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Folen VA. 
“X-ray powder diffraction data for some drugs, excipients, and adulterants in illicit samples”. 
J Forensic Sci. 1975 Mar 1;20(2):348-72.
X-ray powder diffraction data have been developed or refined for the identification of drugs, excipients, and adulterants found in illicit preparations.

The development of new compounds with the potential for drug abuse necessitates a continuous accumulation of analytical data in the forensic laboratory. Also, the identification of excipients and adulterants in drug samples provides a data base that can be used for intelligence purposes. Correlation of cases can provide investigative leads as well as being supporting evidence in conspiracy cases.

The purpose of the present paper is to present X-ray powder diffraction data not available in the literature. Included in the paper are data on compounds where more complete and accurate tabulations than those already published have been obtained.

The X-ray diffraction powder method has proven to be very effective and specific in the identification of crystalline substances. For example, different hydrates of the same compound, as well as polymorphic forms, have completely different X-ray diffraction patterns. Compounds in mixtures can be identified without separation. The Special Testing and Research Laboratory has been able to identify three components of a mixture from a single strip chart recording, which was a composite of the diffraction patterns of the substances involved.
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Oct 3, 2020 22:28
Prior Art for COMPASS 2020 Psilocybin Patent #

This paper contains an x-ray powder diffraction profile for psilocybin that very closely matches that patented by COMPASS Pathways in 2020, despite the synthesis and proof of structure already fully explicated in the public literature for 45 years.

The argument this was valid prior art was rejected in mid 2020 by a patent judge, but the argument was sound. There is only one known crystalline form of anhydrous psilocybin freebase, a substance synthesized since the late 1950s, but for reasons only the USPTO can love, they granted a patent to COMPASS Pathways who then used that patent to leverage an large stock sale IPO on Sept 18, 2020 (NASDAQ:CMPS).
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