Mostly Non-visual with High Level of Sedation
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue, extract)
Citation:   lawnboy. "Mostly Non-visual with High Level of Sedation: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue, extract) (exp10186)". Aug 16, 2004.

T+ 0:00
250 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)
  T+ 0:59 500 mg oral Vitamin C  
  T+ 4:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
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I purchased � lbs (~7000 seeds) of heavenly blue Morning Glory seeds from the local bulk seed supply. They were jet black, untreated, and local. These are all supposed to be good signs, and the resulting trips appear to be stronger than average trips I've read about based on seed/person dosage. I used a coffee grinder to grind the seeds to a fine powder. I then soaked the seeds in 16oz of Naphtha for � hour stirring constantly and filtered out the seed mush using coffee filters rubberbanded over 8 Dixie cups. You may want to use this trick as it takes more than 1 hour to drain through the entire liquid one filter will hold. The seeds were then dried on a cookie tray under a heat lamp and fan. It took 3-4hrs for it to dry completely. The seeds were now a sand-like material.

The dried seeds were then soaked and stirred in denatured alcohol for � hour over low heat on an electric stove. The seeds were filtered out as above and the remaining liquid was divided into 14 clear Dixie cups equally and let to dry. The remaining sludge was a tan/yellow glue and it represented 500 seeds a glass. You may find this the easiest way to portion out doses. It would not be possible to divide this extract evenly. It was then stored in the fridge until use.

The author, male, 205lbs, regular marijuana user;
'P', male, 170lbs, regular marijuana user, occasional user of opium, mushrooms;
'M', female, 140lbs, occasional marijuana user.

1st experience:
P and I decided to take 250 each first thing in the morning on a Sunday. We also took 500mg each of vitamin C based on LSD catalyst rumors. We dissolved the goo in 3 shots each of 110 proof vodka and downed it with an orange juice chaser. This method of ingestion produced no nausea but the effects of the alcohol before food at 10 in the morning were pretty harsh. The first hour was mostly drunk from the liquor. After about 1-� hours we both felt the first effects coming on. A slight oddness in our perceptions quickly changed into euphoria and relaxation after 10-15 minutes. These seemed to be the base feelings for the whole trip. The trip slowly built over the next 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Euphoria held steady the whole time but our perceptions became progressively more strange. Slowly we started having audio hallucinations. I had almost constant high pitched audio, like a violin or synthesizer quietly in the distance.

Sense of touch became very euphoric and magnified. Rubbing one's hand across one's leg was fully entertaining. Conversation was very directional and entertaining. I felt very sedated, but P did not at all. Conversation was non-stop and immersive. My mind could wander completely into what we were talking about, a daydream state. A sober visitor pointed out that we weren't saying all the words in our sentences. 'Driving..the fair, with candy! Exactly!!' could be muttered between us and we would completely comprehend it, keeping a very cognitive direction to the conversation. We hadn't noticed and continued unknowingly talking in our code. Neither of us had any open or closed eye visuals.

At about 4 hours into the trip we smoked a huge bowl, probably double what I smoke most sessions. Immediately following this we both strongly peaked. The weed seemed to give direction and focus to the hallucinations. It was as if it caused all the senses to hallucinate in unison rather than at random. We walked to the basement and sat in lawn chairs with one clear light bulb beaming magnificent light over a maze of pipes and stored items. I looked on the scene and my mind generated the most entertaining thoughts ever. Never was there any paranoia or any unhappy feelings, unlike my experiences on high amounts of weed. We both became silent. I became totally immersed in my thought. I believe I slouched over and closed my eyes, however I don't have any recollection except when I snapped out of it. I was entranced by my thoughts. I was nearly experiencing them. It was like a daydream that was 20x its normal strength. We snapped out of our trances after about 1 � hours of sitting there. We both could tell we were coming down and thought we'd be down in an hour. The fall off turned out to be the same as the come on; it was long and slow. I was down at about 7-8 hours since ingestion.

We both immensely enjoyed our experience and wanted to do it again soon. This level was very comfortable, manageable, and fun. At this dose, it could be a great social or party drug. That night I smoked a normal bowl and had the most intense CEV's ever, far and away. This continued through two more bowls the next day.

2nd experience:
I decided to try 400 seeds with M taking 250 on Tuesday of the same week. We dissolved the goo into orange juice. What a horrid idea. We each had one large cup of juice. It was very basic and soapy. It tasted terrible. I finished half mine in three big gulps and then split the remainder with more OJ. M slowly downed all of hers slowly over 25 minutes. 5 minutes after taking half mine, I was quickly nauseated and threw up, quickly and cleanly. The nausea subsided quickly and I took most of the other half slowly over the next 45 minutes. I therefore felt the effects of ~175 seeds and M 250.

M had the exact experience P and I had on Sunday. No variations at all. She also immensely enjoyed the experience and recommends it to others. My 175 dose ended up being too low. I had only 1 hour of fleeting euphoria after three hours of light nausea and followed by nothing. My only observance was during the euphoria. I was playing N64 Mario Cart and was doing incredibly well. I played many games in a row with nothing but perfect scores, this is far beyond my normal ability. I felt as if the image on the screen was tapped directly into my brain. As if the impulses in my hands had nothing to do with it. I could control my player as I could control myself. After a while at this I discovered that not only did I control my player, but I controlled everything that happened in the game. Each competitor was at my beck and call, all random aspects of the game were decided consciously by me.

Considering the dosage I thought maybe there was a short-term tolerance, however this would be proved wrong the next day. I would not recommend overcoming any nausea for such a slight alteration, take a higher dose than this.

3rd experience:
I was all pissed off about the day prior and decided that I, who was home alone, would take the full 500 dose that morning. It was my belief that the primarily soapy, basic mixture, not the toxins or what have you, created the nausea. So I added one ounce of water and two packs of Kool-Aid mix, the kind where you add the sugar. These packets are all acetic and citric acid and I hoped that it would do a rough ph balance in my glass or stomach. Another bad idea. It tasted like it was both very acidic and very basic. I tasted the worst so far. I drank it in a single gulp and followed it with a breakfast of Frosted Flakes. I watched a movie from bed while I waited for the effects to set in. I slowly became more and more nauseated but refused to accept the possibility of throwing up. I wanted my dam trip. I had to stay still in bed or I would get more nauseated.

When the 1 � hour movie was done, I got up. I was extremely sedated. I could only take baby steps. I wanted to get to my bong and try and relieve the nausea. I took one small hit. It was enough to completely relieve me and it seemed to flip a switch on for the LSA. I laid back in my chair and relaxed. The sedation seemed to want me to sleep so I went with it. I melted back into an open eyed, quiet minded trance state where I couldn't really move. I still seemed to have some choice in the matter; I was not removed or distanced from my body either. I was letting myself be controlled by the LSA. As soon as I told myself to go with it I was launched into an emotional, hallucinatory experience that was very profound and euphoric.

Mental voices told me that I had to believe different things than I did. I cried as my beliefs were wiped away and replaced by a completely polar ideological system. This process killed my ego completely, I felt like dying. I was lost and hopeless and more depressed than I have ever been. I felt like I was now someone else and that the me I loved was slain. I wept compassion for everything in the world as I felt myself die. I knew loss and the innate pain of the world. I knew my old ways were only tied to happiness within the innate pain of existence. I knew the mental voices preached the way to true happiness. They were trying to tell me how to be like the Buddha. Normally I am a monotheist and a lackadaisical one at that. I decided I must believe everything they said. I came out of this trance in extreme emotional duress. I hated the fact that I had to drop everything I had been doing and be this different person instead of who I wanted to be. I felt like I had died a painful death and that I only now realized my life was only the love one feels for something they know they will soon lose. I loved existence but grieved its death in advance.

I was now a new and different person; I was living a different life through different eyes. I walked sedately downstairs and sat right down on a new couch. I decided to go with the sedation and I fell off into a trance again. I was now my new self. I had no thoughts about my normal self. I happily explored my new self and was happy to be alive in a way. I awoke from this trance and found that the time was now 4pm, five hours after I had gotten up from bed. I could feel myself coming down and once again assumed I would be down within the hour. I tried to go about my normal activities. The sedation was mostly gone now. I was me again, but it seemed inconsequential. I felt renewed and normal, but exhausted.

The next scene was intense. Keep in mind it took place in 50F air and 52F ocean water with 20-25mph winds. Some of the following events happened some didn't. I have no idea what the story is other than what I remember. I walked down to a pier where I had a dinghy. I saw that it had capsized and was scraping in the surf against some rocks. I ran down and tried to figure out what to do. I marched into the water; it was up to my knees. I wrestled the water filled hull to a shallow plain and jumped in to start bailing. Everything glowed, everything glistened brightly. The water sparkled and formed geometries. Everything was warm and fun. I looked to the sky, a huge rainbow. Both sides of it where crested on the water. A gust of wind came through and tiny white raindrops danced across the ocean towards me on its strength. They landed, warm and tickling on my cold skin. I laughed out loud. The world was singing to me, beautiful love songs of creation. I sat down on a seat in the boat to bail. I bailed at incredible speeds effortlessly.

My arms became enormous. I thought to myself, 'my arms must be huge from the blood'. I looked at my forearms, they were skin but otherwise like the surface of a stealth fighter jet, angled and smoothed. Each muscle was formed into a triangle of some kind. My hands were twice their normal size and strong as hell. I was sweating like mad. Despite the life threateningly cold conditions I was very hot feeling. I knew I should be freezing my balls off but I didn't care, I knew I was really warm. M saw me and came down to help. It seemed all she did was ask questions. It was obvious to me that what I needed was action, not advice or explanations. I shouted 'shut the fuck up and get the fuck back to the house'. I was almost out of control I was so pumped. I almost let out a roar. I finished my task, staggered out of the water and sopped to towards my home. I was exhausted again. I was ready to pass out from it. I almost couldn't breathe. I could not find the strength to think.

I walked directly into a cold shower and it felt great. The cold water going over my head felt great and I could feel it became hot and landed warmly on my shoulders. The sensations from my body were wonderful. I felt completely cleansed. It was now 8 hours after I dosed and I was still tripping pretty hardcore. My eyes were still fully dilated, my senses still strange. I walked to bed and slept for six hours. I awoke feeling reborn. This dosage level would probably be good for those more experienced in psychedelics, but not for beginners. It was a little more than I expected, but in a good way.

Side effects:
The next day my legs were very sore. My fingers had poor circulation and were slightly bruised. This alleviated after a couple of days. I believe this is from too much ergot alkaloids in too short a period. Apparently ergot alkaloids can be a problem in cattle where if consumed in large quantities can cause the loss of hoofs and ears to gangrene. Some ergot alkaloids can cause vaso-constriction. I will be using morning glory LSA extract no more than once every few weeks from now on.

Overall this was a strong mostly non-visual hallucinogen with a high level of sedation to it. I plan to continue dosing every so often at around the 325-375 range. I believe the best ingestion method is going to be scraping extract into pills. I based my extraction on the morning glory FAQ with any changes mentioned above. I really enjoyed my experiences and am glad I have found this. The total cost per dose was about $1.75 for 500 worth.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10186
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 16, 2004Views: 169,932
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