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5-MeO-AMT Hospitalizations & Possible Deaths
Jan 2007, V 1.2
by Erowid

Mar 2004: First- and second-hand Unconfirmed Overdose, 50 mg oral.

Male reports that he was admitted to the emergency room five hours after ingesting, along with one of the two people who took similar doses at the same time.

Jan 2004: Second-hand Account of Overdose, unknown amount insufflated.

Young man was restrained by friends for hitting people and flailing about, and he was not responding to verbal or physical cues. About 6 hours earlier he had snorted an unknown dose of 5-MeO-AMT. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and treated with benzodiazepines. Friends reported to DanceSafe that he was released from the hospital the following day and initial reports looked good. He reported not remembering anything for hours before the incident that led to his hospitalization.

Update Mar 2004: We received an email saying the young man is reportedly fine with no lasting ill effects.

Winter 2003: Erowid received 2 unconfirmed reports of hospitalizations related to 5-MeO-AMT ingestion. No useful details provided, requests for follow up info go unanswered.

Sep 6 2003: Third hand report of hospitalization.

Young man hospitalized unconscious after taking 8 mg of 5-MeO-AMT. Third-hand report says that material was dissolved in water at a concentration of 2 mg per .5ml. Third hand report described that after 6 hours of a fairly normal trip, he began acting erratically and was apprehended by police after struggling with officers. First 5 hours were with a friend, then after that he was alone. No information about symptoms which lead to his hospitalization or any solid specifics about what happened.

Apr 6 2003: Second hand report of unconfirmed death.

"After going to a club in Atlanta a 20-year-old male dosed on what he was told was AMT, the amount was apprx. 14-15 mg. After an hour of ingestion he began to display erratic behavior and seizure. He was escorted from the club where they attempted to calm him down. After he calmed significantly he was left with a group of friends who got him into the back of a truck and were preparing to take him to the hospital. During the 3mi drive to the hospital he lost consciousness and could not be revived. After the seizure he appeared to be fine, but that was not the case."

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March 2003: News story documenting confusion and errors around 5-MeO-AMT and AMT, approx 50 mg ? oral.

Jan 2003: Second hand report of unconfirmed hospitalization, 5 mg insufflated.

Aug 12 2002: Second hand report of unconfirmed hospitalization, 12 mg insufflated.