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A Nice and Pleasant Trip
Citation:   Mad Doc. "A Nice and Pleasant Trip: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp101614)". Mar 3, 2017.

T+ 0:00
150 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:22   smoked Cannabis  
H21.48 was at home with friends, all the time in the first part of the trip was with 5 friends. A couple of them took a half each at about T+03:00 (both males, about 19yo one 55kgs the other 87kgs) an stayed up a bit more than me as they were more rested than me. They both noticed the effects without boosting with other drugs, but obviously to a lesser degree than me.

H21.48 T+00:00 Blotter is put inside the mouth, swirling it around with the tongue. No taste except plain paper is felt ;) Seems legit so far. Slight psychedelics effects are detected after 4-5 mins, potentially suggestion but doesn't seem like it.

T+00:12 Definitely some stimulation going on... Psychedelic but not amphetaminic-like, more natural.

T+00:22 Stimulation increases, slight sweating of the palms, I feel warm. Slight HD vision.

T+00:31 Blotter is chewed and swallowed, effects slightly increasing, definitely a nice body high is developing, tact is pleasant and sensitive... Halfway between LSD and MDMA.

T+00:50 effects are still increasing, very natural, I even yawned a couple of times. Increased blood flow to bite muscles.

Increase in psychedelics thoughts, having 2 separate trains of thought at once here and there. Sense of time is slowed, things done half an hour ago seem more like an hour or more ago. Sense of taste increased a bit but not altered, ate a couple of figs and when the tongue pushed seeds against the palate I had visions of what it would've looked like if my palate were transparent glass and the observer was looking down at it from inside the nasal cavity with a fish-eye lens. Visions where the 'inner drawing board' dreamy like kind, clear and detailed, but did not enter my FOV. I seems to be shaping up as a clear headed, analytical high.

T+01:00 effects still increasing, body high intensifies, muscles feel energized, good, kind of electrostatic inside. Effects are more pronounced, slight hand tremor. Back of the neck tightens up a little bit near the skull. BPM 100 sitting.

T+01:30 effects still slightly but steadily increasing. Some visual hallucinations, windows in my screen rhythmically expand and contract smoothly. Body high is a nice +3, head high +2. Feel maybe a little compressed, I've been sitting still till now. Will go out for a walk to buy cigarettes at the auto.

T+01:35- T+02:10 (outside) after a few minutes of walking muscle tension in the neck is gone as usual for me. I notice a great increase in associative thinking during the walk, talking with a friend reminded me clear pictures of a scene from 15 years ago or something more and it was kinda far fetched.

T+02:20 back at home I'm a bit hungry. I cook like 150g of 1/2 inch thick beef. I leave it rare (pink and juicy in the middle half). Eating meat reminds me of childhood feelings when I was eating that same kind of meat at my grandma's. Afterwards the effects seem a bit attenuated compared to outside and walking. I think it's down to increased blood flow.

T+02:44 screen windows start moving more and faster. I realize just now that my glasses have been giving me the feeling they give you when you're not used to them and notice them constantly like a band on your head from the start.

T+03:22 smoking ganja increases effects a bit, mostly visually. During this first half I believed I had a bit of pulsing headache, characteristic of dehydration, drinking fixed that. Wearing glasses makes it a bit worse and more noticeable but again after a bit of water and with no glasses it went away in a couple of minutes.

T+03:45 I notice that throughout the experience memory was not impaired, in instance I could recall details of a conversation happened 2 hours ago. The experience so far was smooth and serene, no anxiety was felt at all
The experience so far was smooth and serene, no anxiety was felt at all
, maybe some adrenaline here and there in the first 2h but not psychological anxiety at all, even when smoking the same ganja that gave me a bit of a racy heart and a good bit of anxiety before the trip. I think I feel some anti anxiety effect not as strong as MDMA or even 'Sparkle' MDAI but kinda like low dose aMT.

T+04:30 Music (Hardcore/Frenchcore) feels nice and detailed, sense of hearing seems acute, no distortions. I sense the hardcore tunes lack the pumping bass freq of Frenchcore, I switch to a Le Bask set and it sounds better, I feel this music more.

T+04:50 effects diminished a bit, I seem to be off the plateau. +/++ head high, + body high.

T+05:20 effects diminish very slowly, I'm not that much down compared to 30 min ago. Seems to be a slow, gradual comedown. I notice this more than before, but I feel kinda detached from emotions, very stable... Might be the sleep deprivation fucking with me though, this reminds me I should try to get to sleep as soon as I feel down enough. BPM 100 sitting

T+06:00 still listening to music, smoking ganja, messing with winamp visualization plugins is interesting. Head high + body high + Might try to sleep it off in a while... BPM 104 mmmh not so sure about that. Stimulation is not unpleasant physically at all but I'm definitely feeling sleepy/dreaming because of sleep deprivation.

During this whole trip btw all my bodily functions seemed not affected in any way, digestion was without problem, no problems urinating at all, my body was slightly warm but never too much, I just seemed to adapt to the ambient temp so as to stay slightly warm. No vasoconstriction going on at all, hands were not shaking, coordination was optimal but only if I concentrated on the task at hand, if I got distracted by something I would slightly bump on things while walking by... Up till now seemed a very analytical, observer trip. Was able to chat easily with friends that were not high but trip often, no trouble communicating the effects to them clearly.

T+07:00 BPM 100. Still a light pleasurable body high, relaxed and not forced, no stiffness in the muscles. Head still + slightly calming down. If I focus beyond the screen the windows and text still moves a bit. I try to lay down a bit to see how it feels. I switch music to a long, trippy acid techno set from Bisturi HZD. A few minutes later I fall asleep.

Final considerations: The effect seems shorter in duration compared to LSD, even taking 2 blotters at once (separate occasion) didn't prolong the duration for me, but id did increase the effects as expected with no bad side effects, except I did get all hot and sweaty while walking around at night, 18C temp, wearing shorts and a shirt. I would suggest to not take more than 300ug if you plan to trip in a place where cooling off (taking clothes off or using ice or wet towels) would be problematic, especially a crowded club. After 7 hours I would be able to sleep if I want, and I'd say I could eat during the trip at any moment, no nausea was felt. A friend confirms the anti-anxiety effects as we got arrested together and strip searched in a police station when he was peaking on one of this 150ug blotters and he felt calmer than normal in that situation (wasn't the first time) and was able to keep cool and react normally. There wasn't any kind of down or any other noticeable bad effect the days following this trip and another 150ug trip, a couple of friends confirmed this as well. I gotta say that the 300ug trip left me a bit weird (bit more sensitive) for a few (2-3) days, but it was light, completely manageable and not negative... Not even close to even low dose MDMA.

Previous experiences aMT (30+ last year), 25c-NBOMe (50+ last year) 25i-NBOMe (50+ last year), (MDAI about 15 times last year) btw these first four substances where more often than not combined (3 or 4 of them) for a total of about 80-10 total experiences, MDMA (7-8 real deal + what felt like cathinones 4-5 times in the last 2.5 years), DOC (just 2mg once one year ago), LSD (4-5 times but almost always candyflipping so only 2 really count as in I remember enough in the last 2 years), LSA (HBWR 3 times couple of years ago) Ketamine (between regular and S+ Isomer 30+ last year) Methoxetamine (about 12 times last year), I smoked hashisch and marijuana since age 15, I have also used some synthetic cannabinoids such as 5F-UR-144, MAM-2201, AKB48 last year.

I drank a bit of alcohol from age 14 to 16, increased a lot from 16 to 18 and dropped it completely after it was getting out of hand for 2 months. Tried drinking a few times 2-3 years ago but could enjoy the taste of light beer only (Corona) otherwise the taste of alcohol would be too evident... After getting drunk 3-4 times in a few months I dropped it again completely save for the odd sip from someone else's drink in a club.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101614
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Mar 3, 2017Views: 5,700
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AL-LAD (603) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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