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Trials From a Psych Novice
Escaline, UR-144 & Cannabis
by Smeagol
Citation:   Smeagol. "Trials From a Psych Novice: An Experience with Escaline, UR-144 & Cannabis (exp100840)". Jul 24, 2013.

    Escaline (powder / crystals)
      Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists (powder / crystals)
      Cannabis (plant material)


This is going to be a summary of three trials with escaline.

First trial
Escaline trip report- 4/25/2013 2:45pm
Patient- Male, 155lbs No previous experience with psychedelics.

2:45pm 0:00 Ė 20mg in a paper parachute swallowed. Maybe a little bit more or less as the scale is not all too accurate. The paper had also been used to hold another dose of 20mg but the scale turns off after a while and what do you know I dump the paper back on the tray and it only weighs 9mg! So this may have as much as 30mg in it. Then to adjust for the scale (+/-5 at worst) it could be anywhere from 15mg to 35mg. Washed down with water. Had a bowl of soup at 11ish and drinking water all day said the patient.

3:05pm 0:20- UR-144 is ďadministeredĒ at normal dosage for the subject (the patient had been using it extensively for a few weeks now). Feeling effects of UR-144 from earlier but not really feeling anything of the escaline. Said the patient.
3:15pm 0:30- Peaking on the UR. No sign of escaline yet. Not that itís really expected a half hour in. Said the patient.

3:20pm 0:35- Starting to feel a buzz in my head said the patient. Not sure if placebo he exclaimed. Body feels slightly heavy but not much. No more UR said the patient. Should wear off in an hour or two he said.

3:30pm 0:45- Pupils are dilated like pennies already. Some swirls are seen in peripheral vision but go away when looked at. Head buzz is the same.

3:40pm 0:55- Feeling a slight body load said the patient. Colors seem to be brighter; he describes everything as richer, like somebody turned up the saturation knob just a notch.

3:50pm 1:05- Slight intensity in head buzz, no more swirls or distortions in vision. Said the patient. Pupils go back to a relatively normal size. Maybe the dilation was from the excitement of trying something new.

4:00pm 1:15- Body load increasing, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, it all feels a bit sore. Like I had just done a lot of work said the patient. Pupils still penny sized. Everything seems more intense and colorful. Light is too bright sometimes.

4:45pm 2:00- Effects are the same says the patient. No change at all.

4:50pm 2:05- There is this anxious urge to do something and see somebody. Body load is increasing. Not by much. The patient says he is feeling pretty sore and stretching feels very good. Maybe a slight euphoria? Colors are enhanced a great deal he said.

5:00pm 2:15- This is making the patient very lethargic. He says he doesnít want to do much of anything.

5:10pm 2:25- Time is moving very slowly for the patient. He looked outside the window and was stunned by the beauty of nature. A brief pattern overlay was seen on the patio but it was just over the spots that are there anyway, but it was weird how I thought they were something else for a bit said the patient. Euphoria is slowly building he exclaimed.

5:30pm 2:45- Effects are wearing off? Color saturation seems to be less intense. Head buzz is gone the patient says.

5:50pm 3:05- It just kind of leveled off says the patient. Itís still not as intense but itís still another hour until the peak so hopefully it will get better by then. This dose may have been entirely too low but itís good to start low he says.

6:00pm 3:15- At this point the patient got frustrated with it coming down and wanted to be higher so UR-144 was re-dosed at his normal dose. This is normality for him now. He can easily separate between the effects of the UR-144 and the escaline and will try to keep this live verbal report to the escaline effects only. Which is almost invisible with the UR-144 but it wasnít really worthwhile anyway he says. Body load was eased a bit.

6:25pm 3:40- The patient looked out the window and realized what beauty was out there. The grass shimmered beautifully, definitely the work of escaline here. It was beautiful and it was natural he exclaims. Body load was heavy and he was just overwhelmed by the grass shimmering, he had to get away from the window. It was too much. The UR-144 potentiates this a lot he thinks. There are plenty of reports with mescaline where people smoke weed and potentiate it. Escaline may be the same way he says.

7:00pm 4:15- More UR-144 is taken, normal dose. It really potentiates the escaline. Colors are instantly richer and more vibrant. Light becomes a little painful, pupils dilate a bit. (Itís been getting less and less each time). Very interesting combination. Iím going to keep the UR-144 out of higher dose experiments though said the patient, lest things get nasty.

7:30 4:45- Color enhancement is present but not as powerful. Can still feel this urge to move. Body load has eased up. Still rather stoned claims the patient.
7:45 5:00- At this point the escaline is basically non existant says the patient. Itís hardly noticeable and he says he doesnít think itíll get better as it goes on. So for now at least this report will be concluded. 20mg was noticeable but not very interesting.


9:20pm 6:35- Effects have been the same since last update.Color saturation still present but fading slowly over the last couple of hours.

Next day there were no signs of color saturation. Slept fine and the UR-144 at that point made sleeping a breeze.
Second escaline trip report- 8:00am
Patient- Male, 155lbs, first assumedly ďworthwhileĒ dose of psychedelics, second trial with escaline.

This report is written completely in the point of view of the patient.

'7:30am- I wake up feeling rather refreshed actually and excited to start my day. Took care of the pets and tried to mentally prepare myself for what was next. I decided to dose at 8 on the hour to keep these time stamps simple for me.

8:00am 0:00- 65mg is taken via parachute and assuming my guess that the scale is accurate to +/-5 milligrams at its worst, it could be anywhere from 60mg-70mg. Not sure if tolerance from taking the (small) dose yesterday will come into play. I know it takes at least two weeks in between trips for the tolerance to go away on this to an acceptable level. Stomach hurts upon waking up as usual, most likely due to synthetic cannabinoid abuse (specifically UR-144). Small amounts may be taken later only to ease the discomfort but it may not matter if escaline turns out to hurt my stomach at all. At this point I havenít eaten anything, only drank some water with the dosage.

8:20am 0:20- Still no sign of the escaline. A bit of anxiety or edginess but that may just be the sort of feeling one gets with a first psychedelic trip, probably nothing to do with the escaline itself.

8:30am 0:30- A rather ďstonyĒ headspace has made itself visible. Body feels kind of heavy (like the start of body load) and slight sound distortion can be head Body is starting to feel kind of ďlets goĒ at the moment like it just wants to get on with the experience already. It is all still very mild though. Stomach has eased up and no synthetic cannabinoids have been taken and are not being planned to be taken.

8:40am 0:40- Mood is kind of lifted which was not present in the last trial. Maybe it was dulled by the UR-144. Itís kind of calming. Sound distortion is becoming slightly more present. Body load is more obvious but still not unpleasant, feels just like I am tired. Itís good to just be right now.

9:00am 1:00- Went outside to smoke a cigarette. Color enhancement is apparent and textures seem more detailed and in your face. I was pretty happy smoking my cigarette and seeing the trees dance around in the wind. Beautiful weather outside to top it off and it feels like a good day for this. Mood lift is definitely present.

9:10am 1:10- Body load is becoming more present. It feels very much like the feeling one gets with a respectable dose of dipenhydramine but as of now itís just becoming undesirable. I feel tired and just kind of want to lie down in one spot and not move or do anything. Effects are rolling along quicker than my last trial with escaline. Head buzz feeling is present.

9:20am 1:20- Slight nausea is felt. Body load effects slowly increasing in intensity. It feels rather unpleasant at this point but itís tolerable I guess. Mood lift is at the same level and color saturation has increased slightly. Feeling a little bit confused at this point as well, mental clouding if you will.

9:25am 1:25- Nausea increasing in intensity. Drinking water to combat it but it doesnít help much. Iím going to try to avoid purging for a few hours at least to allow the dose to absorb.

9:40am 1:40- Effects have pretty much remained the same. Nausea maybe increasing slightly but it isnít an issue at this point. Iím starting to get some visual fog around the edges of my vision. It feels really good just to sit, close your eyes and let the noises of life engulf you. Sound enhancement is definitely present right now. Itís different from the sound enhancement of marijuana or other cannabinoids where it just sounds better. Right now things sound enhanced like with marijuana, but they also seem distorted ever so slightly. Iím starting to feel removed from sounds, like they are far away or something.

9:45am 1:45- You can really feel this nausea in your stomach. Itís less a dizzy, head kind of nausea and more something your stomach just wants out.

9:50am 1:50- Nausea has really been ramping it up the past 10 minutes. Iím just laying down and enjoying existing. It seems to subside when this is done.

10:00am 2:00- Two hour mark, things should start getting interesting now. Went to look outside the window for a bit, color enhancement is becoming much more in your face. I was looking at a tree and moving my head side to side, it was kind of difficult to tell if the tree was real or not, it felt almost like it didnít belong there. I tried to dissect why I felt this way and everything about it said that ďyes, this tree should be hereĒ. The lighting, the position, the way it blended into the environment. I was dissecting it like I would a picture I thought was photo shopped.

Sitting inside is starting to make me kind of ďnot rightĒ. Itís amazing outside and I canít wait for the sunlight to start shining in from my window. Right now itís shady on my patio and I feel rather sad that the sun isnít just beaming me with its rays right now. I can see now why psychedelics would make you want to get out of the house. I never understood that feeling before. I think Iím going to go have a smoke outside and enjoy nature.

10:10 2:10- Being outside felt great, when I first walked onto my patio I felt like (despite having many a childhood memory on this patio) I was walking somewhere new. I wasnít exactly sure where to walk or if I should be there at all. It was strange. As I was sitting there in the shade smoking my cigarette I notice that the colors seem almost duller than they should be? I decide to try standing in the sunlight to see how that will effect it (this just made sense to me) and viola, everything got saturated. This was absolutely marvelous to me, what I thought and felt just effected what Iíve visually seen for the first time. Simply standing in sunlight made colors richer, the mind is truly a wonderful thing.

When I finished my cigarette I just felt like standing outside and enjoying the scenery which is unusual, normally I just want to get inside or I at least go ďokay Iím done smoking for nowĒ but it was hard to pull away from the outdoors. Nausea has decreased but Iím not sure if thatís just the natural flow of things right now or if my change in focus distracted me from it. I feel like I have taken a step back from my normal consciousness, taking more action in thinking about what I think about and why I think or feel the things I think and feel.

10:20am 2:20- I was feeling a bit restless inside but simply thinking ďIím going to feel alright indoorsĒ fixed that right up and I feel pretty comfortable in here although the outside world is definitely beckoning to me right now.

10:25am 2:25- Decide to go take a shower. Nausea is starting to creep up again but it can be willed away at this level. Thought about masturbating but it seems like such a ďdirtyĒ thing to do right now.

10:30am 2:30- Actually go to take a shower after thinking so much about thinking about going to take a shower.

10:50am 2:50- Just got out of the shower. Normally I donít like showers once you get out but with this mindset it feels very much like ďanything goesĒ when it gets to the physical realm. Lots of introspection with escaline, I spent a good while thinking about my personality. Right now I feel like somebody else has taken control. This is not their reality, body or mind but these are their thoughts. Itís easy to get engulfed in thinking about thinking. Itís truly marvelous how humans can do this.
Body load has eased up as well as nausea. Still feel sore and tired but I donít feel Ďpoisonedí like I did in the last report and earlier today. There is still the strong urge to just sit and do nothing though.

11:00am 3:00-Just sitting here on my bed, happy and naked while writing this report. It feels very freeing and it seems odd right now that people ever cover up themselves. I would feel at home right now camping outdoors at a nudist resort. Some stomach discomfort (gas) is noted but Iím not sure if itís due to the escaline or not. Nothing else has been taken or eaten at this point save for some water.

11:10am 3:10- Had to do an anal purge but all is well now. This has been the norm with the synthetic cannabinoid binge Iíve been on so I donít think itís related to the escaline. There is a lot of shifting in mindset right now. One second it feels right to be naked the next it feels like I should hurry up and put clothes on. I donít feel ďsettledĒ right now. If Iím not doing what I feel like I should be doing then I feel like Iím doing what I shouldnít be doing.

11:20am 3:20- Decided to vaporize some UR-144. Iím kind of frustrated with the level of visuals Iím getting now as compared to the previous trial. UR-144 seemed to saturate things a little bit more so Iím going to see if this is still true today. Iím only going to do a low amount, much less than usual. I hadnít paid much attention to my pupils on this trial but as of now they are dilated.
For those of you not familiar with UR-144 it is a synthetic cannabinoid. It peaks for me within 10 minutes totally and then lasts for up to 5 hours after, dropping severely in intensity at the hour and two hour mark and then fading off. If you want to know more about it, itís got more information out there than escaline has (which I find odd because escaline is like 60 years old).

11:25am 3:25- UR-144 is dosed.

11:30am 3:30- Body load intensified by about two fold but also became easier to ignore due to the UR-144. Color saturation increased. Sound enhancement increased but not the distortion. To note, UR-144 normally does not normally make things more saturated for me but does enhance sounds. Distortion it does not do so Iím assuming the UR-144 hasnít affected my hearing much as far as potentiating the trip. Rather, just stacked on.

11:35am 3:35- UR-144 effects peaked and body load becoming very annoying. Color saturation is now obvious and I no longer have to look for it.

11:40am 3:40- Body load really becoming just intolerably unpleasant at this point. I just want to sit and do nothing to avoid it. Seems like a good time for meditation.

11:45am 3:45- Sitting still for meditation doesnít feel right. Canít get comfortable, I decided this wouldnít work. I opened my eyes and the bookcase across the room looked like it was turning. The dresser next to it (which is in front of it) looked fine and only the bookshelf was turning, ever so slightly. It then quickly snapped back into place. That was my first visual distortion, excellent.

11:50am 3:50- I went to look out my window (I know, this report is just so eventful) and was amazed by the trees moving in the wind. It looked like they were moving by themselves. Then I took a step back and just saw all the trees moving together, ďthese things are aliveĒ I thought. This overfilled me with joy; I literally jumped around with joy at this. It made me really happy to see these trees. I donít know why.

11:55am 3:55óI decide to go out for a smoke. I notice Iím thinking of things individually rather than in groups as I look in my drawer to get my smokes. I donít just see all this stuff in there and then notice my smokes. I kind of had to analyze it all and then think ďoh this object is what I was looking for, these are my smokesĒ. Itís a bit difficult for me to describe though, it was a weird thought.
12:03pm 4:03- Just got back inside. It felt like a journey going outside. Colors were very rich and I could again see the sparkling grass shimmering at me. I saw a squirrel just minding his own business and had a great time watching him run around the alive and moving grass and climb the alive and moving tree. Everything just feels alive. The sounds outside felt very loud, the wind was just rushing in my ears and the birds felt like they were chirping right on my shoulder. Time dilation is present.

12:10pm 4:10- Getting some slight stretching and morphing on my computer, it seems to happen where Iím not looking and always goes away when I do look.

12:15pm 4:15- Everything sounds ďdeeperĒ. I turned on the Xbox and looked for something to eat, bananas just stood out to me so I picked one up. Everything about this banana is just right. Holding it, opening it, eating it; right now itís still unfinished and it feels like an incomplete banana experience so Iím going to complete this banana because it would be sad to leave it like this.

12:20pm 4:20- First of all HAHAHA 420! Visual distortions/hallucinations are becoming ever more present. I will spend some time looking at something and turn my head only to have the edges or shapes of that ďframeĒ of my vision and those edges/shapes will trail on to wherever I look. This looks black/purplish and faded around the edges. There was a moment when I had the same shape flashing all over my vision subtly which went on for about 10 seconds.

12:40pm 4:40- Masturbated and it was a wonderful experience. Pretty fulfilling, porn seemed like you could sense the passion in it? I was picking videos not just by who was hotter and what positions they were in but I was also screening them to see if they actually cared about each other. Weird thing to look for in porn but thatís what happened.

1:00pm 5:00- Color enhancement is at the same level it has been. Things seem more defined by their features right now. Looking at a tree I notice the patterns in its bark and I feel like itís more geometrical even though visually I canít find any geometry in the tree. It doesnít feel like the effects are getting any stronger at this point, it just feels like they have leveled. Still feeling sore and pupils are still much dilated. Escaline feels very clear headed, even if it makes it kind of hard to describe things sometimes. There is a lot more putting my thoughts into words with this if that makes sense.

1:10pm 5:10- Decide to go outside and have a smoke. I saw a dead worm and was kind of saddened by it. It was all dried up and shriveled, poor thing. It must have been an awful way to die. Normally Iím not too empathetic towards bugs, I care more about animals. But right now they all seem equal to me, plants included.

1:40pm 5:40- Effects are pretty much remaining the same at this point, just like in the last trial. I decided that Iíve gotten a taste for the effects of escaline well enough that I will continue my UR-144 usage. I am a bit disappointed that escaline turned out to not be as visual as I would have liked but it seems on par with everything Iíve read so far. Next trial will likely be double the dose as I feel I still havenít gotten a good taste of psychedelics at this level. Like going swimming but just dipping your toes in the water.

1:45pm 5:45- Administer regular dose of UR-1444.

1:50pm 5:50- Color is definitely enhanced a little bit more. It had been starting to wear down.

1:55pm 5:55- Looked out the window and saw the beautiful landscape again. The UR-144 makes everything fuzzy. The escaline I think is combating the confusion of such a high dosage of cannabinoid, making it clear headed. Slightly paranoid but itís not bad. Again I note, I do not get color enhancement from the UR-144 alone. I believe it is the escaline
2:00pm 6:00- I think something. I started to find out the meaning of the universe. I donít know why. It was a very long and ugly paragraph and I donít think any of you would have wanted to read that gibberish. HAHAHAHA!

2:03pm 6:03- Oh lawdy. You see how simple the posts get with administration? This whole report is far too extensive. What the fuck am I doing? Nobody is going to read this damn thing itís 5 pages long so far.

2:10pm 6:10- Got an electric vibe feeling in my arms. I could actually see the vibes going down to my hands with open eyes, I donít get visuals like this from the UR-144 alone. Pupils going down a tad.

2:25pm 6:25- Iím just going to play some video games now. I declare the effects of escaline to be for the most part on a solid level and I expect it to drop off after a while. As of now the effects Iím getting are mainly from the UR-144 though sound distortion (warping) can clearly be heard in the music of the game.

2:40pm 6:40- I looked out the window again and felt inspired. Iíve looked out of this window all my life on various substances. Iíve seen it storm out this window, Iíve seen beautiful gardens out of this window. Iíve seen it piled in snow up to my chest. Iíve seen that window brushed with leaves in the fall. I feel inspired to draw it now which is something I havenít done in a long time or felt the inspiration to do in a long time. Time to get out the sketch pad. I think this is a good time to end my report. I will update it if anything interesting happens.' said the patient, exhaling loudly as he finished.

What do you think the next dosage should be? 150mg?

The patient later exclaimed-

Updates as follows

3:10pm 7:10- Saw a poster on the wall begin to 'breathe' in and out. I was able to observe it for a minute or two and then it slowly faded away. Hadn't seen this type of visual yet.'

5:00pm 9:00- Effects pretty much faded away. The world has lost it's magic.
So, I ingested 150mg of escaline and it was a great experience.

T+1-4- Slight effects felt, mental aspect 'lubricated' slowly, colors are more vibrant and music sounds deeper. There was a sort of 'anxious' vibe attatched to this.

T+4-8- The good part of the trip. This was very heavy mentally and not too crazy visually. Looking at some bricks I saw them stretch, shrink, grow, slide and melt, the longer I looked at things the more they would distort. It felt pretty good just looking around the room finding everything interesting. I found out for myself how hard it is to pee cleanly while tripping. If it were a public bathroom I would have just pissed wild and proud without a care but unfortunately I had to clean this mess. Mentally I was going ham, tried to figure out what reality was and couldn't. All sorts of universal facts were all just on the next level of consciousness. It was all so close and every time I got closer to 'the truth' another question would pop up in the place of the one I just answered. My mind just kept thinking. I noticed in the heavier parts of the trip the thought process was more geared towards 'why' rather than the otherwise mode of thinking which is just as described in this thread: this thought and this thought and this thought and this thought and this thought and this thought and this thought, etc.

T+8-12- Effects slowly went down and eased out slowly, just like the way they eased in. There is no rush with escaline.

T+12-16- Effects slowly tapered down and only a slight glow can get obtained. Cannabinoids increase the psychedelic like thought process just a little bit and I can swear there is some minor, minor, minor physical distortion going on in my peripheral vision every time I blaze up. Color enhancement is mostly gone.

Overall it was felt that higher dosages were needed for a truly remarkable experience and with the price of this substance at the current moment it's very expensive to do so. I think for a first experience into this world, it was a great one to start with but I think your average psychonaut may be disappointed.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100840
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jul 24, 2013Views: 17,661
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