We were sitting on a beach in a small town in Mexico, my good friend Crank Boy and I, enjoying the tail end of a very nice acid trip. The moonlight glistened across the surface of the ocean, and we could hear the distant revelry outside a bar down the beach where the world’s worst cover band was known to play. I was silent, letting the incoming waves lull me; Crank Boy, meanwhile, waxed philosophical, as was his wont.

“I wonder how the term ‘candyflip’ got started,” said Crank Boy. “It’s one of those names like Grape Nuts, where the name has no particular relationship to the thing being described. I mean, whatever you might think about acid or Ecstasy, if you’re thinking of either one as candy, you are setting yourself up for a world of hurt. And clearly, no one on any combination of strong psychedelics should be engaged in any kind of gymnastic activity – that’s just dangerous.”

I nodded imperceptibly.

“So is the term ‘candyflip’ intended to be a kind of ironic warning? I don’t think so. Because both candy and flipping are often perceived as enjoyable, I think the term is somehow meant to denote that this combination of two disparate elements is perhaps even more enjoyable than either of the elements might be on its own. But that’s just dissonant to me. You wanna know why?”

I nodded again, this time slightly more perceptibly.

“Well, it seems clear by consensus that the ‘flip’ in a ‘candyflip’ represents the Ecstasy. This is obvious by how the term becomes ‘hippieflip’ when mushrooms are substituted for acid, and ‘honeyflip’ when it’s 2C-B in the driver’s seat. It’s just counterintuitive; if you’re going to try to imagine which drug in our scene is eaten with the same greedy capriciousness as a child eats candy, clearly Ecstasy would be a more appropriate choice. But no, someone drew a clear analogy between candy and acid when they invented this term, and that’s disturbing to me.”

I didn’t nod at this point. He went on anyway.

“That really brings into stark relief another important question. Why did they start calling LSD ‘acid’ in the first place, and why would anyone willingly put into their body something that carried the moniker of a highly corrosive and dangerous class of substances? Who would think that was a good idea? If I said to you, ‘Hey, I’ve got some drain cleaner I’d like you to ingest’ – and this is just hypothetical, mind you, I don’t actually have any drain cleaner on me – wouldn’t that raise some alarms with you?”

I did nod this time. I’m not sure why; I wasn’t actually listening.

“Ah, but you see, that’s actually appropriate. The meek or unprepared would hear the name ‘acid’ and recoil, but the adventurous would unpack the nature of the warning encoded in the name. They’d hear ‘acid’ and realize that just as a true physical acid might dissolve physical matter, so too might this ‘acid’ dissolve psychological matter – personality, habit, consciousness itself. ‘Acid’ communicates the power of this drug as a tool; it’s as descriptive as ‘saw’ or ‘drill’ or ‘hammer’.”

I nodded, but I think I was actually just nodding off at this point.

“Which makes the term ‘candyflip’ so disturbing, because here you have a case of the meme pool opting to analogize this psychological corrosive with some kind of sugary treat. What advantages are there to doing this? Did the underground network of acid chemists really feel that it was time to soften the image of acid to help introduce it to a whole new generation? Did a secret cadre of unscrupulous dealers realize they had a good upsell opportunity if they could convince their addicted E-monkeys that a strip of acid with every purchase would make a good happy meal? Is the scene so inherently cynical and downright vindictive that it sought to disguise the lurking dangers hidden within the LSD experience by modeling it as some kind of circus ride for freaks? What were they thinking when they came up with the name ‘candyflip’, Scotto, what could they possibly have been thinking?”

“Maybe,” I said slowly, “they were just high when they came up with it.”

Crank Boy paused.

“Hmm, yeah,” he said finally. “That makes sense.”

“Let’s go back to the bungalow and do a pile of Vicodin,” I suggested.

“Ah, the highly vaunted candyflop,” he replied. “I could live with that.”


6 Responses to “Terminology”

  1. Simon says:

    nice! My feeling is that “flip” referes to the act of combining two drugs, and that “candy” is from the assiciation of candyflipping with the rave scene candy culture and “hippie” from, erm, well, hippies and their fungus, and honeyflip, err, well someone just made that up to conform… ;-)

  2. mrGrundy says:

    I really enjoy both the hippy flip and candy flip, iv only flipped 4 times, but “hippy flips” iv done many times. the effects are pretty close together, and from experience mixing LSD+MDMA, MDMA+Mushrooms(Hippy Stacks), and MDMA+Mushrooms, and iv done all three together while i had the chance up at my cabin and i really had the greatest time, the longest experience report of my life . . . .

    i loved every second of it, even though it was so long, it passed kinda quick un-like My DMT trips from Ayahuasca. my first “real” hippy flip experience was at a out door ZZ-top concert right on the beach. it was great! thats when i decided to slow down on the use of MDMA, the synergy was amazing to me.

    i think the term “hippy flip” was probably chosen in recognition of its effects that are un expected as what most would call a brave combination to endure, witch it is. my first time i only did 2 or 3 grams of mushrooms with one hit of MDMA(Real) and i felt like i wasnt goanna handle it untill the onset passed. the feelings of MDMA in the mind is so emotional, but in a nice way, and has authority over the feelings in the mind rather then the mushrooms. so you have Visual effects and a great feeling in the mind and body.

    When i was young i had herd about ‘acid’ and thought the same thing ‘isnt that like suicide or something’, ‘why would any one ever want to put acid into the head’ it sounded like somthing bums or crazy people did.

    I think the term ‘flip” meens to mix.

    I never knew why people call mushrooms and acid “hippy stacks”. I think the term “Hippy” refers to a natural “peacfull” psychadelic like mushrooms, and what ever the mushrooms are fliped with is the name of the synergy.

    Maybe they are nick names for there unique synergys?

    well, anyways im writing up a document on MDMA and Mushrooms as a “smart” drug/ Cognitive or Nootropic drug.
    i seem to get amazing mental enhancing resualts when administrated correctly.

    it seems a little crazy but its true, iv gained different cognitive levels with MDMA and Mushrooms documented,
    when they are mixed together proper, they create abilities that are extreamly hard to control or even find when normal.
    this feeling some say is like being god, not acually thinking your god but,
    feeling like god, your own god. levels of euphoria sky rocket.
    An amazing group social high.

    The synergy sonsists of several cognitive effects:

    – Creativity
    – possitivity
    – Open Minded
    – Attension
    – English Skills with “understandment” and explanation are majors

    one non-cognitive effect iv noticed is “Short term memory” In depth thinking can lead to backtracking or forgetting.
    (LSD has more short term memory loss in my experiences)

    Mushrooms i choose over LSD to find cognitive effects.
    mind you that iv gotton a couple people to feel lower levels of cognitive effects with the combination of Mushrooms and Syrian rue( after Explosive Onset)
    I now prefer syrian rue with my mushrooms over a hippy flip to reduce toxic damage and other bad effects one my endure to achieve cognitive levels from MDMA flips. syrian rue may be much less cognitive then mdma when combined but i would rather do the hippy flip in a tradition matter, and the Syrian rue when with out MDMA.

    I think the matter of “cognitive effects” should be brought into discussion about there relation to non-pharmacy drugs like psychadelics.

  3. terblezon says:

    I think mixing MAO inhibitors with MDMA and mushrooms has a long term negative effect on one’s spelling abilities.

  4. texture says:

    I think candy refers to the ecstasy – as ravers wore jewelery called “candy”
    I think also that it’s called hippie flipping because… hippies eat mushrooms.
    maybe the term flip comes from a derivation of “rolling” – in that, if ecstasy feels like you’re rolling, doing it with acid feels like you’re flipping.
    It’s also called acid because it’s Lysergic *acid* diethylamide – not because it’s corrosive to you in any way.

  5. 1whoknowsnot2 says:

    About the word candyflip and why the term candy is used for LSD. When I was a kid, there was a cheap candy called dots. These dots were just colored sugar on wax paper. The diameter of each piece of candy was a bit smaller than the head of a pencil eraser. Each piece of candy was thin and they were lined up about five or six pieces per row on wax paper that was approximately 3 inches wide. The candy was sold in strips of this paper.

    Well… someone started dropping LSD onto these bits of candy. That was the delivery method. What parent would question a harmless strip of colored confetti made of sugar? Just about everyone who was in elementary school in the 70’s knew not to take dots from any of the older kids. I am fairly certain that the manufacturer stopped selling the candy as soon as they realized how it was being used. Dots went the way of the beloved pixie stix. :(

    Yes. Freaks used candy to deliver their poison. That is why the term candy in the word candyflip refers to LSD. It is that simple.

    BTW, the term flip specifically refers to mixing a substance or activity with Ecstasy. For example honeyflip is used to refer to the combo of Ecstasy and 2c-b or Ecstasy and the act of fellatio or cunninglus, i.e. any act that produces “honey.” Flip = Ecstasy.

    (Anyone who cares about teens should familiarize themselves with the terms they use.)

  6. Kris says:

    Over here in Aus we call both of those a Candy-drop… When it says flip I think it just refers to the taking of em… And Eckies are reffered to as flippers… so yeah hippie flipping = mushies and flippers… I have way too many dot dot dots in this post. O well, enjoy em and do em responsibly kids.