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Soul and Body Separated
by rk22
Citation:   rk22. "Soul and Body Separated: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp117850)". Feb 12, 2024.

1 mg vaporized 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  8 mg vaporized 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
48M 95 kilo
Minor experience with lsd, 2cb, mdma in the last year.
Setting: cosy hotel room with my girlfriend as tripsitter

Iíve been reading a lot of posts and trip reports on 5-meo-dmt lately and I was intrigued. Had to try it. Itís easily available in the Netherlands as a research chemical.

I read a trip report from someone in Mexico where the shaman gave them a very small amount (<1mg) to get them to get used to it and the inhaling of the vapour. Then he would give them a second full dose a little later on. I thought that was a good idea for me as well.

I ordered 100mg of 5-meo-dmt online and it came in one small bag. Theyíre small yellow-ish crystals. I know this is not the correct way of doing it but I eyeballed the quantities.

I filled one glass pipe with a small piece of crystal (<1mg) and another pipe with a proper dose of about 8mg.

Started off with the tiny little crumb and it was very easy to inhale. Light trippy feeling within seconds. This lasted for several minutes. After taking a break and talking to my girlfriend for a while she asked if I was ready for the big one. I was Ö

Slowly heated the crystals until they started to melt and then inhaled the vapour. Held it in for as long as I could but halfway through I was gone already.

Now trip reports about 5-meo-dmt donít make a lot of sense usually. You can get the general meaning of these reports but what the writers mean is not clear. Words can not properly describe it. Iím going to try anyway:

Pixelated visuals for a few seconds and then I dropped backwards into a pile of pillows and started my trip. It was mind blowing. A little scary at first because of this new extreme category of sensations that I was experiencing. But soon I let go. A lot of closed eye visuals and a feeling of complete dissociation. My soul was being ripped out of my body but it wasnít unpleasant at all. While my body and soul were separated one or both of them were altered/changed/fixed/healed. When they melted together again something had changed significantly.

The whole trip lasted less than 10 minutes. Which demonstrated I hadnít done too much. If anything it was probably on the low end of dosing because I feel like I was quite aware of what happened during the trip. No ego death or seeing god/angels. It was mystical though.

Talked about the experience with my girlfriend for a while. It was extremely difficult to put into words. Fell asleep quite easily and slept for about six hours.

Itís the next morning now and I still have remnants going around my body and mind. Woke up with a clear head and feeling good though.

Some words to describe my current state are: clear, introspective, pensive, intense, understanding, level-headed. Iíve seen and experienced things that have had a profound impact on me, thatís evident. What that impact will be is unclear. It will be positive Ö Iím convinced of that.

Something has changed in me for sure. This was the most intense thing that I have ever experienced

Will I do it again? Iím not sure. I want to try a slightly higher dose but on the other hand itís not needed. Itís ok like it is. Iím not scared of doing it again.

Exp Year: 2024ExpID: 117850
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 48
Published: Feb 12, 2024Views: 16
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