An Adventure in Euphoria and Tachycardia
Citation:   konshuss. "An Adventure in Euphoria and Tachycardia: An Experience with MDPV (exp74539)". Nov 26, 2008.

T+ 0:00
8.0 mg oral MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:25 6.0 mg oral MDPV (powder / crystals)
AMOUNT: 15 mg

SUMMARY: Moderate oral dose of MDPV (15mg) created various effects including * sustained mental focus * increased physical energy * suppressed appetite * increased heart-rate (approx. 20 % above baseline) * mild insomnia * very minor 'comedown'


I am a late 30's male, good physical health generally, besides dealing with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis, mentally in good mood. Also I'm a chronic caffeine abuser (aren't we all?) but otherwise light-weight when it comes to other substances. I've been interested in exploring MDPV as a lifestyle-enhancing RC for productivity, etc.

Previously I've experimented with very small oral doses, less than 4mg. Typically, they've all been very positive and gentle. Effects are fully felt in 60 minutes. Heightened mental clarity and concentration, somewhat increased physical energy. Similar to a couple shots of espresso. This time I was interested in seeing what would happen if I increased the dose. Other information I've read has stated that the true nature of MDPV kicks in above 10mg. I decided to play around in this range.

9:30am Eat a small bowl of cereal and a smallish coffee.

1130am (T=0) I weigh out 8mg of MDPV using scale. Brilliant white fluffy powdery substance. Finger dab onto tongue. Blech! Horrible taste. Half a cup of OJ as chaser. Empty stomach, feeling like there's lunchtime hunger coming soon. I have mild apprehension on trying this dose, a mild anxiety I gets when trying RC's. Purely in the head, I talk myself out of it.

11:50am (T=0h20m) Feeling a bit of positive forward energy starting in the gut. Placebo? Resting heart-rate is 66bpm.

12:30pm (T=1h0m) A full hour has passed since ingestion. I would assume that the MDPV has pretty much been absorbed. There definitely is something there. It feels like a couple of shots of espresso, without the caffeine jitter. The same 'energy' push coming from the abdomen, like after drinking a strong coffee or an energy drink. Pleasant actually. Feel like I could be very productive today. Clear headspace, but not feeling 'drugged' or anything.

12:55pm (T=1h25) I am curious about ramping things up a bit. I have been very cautious and respectful of this RC, using threshold doses previously, learning the dose-response curve of this chemical. I carefully weigh and re-weigh 6mg. Dab it from finger to tongue. Blech! Powder tastes very awful, bitter, with a residual evil mint-like flavour. OJ chaser again. Heart-rate exactly the same, 66bpm.

1:05pm (T=1h35m) Boy, the taste of the MDPV lingers. I have read of others complain of the taste, and they weren't joking. It's a nasty bitterness. BTW the approaching hunger of lunch-time has completely disappeared, no interest in eating whatsoever. The appetite-suppressant effects of MDPV would probably be a bonus for some people. For me it's counter-productive because I'm already too skinny.

1:20pm (T=1h50m) UM, F*CK this feels great! Is this seriously happening? I feel focused, energized, slight euphoria. Feels great! Must resist the temptation to type 'FEELS GREAT' about a hundred times in a row. FEELS GREAT FEELS GREAT FEELS GREAT ... :)

Stuffed a toasted bagel into mouth. Completely disinterested in eating, actually. But SWIM is trying to avoid a blood-sugar crash on come-down.

1:45pm (T=2h15m) Been cleaning kitchen, getting things done -- this is awesome stuff. Feel mentally focused -- MDPV seems to act as a moderating factor in my mild ADD. Feels like mental concentration is laser-sharp! It's like I am able to focus and discern details, analyze, construct thoughts. A wonderful STRENGTH has been added to my mental processes. In the body it feels like the adenosine push from lots of caffeine actually, but without the side-effects (loose bowels, shaking, increased heart-rate etc.) That signature 'fire in the belly' feeling.

2:00pm (T=2h30m) Sitting at computer again, taking a break. Resting heart-rate has increased slightly, to 82bpm. Sympathetic nervous system response? I am not sure of the mechanism of MDPV on the cardiovascular system -- perhaps it acts as a vasodilator? No blood pressure cuff to check. Increase in BPM is noted. MDPV has a definite side-effect on the cardiovascular system. Wow, I love the unexpected subtle euphoria. I would love to growl or scream in animal delight, but his neighbours might wonder.

3:10pm (T=3h40m) Heart-rate has increased to 86bpm, subtle euphoria has dissipated. Mentally feeling energized, but the energy seems to be feeding my procrastination. Wasting a lot of time on non-essential tasks. I am really noticing the increased heart-rate. I'm not worried, but rather surprised/concerned about the effect. I really didn't like trading the mild euphoria for a pounding heart.

4:50pm (T=5h20m) Heart-rate is 78bpm, lower than earlier. Feel energized but much less than before. Comedown has been gentle so far. Hunger is returning.

6:00pm (T=6h30m) Very mild comedown over the past while. Mental/physical energy has almost gone, returning to baseline.

6:30pm (T=7h0m) Hmm... heart-rate is back up at 86bpm. The mental/physical energy is totally gone. It's like I have been on a giant amusement park ride made of sparkly energy and the ride has slowly ground to a halt. Show's over. But the price to pay is this stubborn heart-rate issue. Tachycardia, my new friend. A racing, pounding heart in my chest. Not fun.

12:30am (T=13h0) Trying to sleep, finding it difficult to relax. Really noticing my heart pounding in my chest. I think 15mg was a too high a dose for me. Sleep ended up being difficult. Residual heart-rate effects were felt well into the next day, but only slightly. No mental hang-over to speak of.

CONCLUSION: I am firmly of the opinion that MDPV is an interesting RC. I think moderate oral dosages are great. Anything above 10mg is not good for me. Your mileage may vary. I also get the impression that MDPV has significant norepinephrine effects on the cardiovascular system. It felt like my heart was being flogged by a miniature devil to beat harder and harder. It was not pleasant. Kind of an evil chemical signature, in a way. I think it was a direct function of the dosage. I wouldn't use MDPV regularly. As an occasional study/work aid, in small doses, then yes.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 74539
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 26, 2008Views: 56,746
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