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Johnson LA, Johnson RL, Alfonzo C. 
“Spice: a legal marijuana equivalent”. 
Mil Med. 2011 Jun 27;176(6):718-20.
Spice, an herbal mixture containing synthetic cannabinoids, is a legal drug increasingly abused by adolescents and young adults for its narcotic-like effects. A paucity of English language literature exists on the clinical effects of Spice use. A case report of substance-induced psychosis and a summary of available literature follows later.
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Aug 24, 2011 12:31
Another 2004 Spice Error #

As with several other documents produced in the last couple years, this paper claims a 2004 date for Spice, based on an erroneous citation. The paper it cites gives a 2006 date, uncited and undocumented, but for reasons unknown Johnson et al. claim a 2004 date based on that 2006 claim.

It is Erowid's view as of August 2011, and has been since 2007, that Spice was first released to the public in late 2006, with much wider distribution in 2007, and was the first such product released. All other similar products (such as K2) were derivatives and copies. Without substantial evidence to the contrary, statements such as one made by Dr Terrence Boos, acting chief of the DEA Office of Diversion Control or this one by Johnson et al., that these products were available in 2004 are simply in error.
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