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Ltd Ed 'Solve et Elucido' Art Giclee
This reverberating psychedelic giclee print is a gift for a
$500 donation to Erowid. 12" x 12", stretched on canvas, the
image wraps around the sides of the 1" thick piece. Signed
by artist Vibrata, and Erowid founders Earth & Fire.
1989 Ricaurte MDMA Neurotoxicity Study
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(+/-)3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine selectively damages central serotonergic neurons in nonhuman primates,
by G.A. Ricaurte; L.S. Forno; M.A. Wilson; L.E. DeLanney; I. Irwin; M.E. Molliver; J.W. Langston
Journal of the American Medical Association Vol 260, Jul 1, 1988; 51-55