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Camp BJ. 
“The Alkaloid of Acacia berlandieri N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine : A dissertation”. 
Graduate School of Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. 1956 Aug.
The condition known as Limberleg” or Guaoillo Wobbles occurs in range sheep and goats during and immediately following prolonged periods of drouth in that part of West Texas where the leguminous shrub, A cacia berlandieri, is the dominant, and often the only vegetation available for grazing livestock. The area in w h ich this plant grows in d e n sity sufficient to cause alarm is the southeastern corner of Terrell County; all of the middle and southern portions of Yal Verde County the southwestern tip of Edwards County*, practically all of Uvalde County; western, southern and middle parts of Maverick County; and practically all of Kinney County. A n area of less density extends into Zavala, Dimmit, Webb, Duvall, Jim Wells, Frio, McMullen, La Salle and Live Oak Counties. It is conservatively estimated that 1,500,000 sheep and 2^0,000 Angora goats graze these areas.
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