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Derivations in Psychedelia
DPT, MET & Cannabis
by my3rdi
Citation:   my3rdi. "Derivations in Psychedelia: An Experience with DPT, MET & Cannabis (exp102133)". Nov 20, 2015.

T+ 0:00
.3 g smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:05 70 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:07 30 mg smoked MET (powder / crystals)


MET – 30mg
DPT – 70mg
Cannabis – 0.3 grams

Background: I am a 29 year old male, I weigh 250lbs, and I am six feet, two inches tall. Overall, I am in good physical health. My experience with psychedelic substances is quite extensive, and overall I considered myself pretty well versed in the full spectrum of uppers, downers, etc. I have used alone or in combination together DMT, 4-ho-dmt, LSD, LSA, Salvia, DXM, 4-aco-dmt, DPT, MET, Allylescaline, Mescaline, nitrous oxide, cannabis, 25i-nbome, ketamine, 25c-nbome, AL-LAD, LSZ, 2c-b, 2c-I, 5-meo-amt, Ayauasca, Amanitas mushrooms, various herbal highs: blue lotus, sinicuichi, kratom, kava, and damiana. Various synthetic cannaboids, various amphetamine cocktails, 5-apb, metholyne, MDMA, and MDA.

Currently I conduct all of my trips between Friday and Sunday. I prefer the weekend because of the recovery time.
Currently I conduct all of my trips between Friday and Sunday. I prefer the weekend because of the recovery time.
I also prefer to get to bed by 10pm Sunday through Thursday. My preference for start times is either early in the morning, or late in the evening. In the case of this experience, I opted for a mid-day experience.

My mind set was one of slight anxiety. Albeit, I love DPT, I also recognize the sinister nature of it, along with the true level of power it possesses. This was my 8th experience with DPT. My first three times were DPT by itself, and subsequently since then I had one experience with DPT, and Allylescaline, one with DPT and 4-aco-dmt, and two with DPT and alcohol.

Setting: I am in my room; my roommate is passed out in her room with the door closed. It’s close to noon on a Sunday. Weather is grimy out, which is cold and lots of rain. I decide I will do this trip without music. I prep for the trip. I weigh out the DPT and place it on a DVD case. I decide I will put the MET on the cached bowl once I smoke it.

0:00 I step outside onto my front porch to smoke the bowl. I am always cautious about smoking outside. I do live in a state where marijuana is only decriminalized, rather than medical or legal. While smoking the bowl, I see a car coming down my street. It is a cop car, I calmly step back inside, and wait it out. Despite “calculating” the odds of the car coming for me, my heart is still racing. I decide to finish the bowl in my back yard.

0:05 I finished the bowl, and I returned to my room. I weigh out the MET, and place on top of the cached remains of the bowl. I can feel the cannabis taking effect. I decide I will insufflate the DPT prior to smoking MET. Through experience, I have come to learn there is a certain methodology to insufflating DPT. It’s not like any other powder, where up the nose does it. Too fast, and the majority of the DPT misses my membranes and proceeds to drip down my throat. It has to be a slow pull. I had the powder divided into two equal lines. About the length of a rolled up American dollar, and also the width too, I took both lines slowly and with caution.

0:07 I take a sip of water after taking care of the DPT. I brace myself. There is no turning back at this point. My heart is pounding as I feel the DPT beginning to take hold of me, and the adrenaline rush from seeing the cop about 5 minutes ago is still pulsing through me too. I put the bowl to my lips, and with pretty good technique, I begin to smoke the MET. Never letting the flame touch the MET, I watch the MET melt and I see the bowl fill with smoke. MET tastes and smells just like DMT, the smoke is more harsh in my opinion. I take the MET over 5 hits. It culminated with me hitting the bowl pretty hard on the last two hits.

0:09 synergy in effect. I feel the overwhelming take off of the DPT in full effect. The MET is countering the sinister “downward” feel of the DPT. When I close my eyes I see flashes of visuals. Very faint. Complex geometric colors swirling left to right.

0:12 I can feel the trip taking complete hold of me. Ego death has been achieved. I feel like nothing. My vision is brightened up. I close my eyes again and the patterns are evolving, becoming more apparent, and powerful.
…….(I began to lose track of time since starting the trip, so from here forward I will describe what I saw and felt).

My vision fades to various shades of blue. I see a war zone, and from a first person view I am on a helicopter as it is landing, I see troops firing off weapons. I can feel the pulse of the copter. For only being blue, the detail is stunning. This vision lasts what I perceive to be a few seconds. I blink and it’s gone. With my eyes open, I watch patterns of yellow dance across my stucco ceiling. It encompasses the whole ceiling. I am mesmerized.

What I thought was the beginning of the peak was actually still the come up, it only intensified from there. I saw the most stunning geometric designs. Complex looking cities and structures, morphing, changing, evolving. Evolution was a theme throughout the trip. I saw it as a subtext of my own metamorphosis in my life. The nomadic nature of youth to the transient period of my early 20s to a more structured time where I have made plans to begin having a family.

I understood the various perspectives of age, and how age is a fundamental component of perception. The visions alternated between futuresque cities, and the most primal geometric patterns and designs. At some point, I opened my eyes, I checked my phone, it was 12:20.

I thought it was the beginning of the come down. Again, I was wrong. I was still in the heart of it. I decided to take a shower. I could feel the water cleansing me. With eyes closed, I watched patterns dance to the pulse and rhythm of the water. I could feel the water in ways I had never felt before. I dried myself off, and went back to my room. The trip slowly began to plateau off. I finally put on some tv. I watched Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It was somewhat hard to follow. I was a lot more high than I thought. I was familiar with the episode, and I was having visuals within the tv screen. Around 2:30pm, I ate some pizza. And I continued to chill out and slowly come down.

Post Trip Comments: The combination of substances definitely extended the duration of the trip. Normally, at that dose for DPT, I am close to baseline after one hour. The peaked seemed to last about 70-80 minutes with a very prolonged comedown. I enjoyed the synergy of it. I had a very nice afterglow for the remainder of the day. The trip caused me to really take a step back and evaluate myself in a lot of ways, and to be accepting of the change I had been fighting. It’s okay for change to occur. I will say, I felt like the MET was present, but not overwhelming. I’d suggest upping the dose size with the next trip.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102133
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Nov 20, 2015Views: 4,559
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Cannabis (1), MET (381), DPT (21) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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