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2C-B and Coughing
by Zara
Citation:   Zara. "2C-B and Coughing". Mar 22, 1998. Online at:
Over the past two years or so, I have tried 2C-B about 15 times. During this time, I seem to have developed a strong coughing reaction to the 2C-B. The first 5 or so instances I experienced nothing out of the ordinary. Since then, I have regularly experienced a deep and persistent cough during my trips.

The cough develops as I am coming up on the 2C-B and retreats as the effects are diminishing. I am never thinking about the possibility of experiencing the cough...I usually forget about it until the 2C-B effects begin and then suddenly I notice myself coughing. I then cough on and off (mostly on) for the several hours that I am tripping.

The cough is a deep lung cough rather than a throat cough. It feels much like a cough that accompanies a flu. There is a blockage of some sort deep in my lungs which needs to be remedied. I can't not cough...I wouldn't be able to continue to breathe. Phlegm is actually coughed up (though I have so far forgotten to look at it, so I can't report on it's color). After a good deep cough, my lungs will clear for a few minutes until the build-up returns and another coughing fit is required. It doesn't seem like there's anything draining down my seems like it's being produced in or just above my lungs...though I could be wrong. Strangely, my throat/lungs don't really seem sore or tired the next day despite hours of fairly continuous deep hacking.

This has happened on as little as 5 mg and as much as 15 mg. I don't generally take more than 15, so I can't comment on whether it would continue to happen on higher doses.

Innitially I assumed it was probably a psychological issue of some sort. But over time, it has seemed less that way. I've worked with it pretty much every time and it seems totally physical. It never particularly bothers me during my trips. Though it's a bit physically annoying, it doesn't seem scary. I don't worry about it and it comes and goes like clockwork. During the last 2 years I have also used lsd, mdma, cannabis, and mushrooms and don't experience any sort of cough on these other substances.

Though the effects are very specific, it seems most like a mild allergic reaction to the 2C-B. Recently I tried using pseudoephedrine to relieve the cough and it pretty much did the trick. Only 1 or 2 small coughs during the night rather than the intense, unrelenting usual nature of the cough.

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