy' was happening.
I started to get pissed off because nothing 'trippy' was happening.
What about all the stories I've heard of aliens and trees turning into liquid? 'What a bummer...' But then...I looked at this giant ten story billboard with a soda can on it. There was condensation on the can. I started to focus more on it with an odd confusion. 'The water on it is dripping?' I nudge my other friend, M, asking, 'Dude, is that giant billboard a lcd screen?' He said 'no, why?' I said that it's fucking dripping. He laughed. I looked over at a building next to it and the windows were going in and out, the sides of the building were swaying side to side and the color of it kept changing. So I was actually fucking stocked! This shit really works!

That first trip jolted me to desire more. I said I wanted to always do mushrooms. I thought that was badass that things would just move by themselves. Eventually I was introduced to Lucy. Oh boy was that a million times better.

I am an artist in a lot of different ways. I like to write poetry, construct music, create paintings and sketches, and photography. I've also loved to indulge myself in various forms of thinking. I like to think I'm empathic from the hundreds of people I've come into contact with. I study the way other minds work and why they work in those way. In all I have always had a niche for paying close attention to detail, and creating things from nothing, or looking at something wanting to alter it to show what I see. Once I dropped my first tab I literally fell straight into my head. I never thought a drug could make me feel so at home in my own skin. I always wanted to be someone else or to forget myself, probably from the years being depressed and what not.

Enough back story. Today is a year after my first trip. I've slowly built up my tolerance and created different 'rooms' for each amount of acid I would take at a time. My favorite was 8 tabs. It was the perfect balance of in-depth thought, visual hallucination, and sound visualization. Me and C were going to buy a strip each to hop up to the next level, but our dealer said he only had a strip, but he has mescaline and ketamine. I haggled him to give me a good deal on all three. I then had 5 tabs, 40mg of K, and 300mg of mescaline for myself.

+0:00 I ate the whole lot as soon as he gave it to me. As soon as I ate them I instantly felt euphoria. Mainly because it's been two weeks since I last tripped. (I had a problem with psychedelics. Since I considered Lucy as a woman I fell in love with her and being in a trip as being home
I had a problem with psychedelics. Since I considered Lucy as a woman I fell in love with her and being in a trip as being home
you can see why it was hard for me not to miss tripping since I was living in my friends car.) C then looked at me and said, 'I'll meet you there!'

After the whole deal went down we started to realize we didn't have a plan of what we were doing. So we hopped back into her car and started to drive to the mall to see who was there. (Me and her were mall rats at the time.)

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

+0:30 While I was driving I started to get the tickle bellies and the jaw thing. We got to the mall and our usual crowd was there. All of their faces were so odd mixed with the florescent lighting. A lot of depth was starting to appear. On the more inward level, I could see how insecure all of them were and it made me want to get them to be more themselves and not these little emo kids that just want attention, but at the same time don't want anyone to notice how weak and emotional they are. I had thoughts about bettering my life and getting away from these people. I kept thinking how much of a loser I am for being in the mall while tripping. I shrugged that thought off like I do every time, because who wants to think about how much a piece of shit you are while tripping. After that I started conversations with random people, going out for cigarettes occasionally. I would talk to the security and asked him what his views on mall rats are. He didn't seem to be too fond of them, but he likes how easy it is to get weed from them.

+2:00 Eventually, C's ex showed up and started to give her a hard time for tripping so we decided to hit the road. I was getting bored of being a pest to the mall faculty. We hop into the car and I start feeling a peak come on so I started to book it to C's house. Apparently while I wasn't looking C invited 9 people to her parents house. (She was kicked out, but she still had the key.) So, we started to drive there trying to make sure they don't get there before us. We get there and most of them are already in the drive way. We step inside and everyone goes down to the basement to smoke up. I didn't like weed at the time because it made me feel weird and I would think about how fucked up my life is. So I chilled in her living room staring at the ceiling.

+3:00 My body felt so strange against the leather couch. My arms kept sticking to it creating this weird noise every time I lift my arm.

+3:30 For a moment I saw these dots in the ceiling. I didn't remember seeing them before. They started to move more vigorously. Now they are starting to spin. faster. A bit faster. I can't see dots anymore I can only see a technicolor circle. These lines start to connect within the circle. They formed some weird triangular thing. The design then stopped moving...It shoots straight towards me; I'm engulfed inside some tunnel. It feels as if I'm being sucked into a worm hole. I thing see a snake starting to appear. It slithers closer to me until it too engulfs me. It's an endless amount of snakes devouring me. I start to become increasingly more nervous. But then I see something. I'm not too sure what to make of it, but it moves with the strangest speed. It feels like it's moving fast but it's also moving insanely slow. I then see that it's a head with an intense crowd upon it. The trails are endless with the most insane amount of colors per trail. A woman appears in front of me. She is the most beautiful, magnificent woman I have ever seen. She is glowing. Oh my god she was a goddess. She starts to speak to me...But the words she's speaking are unrecognizable. I have never heard someone speak in this way. I keep asking her what she is saying. I can't understand her. Her face begins to get angry. Her eyes glow red. She starts to scream at me. I just want her to stop. Why won't she stop screaming at me. She then lets out the loudest sound I have ever heard in my imagination. Her jaw snaps...It dangles by a thread of muscle. She then shoots out to me. Devouring me. Then that was it. Nothing more. I start to notice where I am again. I almost don't even see any visuals, but the thoughts are still there.

I would continue explaining this trip, but there's not much more. I tell C what just happened. She starts to talk about extremely angry things. Beating up some stuffed animal she found. Eventually the trip simmers down for the two of us and we go to walmart to buy some glass bottles filled with soda and go to some abandoned road and smash them, breaking bottles is one of the best things to do when I really can't handle the anger that's inside me.

I learned from that experience that my mind was telling me that I'm fucking up my life and I need to get it together. So, I did. Now I trip once a year and do no other drugs. I've found a way to bring the awareness of psychedelics into my everyday life. The only thing I needed to do was pay attention.
Yay, happy ending.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 104739
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Dec 27, 2018Views: 1,547
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Ketamine (31), Mescaline (36), LSD (2) : Various (28), Depression (15), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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