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Garcia de Boto MJ, Molina R, Andrés-Trelles F, Hidalgo A. 
“Effects of tyramine on the human uterine artery in vitro”. 
Gen Pharmacol. 1991;22(1):83-5.
1. We have studied the effects of tyramine on the human uterine artery (HUA) in order to assess its site of action. 2. Tyramine (5 x 10(-5) to 10(-3) M) contracts the isolated human uterine artery. Tachyphylaxis appeared when concentration-response curves were repeated and the contraction was diminished by prazosin (10(-8), 10(-7) and 10(-6) M). The maximal contraction induced by tyramine (10(-3) M) was 25% of the maximal response to noradrenaline (10(-5) M). 3. After 2 hr of tyramine perfusion a decrease of the contractile response to KCl, 30 and 60 mM (15.0 and 12.9%) and noradrenaline 10(-6) M (83.2%) is shown. 4. However, when tyramine was previously added for 3 min to the bath, the response to KCl increased while the response to noradrenaline was lower. 5. A possible postsynaptic antagonistic effect for tyramine in the HUA is suggested in addition to its usual presynaptic effect.
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