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Fuller RW, Perry KW. 
“Inability of methadone to prevent the depletion of brain 5-hydroxyindoles by p-chloroamphetamine”. 
Biochem Pharmacol. 1976 Feb 06;25(3):360-1.
Ciofalo[l] has reported that methadone inhibits the uptake of serotonin into brain synaptosomes in vitro. This finding raises the question of whether inhibition of serotonin reuptake by methadone occurs in vivo. One means of evaluating uptake into serotonin neurons in vivo involves the use of depleting agents that require active transport into the serotonin neuron via the uptake pump on the neuronal membrane. p-Chloroamphetamine (PCA) is such an agent. The depletion of brain serotonin by p-chloroamphetamine is prevented by inhibition of (its) uptake into serotonin neurons [2-4]. We have, therefore, determined whether methadone affects the depletion of brain serotonin by p-chloroamphetamine.
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