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Leap of Faith into the Wild : Foreword

earth | Bio | Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

This is a Teafaerie communique via Erowid because the Teafaerie is already out of communication range and the message that she sent apparently went missing into one of the many digital black holes. The following is assembled from emails she sent while en route…

Teafaerie Leap of Faith Fund: Teafaerie followers, consider supporting her by sending $10-$20 to The Teafaerie’s Paypal account. This is to help create a small emergency fund for her adventure to Central and South America. She could really use a few bucks to get her through.

A few words from the Teafaerie:

I have $100 in my pocket. And I’ve climbed onto an airplane heading to Panama for three plus weeks.

This will be my most intense adventure so far. I’m going to try to get this terrifying thing out of me that’s been haunting my journeywork since the very beginning. Occam’s razor says that it’s an element of my own unconscious, of course, but it has its own vibe and its own art style and its own creepy Black Speech. In recent years, it has its own extremely upsetting cancer-related imagery.

I’m going to work with someone who comes highly personally recommended who specializes in spiritual, psycho-physical extractions. I don’t even believe in this shit.

But, it’s been bothering me and coming up again and again, so why not take the leap of faith and do the work? Regardless of the outcome, I expect it to make one hell of a write-up if I survive.

If the Amazon eats me, I love you! It’s sincerely been an honor to get to be, live, and work with you.

I’m asking for support to be sent to my PayPal account, which I can access via a debit card, because I got on the plane with only $100 US. Which is still not much, what with stuff like the airport tax and unexpecteds, to say nothing of emergency money. But the force is with me and I’m not trying to color myself as desperate.

The awesome woman who is working with me has agreed to spend three weeks with me for free. I would like to be able to offer her a little something, though. Even if it’s sent after the fact.

Infinite love either way! Amazing stories when – yes that’s WHEN I return.

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