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A Brownie Mistake
by babydoll
Citation:   babydoll. "A Brownie Mistake: An Experience with Cannabis (exp101108)". Nov 19, 2020.

1/2 oral Cannabis (edible / food)
  1/2 tablet oral Pharms - Alprazolam  


I got home from shopping with my boyfriend, and on the counter there was a tupperware container with a brownie inside! What a great little present, from a friendly grower we know and love.

A little history, I'm the occasional smoker. A little here or there, just enough to feel good. I thought the HALF brownie I ate would just mellow me out. I was so wrong.
I thought the HALF brownie I ate would just mellow me out. I was so wrong.
The guy who made those put 10g in the entire batch, which I assume would be about 6-10 brownies total, as those were pretty large brownies. So I grab a gatorade and head over to a friends house to chill, waiting for it to kick in.

Time started to lag once we got there and turned on a movie. My boyfriend at this point was feeling great, I was ready to get sleepy, but it just wouldn't hit me. Suddenly, I remember a creepy, oily feeling strike me all over. I've gotten this feeling before from that same guy's weed he grows, after taking three giant bong rips in succession. It starts to panic me because years ago I associated that feeling with the aura before a seizure. Knowing this was just panic, I grabbed on my boyfriends arm and gave him 'the look' that meant I wasn't feeling good.

Then the 'shifting' starts. It feels like reality itself is continuously shifting and becoming frames within frames within frames! That's the only way to describe it. And I would reach a frame that I felt was reality, but then I would go back into the surreal shifting again. After some period of time (Which was probably 15-30 minutes but felt like hours) my boyfriend leads me down the stairs to go outside for some air. My legs are jelly, my body feels heavy. I know I must look like a zombie. The kitchen on the way out is distorted like looking through a fisheye lens. It looks like some hobbit hole, where everything is oddly proportioned. Clearly colored, but I felt too big for it, and then all of a sudden I was too small, everything was above me. Finally we got outside and I still had 'tracers' in my vision, everything left a path. My friend was super great about the whole thing, he asked me what I was feeling, and all I could mumble was, 'Everything's shifting. It's all shifting.'
'Everything's shifting. It's all shifting.'

While outside, there was this strange sense of a neverending horrible cycle. I felt like things I was mumbling I had already said and whatever my boyfriend said back was already said, would be said again, and wouldn't ever end. Sections of time, milliseconds between shifts would go missing. I'd 'jump' from one frame to another. I'd describe it as someone tampering with my frames per second rate, and then chopping it up and taking slices out.

And then a new sensation began of a new shifting in EVERYTHING counterclockwise.

I grabbed my boyfriend's arm, and closed my eyes, suddenly I felt like we were both spiraling downwards. I could only mutter, 'How can I get this to stop?'

It was time to go, everything was getting worse. I blacked out a few times and found myself standing somewhere else than I had just been. My friend gave me a half a bar and told me it'd help. I took it and we left. The ride home was a series of blacking out and closed eyes, still having those shifting sensations. I remember whimpering, it was just too much. I felt like I was out of control. Once home, my wonderful and caring boyfriend got me into bed and turned out all the lights. While I was dozing off, I had intense visuals in my head of cartoons, but also some kind of panic. He'd try to cuddle, and I'd jerk at any touch, some part of me didn't recognize him. I woke up several times with cottonmouth from hell! It was so dry, everything hurt. I thought I'd choke to death.

After getting some sleep, I woke up feeling great! I was still high, but it was the mellow high I was used to. We went back out to party, I was back on the horse.

I've never reacted like that before to any other weed besides the stuff that guy has! I've learned to stay away from that AND edibles. My boyfriend was fine. He said he felt great the whole time. The only explanation I can come up with is that was some cosmic herb, and my tolerance is quite too low. Oh, and edibles are dangerous if you don't know what to expect! I wasn't planning on tripping that night.

A huge thank you to my love for not nominating me worst girlfriend of the year, but I probably deserve that after the episode.

I guess this would be one of those idiosyncratic cannabis reactions.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101108
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 19, 2020Views: 1,169
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Cannabis (1) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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