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Dale Pendell
Photo by Jon Hanna, 2008.
Dale Pendell
Photo by Jon Hanna, 1997.
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Dale Pendell
Dale Pendell is a poet, software engineer, longtime student of ethnobotany, and leader of an improvisational band called the Oracular Madness Choir. His poetry has appeared in many journals, and he was the founding editor of KUKSU: Journal of Backcountry Writing. He has led workshops on ethnobotany and ethnopoetics for the Naropa Institute and the Botanical Preservation Corps, and has presented at Mind States conferences. He is perhaps best known for the Pharmako book trilogy featuring his epic entheogenic poetry; this series was newly released as hardcovers in late 2009.

  • Psychedelics and Zen Buddhism: The Search for a Path, World Psychedelic Forum (2008)
  • Plant Teachers and the Path of Eve, World Psychedelic Forum (2008)
  • Magical Practice: A Discussion with Dale Pendell (2008)
  • Horizon Anarchism, Psychedelic Salon (2006)