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Nitrous Oxide
by Erowid
Archived Images #
Nitrous Oxide #
A color collage of Nitrous Oxide hardware including a box of cartridges, a cartridge 'cracker', balloon, and whipped cream can.
Photos by Erowid. © 2002
Nitrous Oxide box and cartridges for use with a whipped cream dispenser.
Photo by Erowid. © 2000
Nice close-up photo of a Nitrous Oxide cartridge inside a cracker. [CA, USA]
Photo by Oranges and Stimpysmurf. 2002 Erowid.
Color photo of a Nitrous Oxide cartridge, cracker, and balloon. [CA, USA]
Photo by Oranges and Stimpysmurf. 2002 Erowid.
A pile of blue Leland nitrous oxide cartridges showing warning printed on side. [CA, USA]
Photo by Oranges & Stimpysmurf. © 2006
Close-up photo showing an open box of silver nitrous oxide cartridges. [CA, USA]
Photo by Linus X. © 2006
Color photo of a box of food grade EZ-Whip nitrous oxide chargers.
Photographer unknown.
Color photo of a box of food grade ISI-brand nitrous chargers.
Photo by Erowid. © 2002
Nitrous Oxide cartridges, cracker, and red balloon.
Photo by Anonymous. © 2009
ISI Brand Whip Cream Dispenser with vinyl tubing attachment. [OR, USA]
Photo by Logical Chaos. © 2007
Color photo of a tank of automotive grade Nitrous Oxide. (Australia)
Photo by Haggas. © 2002
Color photo of the label from a tank of Nitrous Oxide.
Photo by Anonymous Photographer. © 2000
Color photo of Nitrous cracker with balloon. (Missouri)
Photo by Alkaloidaholic. © 2002
Color photo of Nitrous oxide cartridge and cracker.
Photo by Anonymous Photographer. © 2001
Color photo of oily residue after discharging ~12 ISI cartridges.
Photo by Erowid. © 2002
Advertisement in Penn Valley, California for "Sedation Dentistry" [Penn Valley, CA, USA]
Photo by Erowid. © 2008
Molecules #
Rotating 3D image of the Nitrous Oxide molecule.
Image by Erowid. © 2001
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