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Caution :   Reactions and experiences may vary dramatically from person to person. [see below]
MDPV Duration
Total Duration
2.0 - 7.0 hrs
15 - 30 mins
Coming Up
30 - 60 mins
30 - 180 mins
Coming Down
30 - 120 mins
After Effects
2 - 48 hours
Hangover / Day After
- - -
MDPV Duration
Total Duration
2.0 - 3.5 hrs
5 - 20 mins
Coming Up
15 - 30 mins
30 - 120 mins
Coming Down
30 - 60 mins
After Effects
2 - 48 hours
Hangover / Day After
- - -
After coming down from MDPV there are several hours of increased physical and mental stimulation, during which it is difficult to sleep. Benzodiazepine or other sleep aids reduce the discomfort of the long-lasting stimulation. This post-peak, post plateu period is somethimes experienced as uncomfortable and sometimes as pleasurable. Cramping and muscle soreness after more than 3 doses is common.
  • stimulation (mental and physical)
  • euphoria, mood lift
  • increased sociability / talkativeness
  • increased productivity and motivation
  • increased mental clarity
  • enhanced creativity
  • feelings of empathy
  • sexual arousal
  • stimulation (mental and physical)
  • mild elevation in heart rate
  • increased frequency of auditory-triggered viglance responses
    (likelihood of negative side effects increases with higher doses)
  • Hypervigilance and inappropriae-alerting on Visual and Auditory perceptions. Can trigger or be part of paranoid sensations. The inappropriate alerting is either from normal peceptual noise or hallucinaed visual or audio effects [effect common to all long acting stimulants and sleep deprivation.]
  • tightened jaw muscles, grinding teeth (trismus and bruxia)
  • reduced enjoyment of eating / loss of appetite
  • disturbed sleep patterns
  • involuntary body movements (twitching, lip-smacking, etc.)
  • confusion and/or scrambled thoughts
  • gastrointestinal disturbance
  • muscle tension
  • residual depressed mood
  • nystagmus / eye spasm
  • anxiousness / nervousness / paranoia
  • unpleasant emotional and ideational responses (such as paranoia or anxiety) to increased frequency of auditory-triggered viglance responses
  • harsh comedown effects
  • fiending (redosing repeatedly without planning to do so)
  • excessive excitation / hyperactivity
  • headache
  • very elevated heart rate
  • hallucinations / psychotic behavior (at high doses or with repeated use)
General Effects Notes
The effects of MDPV are usually compared to amphetamines or other stimulants. A rough comedown is frequently reported, occasionally leading to compulsion to redose.

Routes of Administration
MDPV is most often taken via insufflation, though there are reports of it being orally ingested.

Addiction and Compulsive Use
MDPV is known to be associated with compulsive use ("fiending") in a minority of reports. Because its use is so uncommon, no definitive statements about its use can be made.

[4 mg insufflated] "I felt a mild euphoria, lightness in the head, and a bit speedy, but in a good way, wanting to get things done, rather than jittery and jumpy. Not a lot of feelings throughout the body, but rather in the head. [...] My creative writing skills are definitely enhanced, and I am sincerely enjoying the process of recording my thoughts to virtual paper. This is a good study aid perhaps, beneficial to writing research papers..." -- Exp 78708
[3 mg insufflated] "Effects are starting to wear off, especially the happiness and euphoria. Still feeling energetic and have the need to do something. I feel the need to redose, however I control myself." -- Exp 68773
[repeated insuff. redosing] "Doing/coming off of MDPV is like winning a Mercedes and being told at the last minute they got your name wrong. Uggh." -- Exp 62097
[14 mg oral] "Hmm... heart-rate is back up at 86bpm. The mental/physical energy is totally gone. It's like I have been on a giant amusement park ride made of sparkly energy and the ride has slowly ground to a halt. Show's over. But the price to pay is this stubborn heart-rate issue. Tachycardia, my new friend. A racing, pounding heart in my chest. Not fun." -- Exp 74539
[10 mg insuff. x 3] "Elevated blood pressure and pulse noted, slight pressure on the inside of my skull. Slightly anxious, but still in this centered, detached mood. Still wide awake. So far, it would have been impossible to sleep. Furthermore... Mild feelings of stiffness in the body. All in all, the comedown was perceived as very gentle despite the weird effects on my memory, which I really didn't care that much about. ... No problems remaining still like on some other stims. Rather, it had a couchlocking effect. In comparison with Amphetamine, this seems very mild indeed...." -- Exp 80490
With virtually no available data from people taking single measured doses of MDPV, the phenomenon of redosing confounds what data does appear in reports. None of the dosing patterns are consistent, which makes it difficult to estimate duration of effects.

With MDPV, when people redose, it tends to have a really dramatic effect on the duration. The first dose might only last an hour, but with some people, it seems as if with subsequent doses, the effects are extended. The duration appears to be very dose dependent.
Erowid's effects information is a summary of data gathered from users, research, and other resources. This information is intended to describe the range of effects people report experiencing. Effects may vary dramatically from one person to another or one experience to another based on a variety of factors such as body chemistry, age, gender, physical health, dose, form of material, etc.