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Wu YH, Rayburn JW, Allen LE, Ferguson HC, Kissel JW. 
“Psychosedative agents28-(4-Substituted 1-piperazinylalkyl)-8-azaspiro(45)decane-7,9-diones”. 
J Med Chem. 1972 May 17;15(5):477-9.
A series of 8-(4-pyridyl- and 4-pyrimidinyl-l-piperazinylalkyl)-8-azaspi[4.5]decane-7,9-diones was synthesized for psychotropic studies. In testing for suppression of conditioned avoidance response in rats, several compds (3, 6, 8) demonstrated tranquilizing potencies and selectivities equal to or better than the corresponding properties of chlorpromazine. Their tranquilizing actions (3 and 6) were confirmed in monkeys. These compounds are outstanding in having extremely low sedative and a-adrenergic blockinn side effects.
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