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VanPool CS. 
“The Shaman-Priests of the Casas Grandes Region, Chihuahua, Mexico”. 
American Antiquity. 2003;68(4):696-717.
The Casas Grandes culture flourished between two well-known regions: Mesoamerica and the North American Southwest. An analysis of Medio period (A.D.1200-1450) pottery suggests that Paquimé, the center of the Casas Grandes world, was dominated by shaman-priests. The pottery includes images that document a "classic shamanic journey" between this world and the spirit world. These images can be connected to the leaders of Paquimé and to valuable objects from West Mexico, indicating that the Casas Grandes leadership had more is common with the Mesoamerican system of shaman-leaders than with the political system of the Pueblo world of the North American Southwest.
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