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Caution :   Reactions and experiences may vary dramatically from person to person. [see below]
2C-B Duration
Total Duration
4 - 8 hrs
45 - 75 mins
Coming Up
15 - 30 mins
2 - 4 hrs
Coming Down
1 - 2 hrs
After Effects
2 - 4 hrs
Hangover / Day After
- - -
The duration of most psychoactive substances will increase as dosage increases: Higher doses last longer. Onset and duration of oral doses are highly dependent on stomach contents. Heavy and/or oily foods in the stomach can delay or prolong effects.
  • mood lift, euphoria
  • increased giggling and laughing
  • feelings of empathy
  • feelings of insight
  • brightened colors / enhanced visual perception
  • closed- and open-eye visuals
  • mental and physical stimulation
  • enhanced tactile sensation/eroticism
  • increased access to spiritual ideation
  • general change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
  • decreased appetite
  • pupil dilation
  • restlessness
  • unusual thoughts and speech
  • change in perception of time
  • unusual body sensations (facial flushing, chills, goosebumps, body energy)
  • change in body temperature regulation
  • ego softening (but less than LSD, mescaline, or psilocybin mushrooms)
    (likelihood of negative side effects increases with higher doses)
  • uncomfortable changes in body temperature (sweating/chills)
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • tension, muscle twitching
  • confusion, difficulty concentrating, problems with activities requiring linear focus
  • insomnia
  • unpleasant visions
  • unwanted and overwhelming feelings
  • paranoia, fear, and panic
The effects of 2C-B have been described as a cross between the effects of LSD and MDMA, but that it is nothing like a combination of the two. It is mildly psychedelic, much less mind-expanding or disassociative than mushrooms or LSD, but much less directed than MDMA.

2C-B includes Open Eye Visual (OEV) effects which are usually described as crawling, shifting, or undulating, or cartooning. Closed Eye Visuals (CEVs) are present and increase with dosage. Many report a 'color shift' where objects seem to have red / green halos around them.

2C-B has a large 'body' component which some describe as "body tripping." Shulgin and others say that 2C-B can bring body-issues forward or make them more prominent and, in this way, some people say it can be a self-diagnostic tool for body work. Many, but not all, people experience stomach discomfort sometimes including mild diarrhea, gas, nausea and (rarely) vomiting. One user has reported a very a recurrent effect of increased mucus production at the base of the trachea, causing constant coughing during the effects of 2c-b, pseudoephedrine seems to clear this up.

In general, 2C-B has a somewhat 'positive' mood push as well as a mild stimulant effect, but it is far less stimulating and far less forcefully positive than MDMA. Some people find they can sleep once the peak is over (about 60-90mins after the effects start).

Most people experience 2C-B as being much 'lighter' on their body than MDMA with far less 'crash' and much less physically draining. It is also not as 'easy' as MDMA, in that it is more of a 'true' psychedelic -- allowing the users mind to become manifest and create the experience instead of being 'pushed' into a positive mood space as MDMA usually does.

Some people find the stimulating and body effects to combine in a way that is sensual or sexual and Shulgin has said that if an effective aphrodisiac is ever discovered, it will probably be patterned after 2C-B. Many people, however, find it very un-sexy with the body effects being experienced as somewhat disquieting.

Some people find 2C-B increases their ability to communicate verbally, while others find themselves unable to elucidate their ideas clearly. Some people describe a type of confusion that can be part of the experience, a type of 'stoned' feeling of mental and physical relaxation or floppiness which can translate in inability or lack of desire to go into complex intellectual processes.

2C-B at medium and low doses has the interesting character that it is often quite easy to move into and out of -- that going from feeling very involved in the experience to feeling quite 'sober' can be very fast and sometimes unexpected. Some people describe 2C-B as being more 'plastic' or 'malleable' than other psychedelics because one can learn to manipulate the depth of the effects.

2C-B can be used in some of the same ways MDMA is used for working through interpersonal issues and dealing with emotional conflicts.

'Inappropriate' smiling or giggling is common with 2C-B and other psychedelics.

As with all psychedelics, many people experience the coming up period as being somewhat cold and shivery.

As dose increases, the chance for feelings of fear and uncertainty increase.

As with other entheogens, it is unsafe to drive or use dangerous equipment with 2C-B because it effects attention span, visual acuity, concentration, and coordination. If you work with 2C-B, plan your entheogen experiences carefully and think ahead so you don't ever find yourself needing to drive during the experience.

Erowid's effects information is a summary of data gathered from users, research, and other resources. This information is intended to describe the range of effects people report experiencing. Effects may vary dramatically from one person to another or one experience to another based on a variety of factors such as body chemistry, age, gender, physical health, dose, form of material, etc.