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Squier MV, Jalloh S, Hilton-Jones D, Series H. 
“Death after ecstasy ingestion: neuropathological findings”. 
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 1995;58(6):756.
A 30 year old man attended a 'rave' party where he took ecstasy, heroin, and amphetamine. The next day he drank large amounts of alcohol and was found unconscious in a pool of vomit some hours later. He had a convulsion and was admitted to hospital. He was pyrexial (38.5C), and remained so until his death five weeks later, Creatine kinase was 11 178 IU/l (normal < 300 IU/l) on admission and 3468 IU/l four days later. He remained comatose and had no hypertonia, but had occasional generalised muscle spasms. A chest infection was treated with antibiotics. No evidence of hepatic or renal failure or diffuse intravascular coagulopathy was found. Brain CT showed clearly defined low densities in the globus pallidus bilaterally.
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