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From Heaven to Hell in 10 Hours
25B-NBOMe & Cannabis
by shiv
Citation:   shiv. "From Heaven to Hell in 10 Hours: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp104384)". Dec 27, 2015.

T+ 0:00
1 hit sublingual 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:20   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:30   smoked Cannabis  


Despite my tender age I had to decided to order 40 tabs of 25b to sell. I was determined to test a full dose so that I wouldn't fuck any customers up.

4:00 PM - I went to a large field by myself and took the full tab sublingually for 30 mins (stupid, I know).
4:35 PM - Already the grass seemed to have a breathing movement to it. I then received a text from a friend who also wanted a tab so I got on my bike and cycled the ten minute bike ride home. Whilst cycling the tab started kicking in and I found myself in a strange dreamy state where time was much slower and a strong euphoria feeling.

5:00 PM - After cycling back to the field in my dazed state I sat down and began to get some pretty visuals and slightly intensified colours.

5:20 PM - I was just beginning to peak when I saw a group of friends coming towards me, I couldn't stop laughing at the strangest of things and after a few puffs of a joint everything in my colours became extremely intense and everything in my view had bended around and warped in shape.

5:30 PM - By this time I was in a completely other world, there were some of the most beautiful visuals I could have ever imagined and my buddies were playing around with me which sent me into hysteria.

5:50 PM - By this time I had completely lost touch with what was reality and I got stuck in these mind loops
I had completely lost touch with what was reality and I got stuck in these mind loops
of the simplest of questions, no matter how much I tried I couldn't remember what reality was and my body looked completely different to me. I felt like a big sludge of colour.

6:30 PM - After what felt like hours upon hours of complete heaven and amazing visuals it was time to go to my friend's house for a small gathering. However, I had got so stuck in the dream of it I completely lost my reasonable mind and was completely out of touch with reality. I couldn't understand that I was the only one tripping and began an intense 3 hour trip in which I broke several of my possessions and got stuck in a state of mind where I was convinced it was a dream and so I would go ahead with anything I thought of, needless to say a few embarrassing escapades took place.

9:00 PM - I slowly began to realise what my body actually looked like and the childish question loops began to subside, leaving me completely gutted at the realisation that no one else was tripping, making me feel quite the fool.

9:30 PM - After feeling totally confused and slightly drained I decided to do a few bongs of weed to get me to a nice dazed state along with the rest of my friends.

10:00 PM - This was where it took a turn for the worse. My eyes began to super constrict and then super dilate so quickly it left my eyes in excrutiating pain, all my vision was beginning to turn deep purple then into a strange tan colour then to a deep gray. I raced to a bathroom where I could sit in the dark alone. Still my eyes were extremely painful. When I stood up however, I suddenly lost all feeling of my lungs, esophagus and stomach whilst at the same time my left eye suddenly had a widened field of view and both eyes had this strange magnified feel to them so that I could see like a huge area whilst not being able to see my nose. Along with the loss of feeling in my chest and a sudden numbness down the entirety of the right side of my body put me into a state of panic in which I felt like I was completely out of my body.

10:30 PM - my heart was now getting weak and I could feel myself getting faint, this lead me to constantly bang on my chest in a strange hope to keep it going.

10:40 PM - Despite my efforts to explain how much I needed a hospital to my friends they all thought I was tripping despite being in a sober state of mind, this wrenched up the anxiety for me to ungodly levels.

11:00 PM - My eyes had suddenly both constricted to the strange tan orby colour and I kept them covered to protect them from damage. As I was led home by my friends this was when I realised I had completely lost the ability to remember anything that had just happened, what was a 20 minute walk felt like 3 seconds as I had no sense of time. In pain and terrified of my heart stopping I crept into bed and again what should have been a 5-hour long night only felt like 20 seconds. It was the strangest of sensations.

4:30 AM - When I gave up on attempting to sleep and realised I still couldn't remember anything that just happened I quickly got my dad to take me to hospital. On the drive there my heart was becoming weaker and weaker to the point where my vision was greying over and my entire body was going numb. When in hospital I slowly recovered my memories but I will forever be haunted with this odd eye problem of extreme fields of view. I fucked with the drug and it fucked me in return.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104384
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Dec 27, 2015Views: 2,513
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25B-NBOMe (564) : Health Problems (27), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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