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Hockenhull J, Murphy KG, Paterson S. 
“Mephedrone use is increasing in London”. 
Lancet. 2016 Apr 26;387(10029):1719-1720.
[Excerpt] Anecdotal evidence suggests that mephedrone is rarely used in the USA or Europe as a whole. However, there has been a strong increase in the number of people presenting for mephedrone treatment in England,[3] and mephedrone is regularly detected in post-mortem samples analysed at the Toxicology Unit, Imperial College London, from coroners' jurisdictions across London and southeast England. The number of deaths in which mephedrone was detected in 2015 (n=34, 1.5% of total cases received) has increased since 2014 (n=22, 1.0%). The number of deaths associated with mephedrone is comparable to the number of deaths in which methylenedioxymethyl-amphetamine (MDMA), an established recreational drug, was detected (n=28, 1.2% of total cases in 2015 and n=25, 1.1% in 2014).
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