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New RecommendedIt worked so well I ended up in hospitalQuaverSTS-135 and DamianaMay 18 2015
New Exacerbation of Cystitis Neon_Aurora25C-NBOMeMay 13 2015
New BO Suppositories A RarityOpioflightBelladonna & OpiumMay 13 2015
New Highly RecommendedVilcan Mind MeltVilcan OfficerAnadenanthera colubrina (seeds)May 13 2015
New RecommendedWhimsical Arrogance Leads to the Cosmic ERmikedelicDMTMay 13 2015
New The Land of the Deadpsyko_munkeeBelladonna & CannabisMay 13 2015
New Recommendedbk-2C-B Overdose12aaabk-2C-B Nifoxipam RisperidoneMay 12 2015
New A good cannabinoidquantumAB-FUBINACAMay 12 2015
New Perfect stimulantJohnAlpha-phpMay 12 2015
New Not what I expected, very potentLionheartAB-PINACAMay 12 2015
New A good nights sleepLightsleeperClonazolamMay 11 2015
New 0.5mg Clonazolamhr4fnClonazolamMay 11 2015

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