A Hazy Blend of Reality and Fantasy
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Goddess Mode. "A Hazy Blend of Reality and Fantasy: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp103352)". Erowid.org. May 10, 2014. erowid.org/exp/103352

4 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
A friend of mine had recently been talking to me about wanting to trip because he really needed a stress release from life lately, and he wanted to take a higher dose than normal because he had never really had an overly powerful trip before. Yesterday he asked me if he could come over in the evening, so I relaxed for a little bit after work in preparation and purposefully skipped dinner for the moment. After he arrived I asked him how much he wanted, and eventually I decided to cut up an unmarked ten strip so that we would each be taking about four hits. We took our doses at 6:45 PM (T+0:00). I also sent a text to X a few minutes after this telling her what I had done.

I don't recall too much about the come-up other than us listening to music, and there being a little bit of the usual anxiety that then leveled out as the trip really started to kick in. The first thing I can remember thinking about the way the trip feels is that I should put two weeks in between my trips instead of one more often; there was definitely an added feeling of profundity which I have experienced with LSD before but less so when I've already tripped recently, and since I had basically just jumped right into dosing every weekend for a little while I had forgotten how incredible it was. My friend wanted to go on a walk, but I told him he should wait for the trip to set in at least a little bit first (or, at least, that I wanted to). We mostly just kept adjusting to the altered state, smoking weed, and playing tunes for the next hour or so, until we finally decided to set out before it got too dark to make anything out outside. I remember taking a bathroom break not long before we actually headed out, and at the same time I checked my phone for the first time in a little while. X had responded a little over an hour after we dosed to ask how it was going, so at T+1:45 I gave her an update on the situation. This was not easy to do.... The visuals were making it very hard to focus on what I was doing. The one that I referenced in my message was the phone's screen turning into lots of hands (including the arms) reaching out to grab at me and keep me distracted. This was a pretty powerful and vivid hallucination for me for four hits, so I knew I was in for something good. I also briefly closed my eyes, which I hadn't really done yet, and was then greeted by three-dimensional transforming imagery of people wearing psychedelic clothing with a very royal kind of style. This caught me by surprise too since aside from these instances where I focused on something like texting or darkness, the visuals I was getting were mostly sliding surfaces and some light patterning. That would all change once we finally went outside.

As we stepped out into the night, the first thing I noticed is that I could see ghostly green people reaching around the edges of my vision trying to grab my attention; they were transparent and obviously not intensely colored, but they were extremely vivid and life-size, and since they were reaching around from behind me I was mainly seeing their upper bodies shifted to one side (waist up, mainly one of the arms). Since these perceptions were so real and yet so much just like holograms at the same time, I interpreted this to be the LSD enhancing my perception of where things *could* happen now that we were outside and exposed to the world and anyone could feasibly approach us. I also noticed that my short-term memory was becoming very poor at this time, but not enough to prevent me from thinking straight if I really had to. As we continued walking we came upon an open grass field leading to the forest near my house and the whole thing was undulating slowly but strongly like ocean waves, something that I'm quite familiar with while tripping. While walking upon the grass I actually started to see more people materializing around us walking in a group with us. This wasn't the same as the ghostly green people; I was still lucid enough to know that these people weren't actually there and their was still a slight flatness to their design despite inhabiting a 3D space, but they were vividly and accurately colored and strongly integrated into my reality. As they walked with us, I was reminded very much of lucid dreams that I've had in the past where I was traveling with a crowd. In the distance, what I could see of the forest was becoming filled with delusional imagery. There wasn't a whole lot to speak of in the way of patterns or fractals, but everything was sliding and breathing and becoming lit up with more of these vivid imaginary people running through all of the the trees. This was also very dream-like, but vibrant. Soon we came to an opening in the forest where I knew we'd be able to walk down to a spot by the creek without the dark giving us too much trouble.

When we started walking down the path I was reminded of the last time I tried to walk through this forest while tripping at night, years ago on 2C-I. I knew there was nothing in the way, but I was constantly dodging imaginary branches and webs which were hanging where I wanted to walk at all times. After what felt like a very treacherous journey, we made it down to some rocks where we sat by the water, and I pulled out the joint I had brought along with us. As we smoked the first half of it, I became acutely aware of the fact that we were in the middle of a forest at night on drugs and I had no idea what was or wasn't going on around us, which made me slightly anxious since I was supposed to be the one who *wasn't* having their strongest trip yet, though you could have fooled me.... These illusions I was getting were actually more vivid and realistic than any I had ever seen before, especially on this sort of dose of LSD. As we sat there, I was trying to pick up on some sort of consistency in the sounds I was hearing around me for reference but there didn't seem to be any. I was hearing animals and insects of all kinds surrounding us and closing in on us, as the scenery itself seemed to be doing. There were also still people visible running through the forest around us. My friend was clearly having a very good time getting lost in his experience as he seemed very euphoric and kept forgetting to smoke the joint before it went out for a while. I let him get into it for a while now and then, but I didn't want us to take too long in this spot even though it was nice because I was getting a little claustrophobic, probably just because I know much better than my friend dose the kinds of animals which generally roam this area at night. After a while when the joint went out again when it was about half way done, we decided to just keep it out for now and continue moving to a new spot. The walk back up to the edge of the forest was even more difficult than the initial walk down.

As we continued along the open path we just watched the sky and the trees for a bit, until we came upon this big bridge which leads to the other side of the creek. I've never seen this bridge as distorted as I was seeing it at this point, not nearly as much. I could see the end waving and transforming and multiplying and spinning around itself, and I could see several people appearing and disappearing at different points further down from where we were, and I was trying to tell if any of them were actually real or not, and whether or not I could see or was misinterpreting the pole at the other end of the bridge. After thirty seconds or so suddenly two people materialized within about ten feet from us and I realized that they were actually there, and they probably saw me squinting at them the whole time like I'm insane. They awkwardly said hello and we returned the favor. After we got across the bridge we came upon a pond next to a fence, and on the other side of the fence were rocks leading down to another spot by the creek. This has been a favorite spot of mine for most of my life, and I've smoked weed and tripped while sitting on those rocks several times, but never really at this late at night. As soon as I started walking on the rocks, this seemed like a challenging task. Not only was it nearly impossible to make out the incline of the top of each rock, but there were again entirely imagined branches hanging in the way, along with endless amounts of tiny mammals, insects, and snakes moving around on the ground and the rocks' surfaces. Like everything else, this was completely integrated into my perception. I hesitated for a moment, but then decided to head down anyway. We made it about maybe half way down compared to where I would normally go, and then decided that it wouldn't be too bad to just smoke right there since there was really no one else at the park anyway. As we sat down and started smoking the rest of the joint, I looked over at my friend and suddenly saw lots of other people sitting on the rocks enjoying nature with us. I was absolutely ecstatic from having all of these powerful hallucinations.

After just basking in how wonderful the wind felt and how incredible the outside world was, we got up from the rocks and traveled to our last spot, the middle of a wide open hill just around the corner from where the pond was. We lied down down in the grass for a while and just enjoyed the atmosphere some more, and I kept thinking about how I really couldn't have told you what was going on more than a few feet around us. I felt like a dream world was overtaking my normal world, and so everything outside of my own little bubble was just a hazy blend of reality and fantasy. There wasn't a whole lot to say about that part though other than that we were both feeling great, and after lying there for a while we decided that it was dark enough that we should probably just get up and head back to the house. We slowly walked back through the same path we came on, and the whole way I was still getting the feeling that we were walking in a group and I could still see the ghostly holograms reaching around the sides of my perception at all times. My friend and I just talked more about our experiences along the way, and he asked me questions about whether or not certain things he was experiencing were fairly normal (and they were).

Some time around or a little after T+3:00 we got back to the house and listened to a couple of songs, and then we decided to start watching trippy episodes of funny shows on Netflix. When we were watching Adventure Time I actually laughed so hard that I, for the second time in my life, almost experienced a laughing-indued syncope. As I was laughing suddenly everything got very dissociated-feeling, and I did a laugh that I can only describe as feeling like 'more' than normal, which I imagine reflected running out breath. However, because of a conversation I had been having with X earlier, in my state of mind this laughter actually become conceptually orgasmic; I felt as though the normal laughter itself was the build-up, and the point I had reached was the release. I actually felt a strong flow of euphoria coming from me as a part of that last laugh, and that feeling didn't leave me. I continued to laugh in a way that I would almost describe as maniacal because it felt so unbelievably good to do so, like the laughter itself was hitting my brain's reward centers enough to feel like an orgasm. I thought to myself that this feeling must be what people who snap and go laughing mad are chasing.

Since neither of us had had anything to eat before, we decided to order pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks. I normally would avoid eating such a big meal while tripping, but I actually had work in the morning too and so I thought it might help me get to bed a little more easily when the time for that came. We kept smoking weed in the meantime as well, and our food arrived at about T+4:15. It was a thin crust half ham and pineapple and half pepperoni, bacon, and beef, and it was freaking delicious! As was everything else. When we had gotten back into the house and the light the visuals had calmed down back to what they were before, mostly patterns and distortions. The food had calmed it down even more, and I felt a little sober after we finally finished eating. I decided to load another bowl of weed afterward because of that, and the visuals that were remaining became heavier and more flowing again, though they didn't significantly increase in complexity. After we let the food set in, we went out back to sit in the wind and watch the world morph. The trees in surrounding yards were starting to look look just big morphing fractal blobs (not highly defined), and the thing I enjoyed the most was lying on top of the hot tub and staring up at the sky. Since it was windy the clouds were moving by pretty quickly, and they were taking on various forms like masks, faces, and bodies, though without ever losing the color or texture of clouds. We smoked a little more and just enjoyed this until around T+6:00, when I felt down enough that I needed to try to get some rest for the morning. My friend and I smoked one final bowl so that he could stay up all night enjoying the visualizations in the dark more easily, and then I retired to my bedroom. Once I got there I spent about half an hour texting X about some personal stuff that had been happening over the course of the night as I was tripping, and then I released a little tension (if you know what I mean) a couple of times, after which I quickly passed out. I woke up feeling refreshed and still a bit euphoric, and I did a wake and bake which mostly made me feel high but with a little something 'extra'. I showered which felt great, and then started getting ready for the day while my friend was snoring in the living room.

I really wasn't expecting this to be anything overly intense, but I was definitely pleasently surprised by the power of the experience. It certainly made me think that I should trip in nature in the dark more often. It also continued along with how I've noticed that every single LSD experience seems to build off my previous ones regardless of dose; in some ways it wasn't as strong as my last trip which was like three times higher of a dose, but in many other ways it was actually even stronger. I've definitely never experienced hallucinations which were as real and vivid from any drug experience in the past as I did during this, and that seems to be a continuation of how I had just begun to truly experience that kind of psychedelic delirium for the first time from my last trip. In some ways I felt as though what the LSD was showing me is that from a combination of knowing what to look for and how best to bring it out, I really don't need those high doses to get those same kinds of intense trips anymore if I don't want to take them. This excites me a lot, because I would love to be able to get those kinds of effects from smaller doses of LSD more often. I'm also hoping that this sensitivity will carry over into other psychedelics as well, because I'm really starting to get into a love for experimenting with tryptamines and I want to get the most out of them that I possibly can. This kind of trip I got from the LSD is exactly the kind of thing I've been searching for ever since I first started using psychedelics, as it was always one of my fantasy dreams to wander the spirit world....

Anyway, that about wraps up this experience. It was a very refreshing and fun night. As usual, I can't wait for my next trip!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103352
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 10, 2014Views: 5,167
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