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Seeing the Universe
25I-NBOMe & Spice
by Snuffleupagus
Citation:   Snuffleupagus. "Seeing the Universe: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Spice (exp100087)". Nov 18, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1 hit   25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30 1 cig.   Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids  


This was my first true taste of the psychedelic universe around us and probably my most glowing yet frightening experience to date even after experiencing DMT, LSD, shrooms, salvia, 2C-E and 25i in different combinations. Prior to the experience I had experimented with LSD once before while only experiencing mild visuals so this was to be my 2nd experience with what I thought was LSD. After learning the taste difference between LSD and 25i blotters, and effects, I learnt that what I had thought was LSD with my limited experience was actual 25i-Nbome.

To set the scene, I was at a large music festival, Homebake, with two friends E & M. I got what I thought was LSD from my younger brother who also was told it was.

T+00:00 – I'm in the crowd for shapeshifter, listening to some amazing new live music and decide to take my blotter so when I'm watching Ball Park Music I'll at least be feeling something.

T+00:45 – Standing in the mosh for BPM, not feeling too many effects yet, just feeling odd.

T+01:30 – Sitting down at back of the crowd waiting for Tame Impala, the band I came for, to set up. I'm still not feeling too many of the effects and am getting quite bored so I decide to roll a joint with some Northern Lights, a synthetic weed I bought from a local tobacconist. This synth feels nothing like real weed though, we smoked a joint before entering and it gave us the strangest head high, sound and vision slightly vibrate. As I get about a third of the way down the joint me, E & M are approached by 2 scattered looking girls, they say, 'Are you nice guys? We just got drugged.' It's at this very second that my mind's eye explodes open. Only half the joint is smoked and I understand that I'm about to voyage off on a rollercoaster ride of my mind that I am not prepared for. Knowing this I look towards the two girls but await my friends to reply, hoping that M is the one to reply, and knowing E is far too obnoxiously drunk. Sadly E replies with 'Yeah we're nice guys, are you naughty girls?' Fuck, I am not in a state right now to be offering comfort to 2 gangas wanting attention from random dudes. But I'm 3 minutes into my joint and already too high to reply. As I stared at the girls who have decided to sit with us, which I could tell M didn't want either but I had no way of communicating with him, everything around and behind them started to change and Tame Impala began playing. I always have trouble putting what I saw and felt after this point into words but to try and give you an understanding of what was around me I'll give a short explanation.

Everything began getting extremely weird, colours were getting brighter, time was moving slower, I was wearing a sombrero for some reason and it got really windy all of the sudden. This wasn't the normal sort of festival either, it was more alternative which meant most of the people in the crowd were dressed up oddly, I had groups of dudes wearing full Ghostbuster outfits and all sorts of odd things. These 2 random skanks were trying to fish compliments from us while the very strange dream-pop sounds of Tame Impala began blasting from the stage. I couldn't understand why all these police officers walking around or the people from the first aid tent 10 metres away didn't notice me struggling either. And to top it off, my friend E was at a level of drunk where he becomes an absolute dick to everyone around him and he says the most outrageous things. All of these oddities happening at once made for a confusing situation, but back to the story.

T+01:35 – 5 minutes had passed since I'd started the joint and I decided that half a J was more than enough with everything already quite noticeably changing in front of my eyes. Audio distortion kicks in and I can barely understand what M, E and the 2 girls are saying, all I can hear is Tame Impala but it sounds very hollow. The girls then ask our names and for some reason my mates decide to give fake names, E becomes JJ or Jeremiah Jesus as he called himself and M became Tyson which then morphed into Dyson…I didn't know why they were giving fake names so I just gave them my real name and M & E looked at me weirdly but I couldn't understand why, I mean I wasn't the one making up names. I'd never experienced effects like these before and had no reference for what I should feel or how long I should feel it for so with this lack of knowledge I had a small pang of fear in the back of my mind but decided I'd rather enjoy what I see even if I had no idea what to expect. M, trying to get away from the two girls asked me and E if we'd like to get some drinks but E being obnoxiously drunk didn't realize it was meant to be an out so just handed M $50. I told M that there was no way I was going anywhere so M walked off and left me and E with our two new friends. While E continued to be a dick to the random girls I attempted to join in the conversation but was struggling with the audio distortion, whenever I tried to say anything I'd speak/feel my lips move, look up, hear what I said and then no one would reply. The lack of replies mixed with the audio delay was starting to get to me and made me question whether I was saying anything at all so this made me feel a bit self-conscious, I needed a reply, without one nothing was real, so I started a group text with my best friends telling them of what I was experiencing. I was texting with unbelievable speed and accuracy like never before and as soon as I got a reply it was an instant and calming relief, it was like they were there with me.

I looked at the crowd around me and E was talking to me but something wasn't right. E was frozen in time but everything behind in front and around him was still moving and I could hear him speaking but his mouth was just hanging open. I held my eyes closed for a second but as soon as they closed I saw myself sitting on the grass in bright fluoro colours. I opened my eyes and E was moving again but there were groups of people behind him who were frozen as others around them moved freely, it was very odd but made everything interesting to see.

T+01:55 – M had returned and the wind around me began to pick up and my sombrero would fly off my head completely every 15-20 seconds but I'd throw my arm out in all directions and catch it every time somehow, I didn't know how I was doing it but I was happy I hadn't lost it yet. As Tame Impala began playing my favourite song of theirs, Apocalypse Dream, there was a sudden and intense explosion of colours and images. Everything behind the girls, E & M had been replaced with an unfathomable plethora of swirling bright and vibrant fractal patterns, shapes and colours. The colourful shapes were vibrating and pulsing, I was left in pure awe as the most amazing images flashed in front of my eyes while one of my favourite songs, Elephant, began blaring louder than all other noises. These swirling patterns and shapes of colour turned into a kaleidoscope of bright and powerful fast moving sharp fluorescent colours, the patterns moving with the beat to the song and flashing at me. The intensity picked up with the music and I was finding it to be too much so I tried to close my eyes. When I thought I had them closed I found myself viewing a profile of myself sitting down again but it was reminiscent of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, there were 4 squares of my face with my sunnies and sombrero on but the colours started as black and white and then burst into the vibrant colours from the kaleidoscope, the images staying the same but changing colours. I'd never experienced strong closed eye visuals and I thought my eyes might still be open so I had to take my sunglasses off and hold my hand over my eyelids to feel them being held closed so I could be certain.

Once it became apparent that it didn't matter if my eyes were open or closed, the visuals weren't going to slow so I reopened them. Upon reopening I was thrown back into the kaleidoscope but my friend E had begun freezing in time again and my 4 repeated image square of vision from the closed eye visuals remained, I was now viewing 4 kaleidoscopes spinning with E frozen inside them all. I had to look away from my friend frozen in time to look at everyone else around us, I wanted so badly to be in the mosh pit swaying to the music away from the 2 new and seemingly sinister new additions to our party but still in no state to move I leaned towards M and said, 'I'm so fucked right now bro, I can't see anything! I'm really really high!' M then asked me if I wanted to move into the mosh and away from the girls but I had to apologize and let him know I understood him but I simply couldn't go. The 4 square imagery had suddenly left and the colours spinning around began to slow. I realised my high was easing off as the music was getting quieter. It was at this moment that the girls decided to leave, being bored of Jeremiah Jesus' lies and stupid insults and lack of compassion they received from us. The second they left I felt a great weight lift and felt very free to be open with E & M, the visuals kept slowing down to where it was easy to focus on E & M and discuss what had just happened to me and gave us a chance to make a little bit of fun of E for not realizing any of the shit happening around him. Then I heard a very loud and heavy reverberating VRUMMM and I realised elephant had only been playing for a few minutes and it was at the point in the song where it goes to sudden silence and then jumps back into the song full swing and volume. As soon as the song started again the intense visuals resumed so I got comfortable and began turned towards the huge TV screen displaying Tame Impala and watched it as colours flew all around it.

T+02:30 Tame impala had finished their set and the hallucinations had almost come to a stop, we had to get moving to the next stage to catch angus stone in time so I attempted to stand but it was obvious my balance and depth perception were a little off at this stage but it didn't take long for me to feel strong and energized again once I had time to find me feet. I was suddenly hungry though so I ran away from my mates to go buy as many different foods as I could eat. After that I was feeling near completely sober for the rest of the festival.

This experience left me feeling very strange afterwards. It wasn't until the next morning in the shower that I found myself truly contemplating what I had gone through. This experience had blown my first LSD experience completely out of the water, and apart from DMT I am yet to experience anything this full on or intense but I do know that there is no way I'd change anything about that profound life changing experience. It was the first time my minds eye was truly opened and is the reason for me going on to learn as much as I can about the psychedelic experiences possible and pushing my mental and physical state to its limits.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100087
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 18, 2013Views: 5,018
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25I-NBOMe (542), Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : Combinations (3), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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