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A Timeless Journey
by Psychonautilus
Citation:   Psychonautilus. "A Timeless Journey: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp101258)". Oct 22, 2015.

30 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT
    smoked Cannabis


Relatively empty stomach, I had only eaten a sandwich.

7:40pm :
I divided up a 30mg dose and two 20mg doses, the 30mg was for myself and the two 20's were for two of my friends. I have had experience with psychedelics before and had already tried a smaller dose of 4-HO-MiPT over a year earlier while my two friends have had no experience with psychedelics. This will deal with my experience only. We all took it in my room.

T+20 minutes:
I could feel it coming on strong already by this point and was not expecting it to kick in so fast, it felt like it was coming on slightly overwhelmingly fast and I thought that this may have been due to my empty stomach so I went into the kitchen and ate some ham and then went back up into my room.

T+25 minutes:
It appeared as if eating the small bit of ham had helped, I no longer felt as if it was coming on too quickly and was prepared to enjoy what was to come. I had become less talkative by this point and only really spoke when spoken too.

T+40 minutes:
I was sitting on my bed with my back resting on the wall with my hand resting on a pillow on my knees. I started getting very strong OEV's at this point, the pattern on my pillow had followed on to my arm and I could see 3d textures raising out of my skin, I stroked my other hand across my arm and pillow and the two textures felt the same, it was as if the pattern on my pillow (and now my arm resting on the pillow) had raised bumps and dips that I could could both see and feel. My two friends speaking to me did not break this illusion. Definitely a level 3 trip at least. I asked my my friends if they could put on some music with winamp for the milkdrop visualization, one of them had chosen to put
'The Knife' on.

T+50 minutes:
My OEV's were very strong at this point verging on level 4, the visuals from winamp didn't look much more than they did sober on the screen but unlike being sober the visuals had come off the screen and were merging with everything in the room the wall opposite the monitor was no longer a wall, I placed my hand on it and it seemed to stretch on forever like looking up at the stars at night with many added neon fractal patterns. I preferred having the light off as the darkness made my visuals so much more intense.

Definitely a level 4 trip, air had become stringy like neon coloured spiderwebs and I kept getting my fingers tangled up in it, it seemed to move around like smoke but with a slight attraction toward my fingers and would stick upon touching it. The music by The Knife seemed to merge perfectly with my OEV's and I found myself focusing on all these minor sounds in the song that I would never even notice sober. I also found that I seemed to be able to see through physical object at will and could see my bones, tendons, muscle and fat underneath my skin. It made it very hard to move my arms at will (note that this was not because of feeling bad but because it looked kind of gross watching all of my insides moving around, I did enjoy these visuals alot as they were so vivid and realistic and the power to see through physical objects at will was like nothing I had experienced before).

I also found myself twitching and flexing all of my muscles quite often though, this was not much of a problem at all. Again I only spoke when spoken to and when asked a question I'd snap back to reality removing all of my visuals but then in less than roughly 5 seconds they would all come back to right where they were before.

By this point I had lost all sense of what time was and its meaning so I apologise as I wont be able to give much information on the length of the plateau. I tried to roll a spliff but this made me realise that many of the objects I could see weren't actually real, I tried to find the papers and the weed and my roach book and lighter, but every time I picked something up and tried to place it down nothing would be on the surface in front of me (My OEV's had their own textures so I could physically feel them), I asked my friend to turn on the light which allowed me to distinguish the real objects from the imaginary ones.

Despite now being able to see all the required ingredients rolling the spliff was no easy task as I still found myself attempting to pick up objects that didn't exist off of flat surfaces to use as a pokey and my hands were vibrating, my friend handed me some filters which I held onto because their texture felt very strange.

We sparked up and started smoking the spliff, the act of inhaling was not as good as I thought it would be, I normally love the feeling on psychedelics but what I was more interested in was on what the smoked looked like in the air. The smoke seemed to all be coming out of the filters I had in my hand which I paid most attention to at this point, I was rotating it around in my hand in rhythm to the music and it seemed to spurt neon coloured smoke in beat with the song and the length and thickness of the filters kept changing and it felt like a bunch of tiny neon glass tubes in my fingers.

I started questioning what space and matter was, and why I had the ability to see through objects at will and time seemed to be going at a different pace in reality than what I thought. The wall opposite my monitor still had persistent visuals and it started feeling like my consciousness was in a vacuum and every single thing I could see was an illusion created by me and that is why I could control it. My friend asked me to roll another joint and I replied with 'I just need some space' which I started laughing at as if it was some sort of hilarious pun or joke. I couldn't explain it to them at the time but the reason I found it funny was because I felt like I was in a vacuum where no physical matter or space existed rendering it impossible to roll as the ingredients didn't exist within the vacuum. But I was also aware that in reality I was sitting in the corner of the bed with no flat surface or space to roll on. They did not find my joke funny. I also did not check to see if I had any CEV's because my OEV's were so intense and real that I did not see how CEV's could possibly be better.

My friend had tried to cook a pizza earlier and I could smell the burning smoke from my room and it felt very unclean and I wanted to get some fresh air so I decided that we should smoke in my garden behind my house, the air outside felt so clean and fresh that we wanted to go walk somewhere, I also felt as if I was coming down at this point but then looked up into the sky and was reassured that I was still very much on the plateau.

My friend grabbed skins and weed and a grinder while I had a lighter and we went off walking outside not knowing where to go. There was an old castle near by that we decided to walk to. About 5 minutes later we realised the castle was too far away and my two friends started getting paranoid (not sure if one of them was joking or not though) thinking that the cars that drove past were actually the same car circling around watching us and that they felt like they were in a vulnerable state. For some reason I wanted to visit the graveyard that was right behind my house as I felt like no one would be there and some of the graves had cool lights, I thought it was roughly 3 a.m but on checking the time it wasn't even 11 p.m. I cut my hand slightly hopping the wall into the graveyard, sober it'd just be a tiny scratch but while tripping it still wasn't that bad but I couldn't stop focusing on the fact that my outside layer had ruptured and my insides were leaking out into the world and that was sort of off-putting. We walked up to a statue of Jesus in the middle of the graveyard and it felt very eery, none of us could roll there and we just sat there for a short while. Being in the graveyard made me feel very sad that all these people went to all this effort for some fictional being and the only thing they got out of it is ending up in a hole in the ground. We decided to leave and go back indoors.

We went back inside and we sat in my sitting room, I picked up my housemate's acoustic guitar and started playing some random tunes and melodies none of them being actual songs but little things I had written earlier. No one seemed to care that the guitar was out of tune not even myself, I don't think we even realised it just sounded great to all of us. I was definitely coming down at this point, my visuals had faded and all my joints started aching. I slowly stopped playing guitar but as the guitar stopped we could all hear one of my housemates having sex and we all burst out laughing. I tried to start playing the guitar again to cover up the noise but I just couldn't because I just started laughing every time. After the come down I felt overheated and found it vey hard to sleep due to the heat, I opened the window which helped but my joints still ached quite a bit, making no position comfortable to sleep in. The next day I just felt very tired.

Overall I enjoyed 4-HO-MiPT alot, I had no out of body experience like I had experienced on shrooms, which I found strange due to my high dose of 4-HO-MiPT but my OEV's were way more intense and stronger. I will definitely purchase 4-HO-MiPT again.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101258
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 22, 2015Views: 2,697
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4-HO-MiPT (342) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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