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The Experiment: Dipping A Toe Into Reality
LSD, 2C-E, Salvia divinorum & DXM
by Mr._Microdot
Citation:   Mr._Microdot. "The Experiment: Dipping A Toe Into Reality: An Experience with LSD, 2C-E, Salvia divinorum & DXM (exp103584)". Jan 23, 2018.

T+ 0:00
600 mg oral DXM (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:05 300 ug sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:32 1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 1:45 15 mg insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum  


The first trial of the experiment.

Purpose: To reach another plane of reality. (Vague yes, but you'll see the point in a minute)

Secondary purpose(s): To bring something back from said 'plane' - To alter a fundamental part of the world outside the tripping body for a finite period of time (e.g. Terrence McKenna's experiment in 'The invisible landscape' or altering the perception of time outside the tripping body) - Lasting alterations to the physical body that was tripping (e.g. gaining 'psychic intuition' or other 'superpowers'/ correcting physical ailments like clinical depression)

Problems with experiment: For the first instance of it ( The only one that has been done so far) I was alone. There was no way to confirm alterations to reality outside of my tripping 'version' of reality. The mix of chemicals that were used is deemed 'dirty' and rightly so, the methods of action of said chemicals is not exactly what was needed and altered the experiment. (I believe that I failed to do the experiment entirely but it set up a life changing experience.)

So what's the point in all of this? All of these 'pseudo-scientific' mumbo jumbo?
This is the part where you dear readers will start to think I'm crazy and bail this little trip report. Alright, I'm not going to convince you I'm not crazy but at least here me out on this odd-ness.

In the 'Invisible landscape' by Mr. McKenna (where this idea came from in the first place) there is the idea of a shaman bringing an 'obsidian liquid' into being with the use of ayahuasca. This liquid would have properties that would allow said shaman to manipulate space and time as well as cure illnesses and compose prophesies. McKenna not only brings the liquid forth in the book but also appears to be able to with the aid of a mushroom 'not eaten of course although those were involved' actually alter the flow of time, slowing it down.

In his book 'Doors of perception' Aldus Huxley talks about how many of the senses as we grow up (from being babies) have build something like a drug tolerance and psychedelics help us 'open the doors' and see reality as it truly is.

Dr. John Lilly theorized that we create are own reality.

If we create our own reality and we have the power to influence it then our actual ability must be seriously hindered by our own senses. By dashing the ego to pieces and playing 'tourist' in these alternate realities we may come across information 'programming' that we can integrate into ourselves. By integrating this information into ourselves it will by extension alter our 'non-tripping' reality.

So basically in layman's terms:
1. Gain information
2. Bring it back
3. integrate it
4. ????
5. Profit

The actual trip:

Drugs ingested: Lysergic-acid-diethylamide [three tabs- approx. 300mcg] - Dextromethorphan [600mg in the form of cough gels] - 2c-e [15 mg] - salvia 30x [two hits] - Low grade cannabis sativa [one hit]

Non drug trip add-ons: a live mushroom in a small pot of soil - an open flame [WARNING OPEN FLAMES ARE DANGEROUS] - Crystals placed on the seven base chakras as well as an information holding base crystal - silver goblet connected to an electrical current - a lossless recording of 432hz (for kicks and giggles) - Ott, Shpongle, Dark Side of The Moon, globular, Tycho, and Shulman music.

T+0.00 -Swallowed cough gels popped into orange juice- Ugh these are gross! This red food coloring is going to turn my butt into a faucet for sure. Bleh.

T+0.05 - Took three tabs with water. No bitterness detected, believe to be actual LSD.

T+0.20 - Not really feeling anything- stomach sounds like a washing machine on high though, not sure what to do about that.

T+ 0.32 - Take a hit of green mids to calm the ol' stomach - seems to work

T+ 0.40 - Going to watch 'Enter the Void' until I have come up sufficiently.

T+ 1:00 - First serotonin yawn of the trip - feels similar to the effects of anti-depressant serotonin yawn.

T+ 1.35 - Bathroom time. Feeling a bit of a 'robo-walk' - small OEVs in the corners of eyes. Difficulty in urinating noticed.

T+ 1.44 - Definitely am coming up now - small fractal CEVs noticed upon closing eyes. It's time to set up the 'test bed' before I get too inebriated. Crystals corresponding to each chakra are placed under small comforter that I will lay on. Candle lit and laid on bedside table. Mushroom in pot placed beside bed. Lossless loop of 432hz played through speaker. Earbuds placed in ears and music started. Silver goblet attached to electrical circuit placed on bedside table. Small 'grounding crystal placed next to goblet. Pipe containing salvia placed on bedside table.

T+ 1.45 - Insufflated pre-measured amount of 2c-e. Merciful mother of god this stuff burns and the drip tastes like burning baby dolls.

This is where time disappears and the magic happens, but while I have your attention ( I hope) I would like to tell you exactly why I picked each substance and which they substituted for.
The idea was to use a chemical in each family (tryptamine, phenelethamine, whatever the heck salvia is- a kind of opiate antagonist I think- and dissociative)

The LSD was substituted for shrooms- My favorite ticket to hyperspace.

2c-e was used for a reason as it covers the serotonin receptors LSD/shrooms doesn't hit.

DXM was a poor substitute for ketamine. I do not have anything against DXM but it is a mild SSRI and because of that I couldn't mix the LSD with a MAOI to strengthen it. SSRI+ MAOI= serotonin syndrome.

Salvia was chosen because, well, it's salvia. No other psychedelic works on the same receptors and it seems to affect completely different part of the brain.

A dissociative to provide the canvas. Psychedelics to provide the paint. Salvia to provide a rocket ship to send it into the unknown.

-------- BACK TO THE TRIP--------------------

The warm tones of dub drift through my ear buds as I lie down on my bed. The light is off and I am in complete darkness. Thankfully the nasal drip has stopped and I can swallow without grimacing.

I take a quick breath and calm the few threads of thought that run rampant through my head. All these drugs are very overwhelming. Actually, overwhelming is an understatement. I feel like I'm being pulled apart very slowly, loosing my sanity.

I calm my thoughts and get my self in the zone. You're here on a mission. Accomplish it. A ball drops in my stomach as I start the first of many ego losses. The ball asks a question.

Are you ready to die for your experience?

The music guides my mind which has lost all meaning of self. I am no longer a student eating ramen all day trying to scrape by in my little chunk of the world.

I am an immortal orb. Kind of white. Or purple. Maybe I'm orange... I would definitely be blue, well, if blue existed. Or something like that.

I float along a neon savanna. A flat plane. Electric grass rubs against my legs as I run. I have a body now.
I run. I run. I run. It is survival. Running is integrated into my genes. The violet sun rises above my head as the heat of the day sets in. I must make it to the water hole it is the only way to survive... the only way.

I rub my eyes. I'm in my bed again. My ego is back, I remember who I am for a brief second. I need to get out of my head I'm on a mission. I must get to hyperspace. Judging from the time that's passed it's been about an hour and the peak should be arriving in thirty minutes.


My alarm clock has been set- back into the void.

Closing my eyes I take a breath and resubmerge myself in psychedelia.

I feel sand on my feet this time. I remember who I am. The neon sun is setting now in the horizon. The sea stretches before me its lilac waves beckoning me towards it. I walk forward slowly. Ankle deep, and already a warm wave of euphoria hits me like a brick wall. The water is warm. I look up again as the last rays of the sun disappear below the horizon.

I cannot tell the difference between the sky and the stars now. I keep walking. Chest deep now. The stars ripple across the sky. I keep walking.

My head is submerged. Mindless euphoria wracks my body. The stars are around me everywhere now. And... oh... the stars... they're singing! They started out low, and then they started to grow. Calling to one another across incredible distances the stars chant warming plainsong. Or native American chanting. No Celtic folksong no...

Suddenly there is nothing. A void. Everywhere. A vacuum covered the heavens and they were blocked from my sight. Incomprehensible in size.

And then a point. A small golden dot. Like the period at the end of a sentence. A drop of something, vibrates into being. I float over to it.

It appears to be a tiny clockwork insect the size of a pinhead.

It scuttles away, jumping from my palm onto the ground, which appeared out of nowhere. The ground it solid and marble. I give chase to the strange creature but quick as it came the insect disappears. I cannot keep up with it. Where the insect led me though is quite interesting.

Imagine Salvador Dali was given the Parthenon and told to re-create the New York public library with it. That is approximately what this strange setting appeared to be. A library of some sort. But instead of books there were information filled 'constructs' everywhere. Totem poles, Egyptian obelisks, and Grecian pillars lined the walls and made shelves.

For a thousand years I stayed there. Each construct had a story. A universe.
Each construct was the DNA of a different reality. They were pure ideas and scientific laws. Myths and legends. The force of gravity was a song. Supernovas were a fantastic book. Bacon was a Faberge egg. Nihilism was a statue. For thousand years I stayed in that library. The library in the middle of nowhere. Literally nowhere.

THE SALVIA- the glowing tablet said

Slowly a thought condensed into reality and then solidified in front of me.

'You should probably smoke the salvia mate. You've made the lady wait for a thousand years.'

Oh dear.

Everything came back. I am human. I am in my bed. You sleep in a bed. You have a mission. I have a mission.

Once I figured out how to move my arms again I sat up. Whew I felt a little more sober.

Time to fix that.

I have no idea how I did this but somehow I managed to stand up and make my way outside with the pipe.

Pre packed pipe in hand I fumbled with my lighter trying to find the flint. It kept melting. While I was messing with the lighter I noticed a tree elf stretch itself towards me. A feminine creature stood before me. It's leaves hair and it's branches limbs. It was beautiful.

With a voice like the wind she spoke, 'Hmmm you having a hard time there? I know this is difficult but pull through this. You have a lot to learn tonight. Here take this'

She handed me an orb of white. It proceeded to absorb straight into my skull.
'Thanks I guess,' I muttered. It felt like I had mud in my mouth.

As soon as I spoke the flame lit. Quickly I hit the salvia. One, two, three, times.

I flatten once. I flatten again.
I am a line.
I am folded again.
I am a dot.
I have infinite mass.
I am a hole.
I am the singularity.
I am everything

'That's better how do you like that?'
I am strapped to a table. A surgeon has cut out my heart he holds it in his hand. It's still beating. I look down. A brilliant emerald sits in its place.

'Now that we have your core running right you can do your.... thing. Not a lot of people get out this far you know. At least not any more. It used to be standard practice to give these out to worldsmiths like you every hundred years. Although from what I see here you're going to bring a lot more!'

The surgeon smiled. 'Remember to put me in your, ah, memoirs. I think that's what the translation is....' he trailed off. His eyes some other place.

The operating table sank slowly into the floor with me on it. The 50's style checkered tile was cold to the touch. As it reached my neck I blacked out.

'Do you think he'll wake up?'

'Maybe... try shaking him'

I felt a sharp kick to the ribs and opened my eyes.

The back alley of 'City Luna stared back' a small middle eastern boy pulled me to my feet. His teeth glowed under the moonlight contrasting sharply with his dark skin.

'Come,' he said giggling, 'we go to see the sultan!'

He giggled again and ran off.
I raced after him. The streets were empty, although the city appeared to be inhabited. There were lights in every window. A great mosque rose before me as I caught up with the kid.

'Inside!' he said rushing up the spiral staircase - the only thing on the bottom floor of the palace.

I raced after him. When I got to the roof he was no where to be found.
A slightly chubby Ganesh sat on a mound of pillows with an opium pipe. A telescope was next to him. Ganesh took a long drag from his pipe and above the mosque a supernova grew into existence and grew across the sky leaving swirling galaxies of unimaginable shapes.

He opened one eye, 'Hah, you finally came I was wondering when you were coming...' Sighing resignedly he stared back into the telescope 'But you're still not ready...'
He threw one of his pillows beside me and motioned for me to sit down. Handing his pipe to me he said one of the most profound and un-god-like things that I have ever heard in my life.

Squeaking out his words in a cosmic giggle- like a friend who knows an inside joke that they are dying to tell you- he said 'Smoke this'

Inhale. Exhale. Blackout.

A white picket fence surrounded the yard of perfectly green grass. I was floating on my back in the pool. The sun was perfectly warm. A woman straight out of the fifties wearing sunglasses sat by the pool sunbathing. I paddled over to her. Everything was strangely familiar.

'Where am I?' I mumbled feeling euphoric, sedated and confused.

She chewed her gum more intensely for a moment and then took her sunglasses off. Her eyes were rainbows.
'Hmm maybe he was right. I don't think you're ready hun. Come back another time.'

Another black out.
I was running.
It wasn't survival.
It was my mission.

I took a breather for a second and looked around, the neon sun rose behind me illuminating the savanna's orange grass. I repositioned my construct spinner on my arm, a gift from the 50's lady.The little golden insect whistled appreciatively. I was almost to the end of my mission. I had to get to the watering whole.

So I ran.
And ran.
And. Ran.

When I reached the water it was evening again.
I dipped a hand into the pool and drank deeply. When I had my fill I fell into a deep slumber and dreamed of life.


I woke up n my bed the next morning. Sitting up I felt electricity run down my arm and discharge. Static shot out of my hand.

I was sober. Well as sober as I was ever going to be.

'I do believe I've botched my experiment,' I murmur to myself. An echoing whisper of a construct spinner's whistle is heard far off in the distance.

If it was even heard at all.

I smirk. Maybe I botched my experiment. But I came away with so much more. Maybe I didn't botch my experiment. Maybe.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103584
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 23, 2018Views: 1,022
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LSD (2), 2C-E (137), Salvia divinorum (44), DXM (22) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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