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Almost Mushroomesque
Memantine & Cannabis
by CaptainOubliz
Citation:   CaptainOubliz. "Almost Mushroomesque: An Experience with Memantine & Cannabis (exp100894)". Jul 30, 2013.

100 mg oral Pharms - Memantine (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


So these meds were found in my grand mother's huge medecine pile. After reading about the substance on wikipedia and the few reports online, I decided to try it.

I'm experienced with alcohol, cannabis, dextrometorphan, codeine, cocaine, mdma, ketamine, diphenhydramine, speed, salvia, frisium, mushrooms and blotter acid (possibly 2C-E) in the spread of 3 years. I'm not on any meds regularly but smoke weed daily.

Having heard it was long acting and took time to kick in, I popped two 20 mg pills at 8h45 pm, two other at 9h00 and a last one at 9h15. To simplify things I'll consider 9:00 as T 0:00

T 0:00 I smoke a joint waiting for my friend Muc, and I'm high. We take the bus to the rave.

T 1:00 Waiting for another bus, I smoke a cigarette. Nothing unusual seems to be happening.

T 1:30 I feel it slowly kicking in as a sort of euphoria with a very MDMA-like sort of feeling in my chest. The world outside the bus feels a bit more distant and HD and I feel out of balance, like a sort of vertigo.

T 2:00 I'm very high as we arrive to the rave. There is no music as the generator is not working, but a lot of people are waiting here and there. I'm in a good mood and meet a few people and sit down to roll a big joint and smoke. My vision is not blurry but it seems hard to focus on a specific thing and everything seems strange and unusual, not unlike on mushrooms but more specifically like on ketamine. I can speak but not with the same ease as normally. I also feel energetic and I have the urge to do something, so I help my friend Muc to find some ketamine to buy.

T : 2:30 The music starts off pretty great, but not psytrance as it was supposed to so I don't vibe as much as I thought. The glowsticks hanging on the stage look like they shift position every time I look at them and the green moving lazor create a super eerie mindset. I feel like dancing but have difficulties doing it without losing my balance and falling on people so just kind of stomp around.

T 3:00 (12:00 am) As the time passes, I feel the peak (not more intense than the plateau and not very noticeable) coming with the first visuals. They are very much like the visuals I got on 150 mg of the pure white MDMA : purple and red flashes of small patterns all across the vision. However, the patterns become more than just squares and show definite images, which I don't remember, but still purple and red and in a mosaique all across my vision. I notice the closed eyes visuals are very clear, wide spread and real-looking.

T 3:30 A bit after my other friend SP arrived, we decide to go walk in the woods, take a piss and maybe eat something. I have a 'rolling feeling' like on mdma in the sense every event and encounter has its reason to be and that I am very content with how things go. Nothing like the explosive euphoria of it tho, the predominant feeling is a strong dissociation that stills grows more powerful. I decide to lie on the ground and it surprisingly feels REALLY comfortable like when you lay in a clean bed after 2 days of not sleeping. To keep the vibe I stand up soon after feeling disoriented, dizzy and with a stomach pain. Eating was surprisingly pleasant and natural-feeling, so the stimulant action must not be so strong. Drinking water feels strange however... My lips feel chapped and very big.

T 4:00 We vibe to the music, smoke weed, damiana and cigarettes. The weed affects me more than normally, as it often does nothing at all in raves after a certain point. There I definitely feel high after smoking. The trip continues without much more and the dissociation stops growing stronger. I actually feel good even if I am very inexpressive and I look like I'm not vibing (my friends said that). I feel like it is a good rave drug.

T 5:00 As the music changes to some bad hardstyle, we leave the rave to go in the surroundings, where we meet people and smoke joints. I am social, but not abnormally so. I feel very spaced out and good, and a lot of stuff comes across my head with a lot of clarity, including memories. I experience very vivid flashbacks of the sensations and visions I had on a trip of Salvia and Codeine. I remember clearly the fright and the images. However, during the whole trip including the day after I had difficulties recalling immediate past like what I just did or what I was talking about.

T 7:00 (5:00 a.m.)A bit past the sunrise, we leave the rave to catch a bus. I still feel like reality is distant. I feel emotions deeply in the same way as an mdma afterglow, with raised attachment to my friends, to nature, to music, to the moment and the rave community.

T 7:30 In the bus, I notice I am still high, as my friend is sober and passed out, and I am still spaced out and drugged. I can imagine with surprising clarity absolutely anything with my eyes closed. I follow a visual train of thought the whole bus ride.

T 8:30 Eating Tim Hortons feels good and is king taste.

T 11:00 We've been loafing in the sun, smoking joints, sleeping on rocks and on the lake's shore. It feels really blissful and good.

T 14:00 It's 11 am and am still high. I smoke a joint alone and trip in the forest near my house. It feels very intense, almost mushroomesque. Nature looks incredible and once again my visions are HD, I feel illuminated by the sun. I don't feel sober enough to talk to my parents but go home anyway and take a shower.

T 17:00 I've been biking a lot (with a lot of energy for after a night without sleep) and smoking multiple joints to try to sober up from this drug. But nothing to do, I still feel dissociated, a bit spaced out and very calm, serene, and indifferent. Reading is difficult without keeping an eye closed. Sometimes my vision just becomes unclear and k-like.

T 25:00 I go to sleep feeling weird. I had a conversation with my brother which I can't recall AT ALL except him saying Ğare you okay to meğ. Very fucked up day in fact, very blurry in my memory.

T 40:00 Waking up two days after, I can still feel a slight dissociation, but I can feel I am me again and I can see myself in the mirror without a bizarre impression like yesterday. I noticed coffee and weed have more impact than as usual.

To sum up, memantine is certainly a good drug to do at a rave, as I would define it as a long, pharmaceutical and moderate ketamine high that seems to roll like mdma and that has a driving energy and body feeling. It also permits vivid visions with eyes closed or open with very few side effects or mood changes (except being high 2 days). It is very long to process, even if it hits in about an hour and I would only recommend it with a free day ahead, as the day after is quite enjoyable and wavy but definitely not sober.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100894
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jul 30, 2013Views: 17,812
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