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No Noticeable Effects
by Chris T
Citation:   Chris T. "No Noticeable Effects: An Experience with Pramiracetam (exp103217)". Dec 22, 2016.

500 mg oral Pramiracetam (capsule)
    smoked Cannabis (daily)


I ordered some Pramiracetam capsules from a reputable-looking US-based provider in hopes of experiencing the drugs purported Nootropic effects. The order itself cost about $30 incl. shipping for 60 250mg capsules. Reading online it seemed that 300 Ė 600mg was a recommended does while other sites claimed doses of up to 1200mg were taken without any negative effects. The packaging on my order recommended one 250mg capsule. I took 2 capsules (500mg total) mid morning after eating only a small bag of fruity snacks. No real noticeable effect.

While Iíve read reports of peripheral vision becoming sharper or colors more vivid, I had a slight effect in the opposite direction. I seemed to get a bit more tunnel visionÖ like the feeling of looking up after staring at a computer screen in a tiny cubicle all day. Nothing unusual for me. And while there was a bit of tunnel vision, there was no noticeable increase in ability to focus.
while there was a bit of tunnel vision, there was no noticeable increase in ability to focus.
I was just as easily distracted by other things around me as I usually am.

The next day I took the same dose in the early morning after a full meal (recently learning that Pram should be taken with food since it is fat soluble, not water soluble). Same lack of effect. Took another 500mg dose 5 hours after a large lunch and still nothing.

While I understand substances have different effects on different people Iíve read some quite interesting reports on this drugÖ people being able to recall facts and memories much easier, being more eloquent in speech, having greater energy, etc. Have to say, I have noticed none of these while taking twice the recommended dosage.

Lastly, it should be noted that I smoke weed every night so perhaps Iíve already killed whatever part of the brain Pram is supposed to stimulate. :-\

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103217
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Dec 22, 2016Views: 3,649
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Pramiracetam (599) : General (1), Not Applicable (38)

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