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Full Conscious Seizure
by Bill Campbell
Citation:   Bill Campbell. "Full Conscious Seizure: An Experience with Cannabis (exp101443)". Feb 19, 2020.

  repeated smoked Cannabis


I'm going to explain to you my first bad trip and possibly my real first trip caused by marihuana. One morning, I was alone, and felt bored, so I put the album 'Pet Sounds' by the Beach Boys. After listening for the first time, I was so amazed by the music I just heard that I wanted to write a song, that could be as good as the ones I just listened to. But I never was good at creating things, so I thought I could use some help, and rolled a spliff.

This marihuana was from a plant my mother had, I think she followed the steps to have a good quality product, but it was her first experience, so maybe she could have done something wrong, which could be the reason to what I'm about to explain you. I listened to the album again, and the effect of marihuana was not very noticeable. Until this time, every time I smoked pot it never even made me dizzy, only once, but it only lasted an hour or so, and was not very interesting. So, it felt very good, I could listen to every instrument very clearly, I didn't miss one detail about any song, and I said ok, let's listen to some other album I have on hand to see how it feels with different music.

I put the record 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' by The Beatles, and oh god, was I high, I started picturing colors moving faces, cartoon characters making weird expressions, and it was very funny, at this time I was almost finishing my spliff, so I decided to smoke it faster and faster, because I wanted more of this wonderful experience. That was my mistake
I decided to smoke it faster and faster, because I wanted more of this wonderful experience. That was my mistake
, I smoked a lot and very fast, by the time the second song of the album started playing, my heart was beating very fast. I freaked out, so I decided to close my eyes and relax, but it did not help. By closing my eyes the images I was seeing became more clear, and I felt my heart was going to explode, so I realized something was going very wrong. I walked to my room and looked in the mirror, my eyes were so red I couldn't believe it. In a matter of seconds I couldn't maintain gravity, each step I took I started to feel like when you're drunk and you can't walk in a straight line. My mouth was dry so I wanted to drink water, I grabbed a glass and when I was about to fill it, I collapsed on the ground. My body was shaking so much I felt I was having a seizure, I couldn't stop shaking and I was extremely cold, at the same time I was having that typical 'high' sensation (dizzy and hearing everything echoed) and also I felt that my heart was going to explode.

After many failed attempts at standing up and asking for help, I managed to get into my bed, and calm down a little bit, I was still shaking and my heart was racing, but my mind was more convinced that everything was going to be okay. Then I went to my neighbour's house and she called my mother, then we went to the hospital, they gave me a downer and I felt okay again. But, the thing is, this was the most terrifying experience I ever had. I really felt my heart was going to explode, my head kept hitting the ground because all the shaking that was going on, and I injured my face. I don't know what caused this, if the pot was bad quality, if I'm just someone who can't smoke, or if it was just my paranoid mind. But oh well, I don't know, I may try pot again someday.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101443
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Feb 19, 2020Views: 492
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Cannabis (1) : Music Discussion (22), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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