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Earth & Fire
Earth with Erowid co-founder Fire
photo by Erowid, 2011
Earth Erowid
Earth Erowid
photo by Judy Ketchum, 2012
Earth Erowid
Earth Erowid
photo by Fire Erowid, 2006
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Earth Erowid
Earth is the Technical Director of the non-profit educational organization Erowid Center and Executive Editor of Erowid Extracts. In 1995, along with his partner Fire, he co-founded, an independent, public, web-based library that collects, reviews, and publishes data about psychoactive plants, drugs, technologies, and practices. He is Chief Software Engineer of the site, which hosts more than 58,000 documents and images and receives over 90,000 unique visitors each day. Earth designs and implements the custom software systems necessary for managing the large flow of information through the site and is the lead editor responsible for scientific information published by Erowid.

Earth has worked in the field of psychoactive information distribution since the early 1990s and has written extensively on the topic. He has co-authored academic posters, his writing has appeared in numerous print publications, and he has been interviewed by major news organizations about his work. In 2011, along with Fire, Earth received the Drug Policy Alliance's Dr. Andrew Weil Award for Achievement in the Field of Drug Education. Earth and Fire have spoken internationally at academic and professional conferences sponsored by groups as diverse as the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the North American Association of Clinical Toxicologists, Mind States, Entheogenesis Australis, the Mycological Society of San Francisco, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, and the American College of Medical Toxicology to name a few. In 2012, they became members of the Advisory Council of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Author of (Articles)
  • "Ketamine is associated with lower urinary tract signs and symptoms", Drug and Alcohol Dependence (Sep 2013)
  • "False Alerts: Growing Evidence that Drug-Sniffing Dogs Reflect Police Bias", Erowid Extracts (Jun 2011)
  • "Abnormal Visual Experiences in Individuals with Histories of Hallucinogen Use: A Web-based Questionnaire"
    [with Matthew J. Baggott, J.R. Coyle, Fire Erowid, and L.C. Robertson], Drug Alcohol Depend (Mar 2011)
  • "Use Patterns and Self-reported Effects of Salvia divinorum: An Internet-based Survey"
    [with Matthew J. Baggott, Fire Erowid, Gantt P. Galloway, and John E. Mendelson], Drug Alcohol Depend (2010)
  • "2008 Behrman Article: Luck of the Draw: Common Adulterants Found in Illicit Drugs", Journal of Emergency Nursing Online (Mar 2010)
  • "In the Name of Science: Prior Exposure to MDMA May Block High-Dose Neurotoxicity", Erowid Extracts (Nov 2009)
  • "Towards a Culture of Responsible Psychoactive Drug Use" [with Fire Erowid], Cato Unbound (Sep 2008)
  • "The Vaporizer Pipe: Flame-Powered Vaporizer Technology", Erowid Extracts (Jun 2008)
  • "Carbogen: An Introduction" [with B. James], Erowid Extracts (Jun 2007)
  • "Recent News & Updates: DEA Moves to Expand Schedule I", Erowid Extracts (Nov 2006)
  • "Erowid Presents at the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology" [with S. Thyssen], Erowid Extracts (Nov 2006)
  • "LSD Purity" [with Fire Erowid], Erowid Extracts (Jun 2006)
  • "Erowid Visitors on LSD" [with Fire Erowid], Erowid Extracts (Jun 2006)
  • "Cannabis & Psychosis: Additional Notes and References", (Jun 2005)
  • "Cannabis & Psychosis: A Guide to Current Research About Cannabis and Mental Health", Erowid Extracts (Jun 2005)
  • "Punctuation Policy Update: British Use of 'Data-safe Quotes'" [with S. Thyssen], Erowid Extracts (Nov 2004)
  • "Hey It's a Library: Responses to Some Common Criticisms", Erowid Extracts (Jun 2004)
  • "Use of Salvia divinorum, an Unscheduled Hallucinogenic Plant: A Web-based Survey of 500 Users",
    [with Matthew J. Baggott, Fire Erowid, and John E. Mendelson], Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (Feb 2004)
  • "The (Pseudo-) Science of the War on Drugs and the Recent Ricaurte Error", Erowid Extracts (Nov 2003)
  • "Cannabinoids Neuroprotective?", Erowid Extracts (Nov 2003)
  • "Erowid Punctuation Policy: Data-safe Quotes", Erowid Extracts (May 2003)
  • "Albert Hofmann's Collection of LSD and Psilocybin Related-Papers", Erowid Extracts (Oct 2002)
  • "Meme Cultivation: Good Drugs/Bad Drugs?", Erowid Extracts (Dec 2001)
  • "MDMA Research Update", Erowid Extracts (May 2001)
  • Author of (Book Reviews)
  • Books Reviewed by Earth Erowid
  • Videos
  • "Erowid's Psychoactive Encyclopedia: Earth and Fire in Conversation with Matt Tarnas Segall", at CIIS (Jan 2017)
  • "Horizons Concluding Panel Q & A", at Horizons (Oct 2013)
  • "Winds of Change: The State of the Stone 2013", [with Fire Erowid] at Horizons (Oct 2013)
  • "Psychedelic Stories: Erowid's LSD story", [with Earth Erowid] at Horizons Story Night (Oct 2013)
  • "Drugs of the Future, Now: The State of the Stone 2013", [with Fire Erowid] at Psychedelic Science (Apr 2013)
  • "From Microdots to Bath Salts: The State of the Stone 2011: New Drugs and Building a Generational Wisdom Cycle", [with Fire Erowid] at Entheogenesis Australis (Dec 2011)
  • Earth and Fire Receiving the Dr. Andrew Weil Award for Achievement in the Field of Drug Education, at the Drug Policy Reform Conference (Nov 2011)
  • "State of the Stone: Connecting the Microdots", [with Fire Erowid] at Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century (Apr 2010)
  • "Current Views of Acid: What do LSD Users Say", [with Fire Erowid] at the LSD Psymposium in Basel Switzerland (2006)
  • Audio
  • "The State of LSD in 2003" [with Fire Erowid, Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof, Nick Sand, and Dave Nichols], at Mind States in Berkeley (2003)
  • "Grassroots Peer Reviews of Psychedelic Information" [with Fire Erowid], at Mind States Jamaica (2002)
  • "The Role of Drug Geeks in Society" [with Fire Erowid], at Mind States Jamaica (2002)