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New Highly RecommendedYou've Got to be Kidding MePfaffed2C-B-FlyMar 26 2017
New The Sweetest HoneyKadarbruhClonazolamMar 26 2017
New A Truly Beautiful TimeDeechSt. John's WortMar 26 2017
New Highly RecommendedA Serious HedonismKaleidaAL-LADMar 25 2017
New Histamine ReactionShadeLSD & MushroomsMar 25 2017
New RecommendedA Surprisingly Good TimeConnecty BitsMDMA, 5-HTP & BupropionMar 24 2017
New Bad ReactionElraeBupropion & CannabisMar 24 2017
New Enveloping BlissBlinkyNicotineMar 24 2017
New RecommendedWe've Been Waiting For YouDerewsnaSalvia divinorumMar 23 2017
New A Punch in the Gutnervewing2C-EMar 23 2017
New I Would Definitely Rather Be Safe Than SorrynodmanU-47700Mar 23 2017
New I Was Having Some Serious Anxietyye-pirateMDMA & BupropionMar 22 2017
New What Planet Am I OnJulianDXMMar 22 2017
New Severely Attenuated EffectsMedical DoctorMDMA, Bupropion & FluoxetineMar 22 2017
New A Train Ride I Wasn't Prepared ForAefy4-FluoromethamphetamineMar 22 2017
New Bad MixStellarEarthCalea zacatechichi, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Damiana, Peppermint, Lavender & Ginko BilobaMar 21 2017
New Mild and Pleasantbeth5-MeO-MIPTMar 21 2017
New Talking for HoursEsoteric VisionMethylone & 4-Fluoroamphetamine Mar 21 2017
New Breakthrough Dose - I Went HomePersephoneDMTMar 20 2017
New Addictive Cheap DirtGFentanylMar 20 2017
New Where's the BodyloadSpiral2C-E & CannabisMar 19 2017
New A Powerful Tool for EnlightenmentMerry PranksterPsilocybe semilanceataMar 19 2017
New Overdose, Hospitals and the ChipmunksLokiShiva692DOC & MDMAMar 19 2017
New Being Disconnected From RealityitstingsandithurtsMemantineMar 18 2017
New Ferment the Tea or Pay the Price... PineconeHeimia salicifolia & KratomMar 18 2017
New All the Good Drugs Are IllegalDonHenleyN-Ethylhexedrone, Methylone & 4-FluoroamphetamineMar 18 2017
New Sweet and SourKanonBosatsuMushroomsMar 17 2017
New A Scary Letting Go Into the OnenessscientistukDMT & MoclomebideMar 17 2017
New The Best Smart Drug I've Ever HadThePoobamanPhenylpiracetamMar 17 2017
New My 2nd Shamanic JourneySerotoneMeditation, Drumming & DeschloroketamineMar 17 2017
New RecommendedBeginner FriendlyMrMoran4-AcO-METMar 16 2017
New Soccer Mom Postal Worker JayneModafinilMar 16 2017
New Candies n HugsOMJLSD & MDMAMar 16 2017
New Highly RecommendedThe Domain of This Plant Is SpaceAntunTrichocereus pachanoiMar 15 2017
New Unexpected and Pleasantly DisappointingPseudonombreCocaineMar 15 2017
New We Didn't Break Anythingphilip1P-LSDMar 15 2017
New Seven DaystopramenisyummyDMTMar 14 2017
New With Visions and Everything, if I Take It RawSophiaGubbCacaoMar 14 2017
New Boring Lackluster CathinoneIdiom4-FluoromethcathinoneMar 14 2017

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