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Casale JF, Hays PA. 
“Characterization of the “Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindans””. 
Microgram Journal. 2011;8(2):43-52.
ABSTRACT: Spectroscopic and chromatographic data are provided for 5,6-(methylenedioxy)-2-aminoindan (commonly referred to as MDAI), 4,5-(methylenedioxy)-2-aminoindan (a positional isomer of MDAI), and their respective synthetic intermediates. Direct comparisons of the analytical data are made to assist forensic chemists in correctly differentiating between these isomers in illicit drug exhibits.

Key Words: 5,6-(methylenedioxy)-2-aminoindan, 4,5-(methylenedioxy)-2-aminoindan, MDA analogs, designer drugs, chemical analysis, forensic chemistry.
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