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Reports from Aug 4 2000 - Aug 4 2000
(19 Total)

Foxy Over a Candyflip Nathan Messer 5-MeO-DiPT, LSD & MDMA 2000 Aug 04
100 Orgasms at Once Cain D. 2C-B & Salvia divinorum 2000 Aug 04
A Primitive Point of View Circle Hat 2C-T-7 2000 Aug 04
Close to Heart Attack Gramma Cannabis 2000 Aug 04
Frequent Flyer ELM GHB 2000 Aug 04
The Good and the Bad Texas Trippers Morning Glory Seeds 2000 Aug 04
Oblivion in the Worst Possible Sense PluPlu Datura 2000 Aug 04
Changed Forever Dave LSD 2000 Aug 04
Good in Moderate Doses Chris Codeine (tylenol 3) 2000 Aug 04
Damage by Disociatives Moonfaerie3 DXM & Ketamine 2000 Aug 04
Why I'm Staying Away From Prescription Drugs Psychedelic-cid Hydrocodone (with Acetaminophen) 2000 Aug 04
Don't Waste Your Time With This Sick Guy Morning Glory Seeds 2000 Aug 04
Still Craving Tabitha Methamphetamine 2000 Aug 04
Raver's Delight Jessyca S. Ecstasy 2000 Aug 04
Codeine is Chill Pookyhead Codeine 2000 Aug 04
Nitrous On the Mind Johnny Bud Nitrous Oxide 2000 Aug 04
Used to be Fun, Now I'm a Paranoid Freak K Cocaine 2000 Aug 04
Robo: The Real Deal BuzzQueen DXM 2000 Aug 04
Amazingly Happy in Seconds Erika Inhalants: Freon 2000 Aug 04

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