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I Saved the World
by Psychedelegate
Citation:   Psychedelegate. "I Saved the World: An Experience with DMT (exp102069)". Nov 24, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  smoked Cannabis
  T+ 1:45   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 4:45 50 mg smoked DMT
  T+ 5:25   smoked Cannabis


[T+ 0:00]
Approximately 4:30 P.M. About 0.4g cannabis smoked between myself and 2 friends.

[T+ 1:45]
Smoked cannabis cigarette, approximately 0.2g, shared between myself and 2 friends.

[T+ 4:45]
A friend and I complete the return drive home to his apartment 80 miles away. He leaves his room to go to the restroom and I begin to subtly rearrange the furniture and decorations in the room. Although I have smoked N N-DMT on several occasions before, my friend has not yet tried it. Upon his return, we start some soft, ambient chillwave music to help us create a calm atmosphere. We turned off the ceiling light but the room was still softly illuminated by the almost-closed screen of a laptop and the light cast onto a wall through the window.

I measure out 50mg of the DMT on my milligram-accurate scale, and put it in my pipe on top of a generous bed of mint flakes and ash. I put another layer of mint flakes on top of the DMT to complete the sandwich, and stand next to my friend where he sits up on his bed, ready for his first glimpse of hyperspace. Lightly caressing the air immediately above the contents of the bowl, I help my friend as he takes his first toke. I assist him in taking 2 more hits, the second of which he rather hastily exhaled before laying his head back onto his pillow and breathing in a heavy, rhythmic manner. I sit cross-legged on the floor while he navigates the experience, and I wait anxiously for my turn to come.

[T+ 5:15]
I measure out another 50mg dose of DMT and excavate some of the soft ash of the mint flakes to make room. I complete the sandwich bowl with a mixture of ashes and new mint flakes, and take a seat on the bed as my friend stands by, eager to see me smoke it. I put on my nice, noise-cancelling headphones and plug them into my mp3 player and select some nice, relaxing chillwave music. After some deep breaths and a moment's brief reflection of what might await me, I begin to slowly coax warmth over the DMT, gradually bringing it to a boil.

I held in the first toke for about 12 seconds and exhaled it slowly, expecting a noticeable change but not disappointed when it didn't come. After the second toke, which I held in for a bit longer, I noticed a change come over my field of vision, lending a sort of surrealist distortion to the colors and forms that occupied the room around me.

Seconds later, I take my third and final toke, filling the pipe with a creamy, dense smoke. I release the carb and gradually lay back, feeling waves of positive and sensual energy rush to greet me from every direction. I'm suddenly extremely confused and at the same time filled with awe at a seemingly magical world that materializes around me. I lift my hands slightly, and the air feels as thick as jell-o.

At some point moments after my descent into this strange realm, I begin to notice an ability to pick out single words and in this way have a sort of dialogue with a feminine presence that appears infinitely enthusiastic about my being there. Despite my total immersion into this bizarre environment, I am still able to see my body, and I notice that I'm holding my hands up to where I can look over my chest at them, and my fingers twist and distort and fluctuate in every dimension as I twiddle them in a novel manner.

One of the first words I tried saying was funnily enough 'word.' The entity seemed overjoyed and shared a playful caress of sorts, urging me to keep forming words until I find the right one. I started feeling a great sense of joy and discovery, and I entertained the notion that I had somehow discovered magic. At this point, she was very happy with my progress, and as my mind's eye hovered over the word magic in its dictionary, I felt great elation. It seemed like certain words were going to be more valuable for me to share with her, so I was coaxed into producing several more words. The next one I managed to share was 'remember.' At this, she was very ecstatic, and I felt pleased too, like I was solving a mystery.

With the concept of remember fresh on my mind, I started being thrust momentarily into several precarious situations. In one flash, I was floating small and nervous in the darkness of a dying body, while other people on the outside seemed intent on reviving the body. A moment later, I saw my hands hovering in front of my face, and was immediately aware that the fictional scene depicted was my friend and I getting into a devastating car accident on the drive to his apartment earlier.

Feeling as though I was digressing, I started to think of more words, as I was being made aware of the fact that this state of consciousness couldn't be maintained for long. I twiddled the self-transforming geometric fronds that had once been fingered hands, and I entertained a childish notion: 'I saved the world!'

At this, the feminine enigma seemed more excited than she had been so far, and she cast a veil of cosmic affection over me, while at the same time communicating to me the asymptotic nature of my current experience. When I withdrew for a moment to listen to my heartbeat, it also seemed to be speeding up asymptotically, and I braced for impact with what seemed to be a vastly intricate mandala.

Joy welled up inside of me as I was informed that this realm we had entered was eternal. I pondered the idea that I had somehow brought about a spiritual singularity, and she was pleased with my guess. I also began to explore the reactions of various people I know, specifically my parents and my friend who I was currently sharing this experience with. They all seemed to approve of my choices in life, and were very proud of my achievements in either the alternate realm I was experiencing or just waking life in general. An idea was sort of conjured up perfectly into focus, and it reflected that I was still saving the world; I haven't actually saved the world yet but it will or might happen in the future.

When I am finished hurtling through this sort of ethereal cosmic sphincter, I share more words, evoking a seemingly sexual response from the feminine figure, like she was trying to keep me hovering on the brink of climax. I was momentarily struck with an image of her standing by the bed, operating the controls of a strange and futuristic apparatus that aided in the extraction or exchange of some sort of energy through my abdominal and pelvic area. She had a wicked grin and laugh for a few brief moments, but she was also immensely beautiful so I didn't mind the bizarre behavior.

I got the notion that she wanted to encourage me to maintain a happy demeanor in life, and more importantly to continue to explore the world of visual arts. She reminded me that 'I saved the world,' and that I was continuing to save the world through something I was doing. I was incredibly grateful for these words, but did not know how to reflect that gratitude.

As the second song on my playlist started to slow down and fade out, I watched the vivid world of feminine energy and imagination recede into a shrinking circular aperture. She seemed to be saying to me: 'Keep focusing right here, just keep doing what you're doing, and you can maintain this connection and this moment forever!' I wasn't sure whether or not she meant to continue to smoke DMT, or if she meant that I should continue to pursue the visual arts, or if I should find some way to permanently assimilate myself into the DMT experience.

[T+ 5:25]
The final oscillations of psychedelic effects in my mind were waning, and I took my headphones off and began to exchange recaps with my friend. The magical atmosphere of the experience seemed to linger while we watched a favorite animated television series and shared a decently sized (approximately 0.4g) cannabis cigarette.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102069
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Nov 24, 2020Views: 552
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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