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Sankary S, Canino P, Jackson J. 
“Phenibut overdose”. 
Am J Emerg Med. 2017 Feb 03;35(3):516.e1-516.e2.
A 25-year-old Caucasian man presented to the Emergency Department with altered mental status and stupor. He and his girlfriend were dropped off at the triage entrance by a friend who was concerned after he started behaving erratically, became confused and possibly had walking seizures. He was limp with decreased level of consciousness and was quickly rushed back to the resuscitation room. The friend stated that the patient had recreationally ingested Phenibut pills, which were obtained over the internet. At this time no further medical history was available. Physical exam revealed a blood pressure of 121/61, pulse of 60, rectal temp of 35.3o C and a respiratory rate of 10 breaths per minute. In general he was somnolent but arousable with sternal rub. Pupils were dilated to 8 mm bilaterally and were sluggishly reactive. Respirations were shallow without wheezing. [...]
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