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A Primitive Point of View
Citation:   Circle Hat. "A Primitive Point of View: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp514)". Aug 4, 2000.

32 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
Table of Contents:

Act I
Scene 1 -- Coming Up
Act II
Introduction -- A Primitive Point of View
Scene 1 -- Paranoia
Scene 2 -- Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.
Scene 3 -- Time
Scene 4 -- Mind Control
Scene 1 -- The Comedown

+0:00 . snorted 32 mg (0.213 mg/lb.) 2-CT-7
+0:04 . nose burns, eyes water
+0:10 . quick rush up, nausea
+0:15 . visuals are bright, confusing, and rainbowy.
+0:30-3:00 . peaking
all sensory input is confusing if even existent.
few or no visuals or audio effects because of such confusing sensory input
periodic swings from near overwhelming feelings of paranoia to an ecstatic babbling happiness.
much of the time, these feelings of paranoia were when I wasn't around people, and the feelings of happiness came when I was with good friends (and able to see them).
+3:00 . able to begin to talk to people about what I'm experiencing
+4:00 . basic communication established
+5:30 . really want to go to sleep.

Act I, Scene 1 -- Coming Up (12:30 am)

(+0:00) I snort 32 mg (0.213 mg/lb.) of 2-CT-7 on an empty stomach (it is not clear whether a full stomach will dampen effects) the burn is comparable to the burn when snorting DPT. I remember to snort correctly and not inhale the powder down my throat; this helps prevent the drip taste (which I personally dislike). I begin the trip feeling nervous about having too large a dose. There are only a few reports of snorting 2-CT-7 and here are their thoughts on the matter of dosage:

___ _______ ____
Subject A tried 15 mg and recommends 10 as a starting dose.
B 15 15
C 20,35 8
D 12 12
___ _______ ____

(+0:04) I begin to feel the start of the extremely quick rush upwards. This quick rush, which is peculiar to snorting, has the tendency to cause nausea. (+0:05) I'm experiencing dry heaves; the toilet begins to melt in
bright rainbowy patches so confusing I can barely see. (+0:10) A friend
leads me to a room with a bong.

Act II, Introduction -- A Primitive Point of View

10-15 minutes after dosing I lose complete track of time. My trip begins to take on a feverish dreamlike quality with oscillations between social/happy times and darker/introspective times. From this point forward I will attempt to relate these events in the order that I remember them happening. I will try to differentiate between my own 'internal scenarios' and 'what everyone else saw.'

Act II is a collection of five scenes that each relate a different
scenario that played through my head during the 2.5-3 hour peak. I am led
into a social room with a large bong circulating. I am sat down.

Act II, Scene 1 -- Paranoia

Paranoia seemed to be one of the two main themes that the trip would oscillate between. The alternate theme is covered later in Act II, Scenes 2-4. After the initial shoot up onto the peak plateau I was tripping so hard that I couldn't communicate. This feeling of paranoia would visit periodically through much of the peak. For much of the peak time, I couldn't effectively use any of my senses. However, my senses were giving me plenty of input and it was undistorted in many ways, but this was almost useless information because my mind would interpret it so quickly and perhaps recklessly, making conclusions confusing and unpredictable. This interpretations were sometimes startling when paired with very clear sensory input. The first case of paranoia that I remember was when I couldn't communicate with a very good friend of mine. I could move my mouth and speak, but I didn't want to communicate because I was scared that if I talked I would give someone else an advantage with this precious information that I would share.

I felt that I was a cellular organism and the people around me were likewise cellular organisms. To share information was going to dry out my cell as if I would lose H2O at the same time. This was a very scary, competitive environment to be in for a while. I would be walking around and then suddenly I would be surrounded by a swarm of smiling red faced people that I didn't know. I then come upon the realization that I could function in a social group and within these groups there are things such as sharing, trust, safety, and compassion. This would often be the realization that would bring me back to happier, more social times with friends.

Act II, Scene 2 -- Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

This scene is characterized by my lack of communication with my surroundings. The things that come to mind is particularly obvious to me that I would not have thought of if I were not tripping. These are not ideas that I agree with or even agreed with while tripping. These ideas were my environment as I tripped and as such weren't debatable. I will narrate the rest of this scenario through my eyes as I tripped: A cattle-like man with bulging muscles is sitting on his chopper as the exhaust pipe is chugging and blowing smoke. He is an efficient machine. A large and raw (no skin) cattle muscle is in some sort of machinery and it is efficient. Pain has nothing to do with efficiency or logic. The efficiency of this machine cannot be argued, but even though there are many people who benefit and live easier because of this machine, there are those who are the muscle. These cattle provide the necessary balance for all of the good times that are had by their counterparts who live 'the good life' and who promote efficiency.

A large bong lands in my lap. I take a big hit. I am taking a hit off of the tailpipe of a Harley. The raw cattle muscle begins to get dirty and sooty from my tailpipe smoke. I think that I might be dirty, sooty, and efficient (in some mechanical way). I am the Harley rider, taking hits off of a chopperbong, getting my efficient, ripped, skinless cattle muscles sooty.

Act II, Scene 3 -- Time

This scene took place basically when I was close to completely deprived of my senses -- disassociated. As time went on, many different thoughts would pop up into my mind and I would immediately start following logical paths from these different original thoughts, which were probably initiated by sparse sensory input. Quickly making logical conclusions (arguably assumptions) would lead to further simplifications. These simplifications would probably not be possible without the speedy and relentlessly numbing mentality available on 2-CT-7. Every new idea was being logically reduced down to one inconsistency.

Half of space was filled with black and half with white. An infinitely small sparkling colorless line separated these half-spaces. This vertical line/plane was the inconsistency. However, I couldn't tell what this mysterious inconsistency might be. It was related to some idea of time, and that idea of time was stopping me from making any further logical simplifications.

Act II, Scene 4 -- Mind Control

I felt as if I were guiding my mind through different tones of thinking. I felt as I had to work at dodging ideas that might scare me. Thoughts led to other thoughts and often for no apparent reason. There was an overwhelming feeling that before this trip was over I would have to experience every gradient in the range of consciousness. I remember being scared of (1) having to experience being more scared than I could presently imagine, (2) being totally rejected by my social circles, and (3) dying. I viewed this with a disappointed but resolute attitude toward bearing the blows.

It was easy to suddenly have violent mood swings because of certain fickle tendencies on some very basic emotional ideas. I would be following an enjoyable train of thought. I could change a small idea in a concept fundamental to that train of thought. This small change would change the overall composition of the entire thought so that it might no longer be enjoyable. These rules that I am thinking about and now writing down were just rules by which I remember thinking as if by reflex while tripping through the peak. Needless to say, I didn't have much control over where my mind would go and I'm glad that I was mostly around people that I really trust and enjoy because most references -- social, logical, temporal, and sensory -- were unavailable.

Act III, Scene 1 -- The Comedown

After 4 hours of tripping I was able to effectively communicate with the people around me. Before this I could only mumble and speak incoherently. Very tired and mildly irritable, I lie down and try to fall asleep. My body feels worn and tingly. I took 9 mg of melatonin to fall asleep. This 32 mg dose of 2-CT-7 was extremely intense and I recommend snorting 8 mg for a reasonable, enjoyable trip.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 514
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 4, 2000Views: 8,761
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2C-T-7 (54) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5)

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