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Edwards DJ, Blau K. 
“The in vivo formation of p-chloro-&946-phenylethylamine in young rats injected with p-chlorophenylalanine”. 
J Neurochem. 1972 Jul 13;19(7):1829-32.
The Tryptophan hydroxylase EC 1.14.3 inhibitor, p-chlorophenylalanine pCPA KOE and WEISSMAN, 1966, has been widely used as a specific depletor of serotonin, both in animal studies and also clinically ENGLEMAN, LOVENBERG and SJOERDSMA, 1967. Since pCPA additionally inhibits phenylalanine hydroxylase EC, it has also been used to study human phenylketonuria hereditary phenylalanine hydroxylase deficiency by means of an animal model LIPTON et al., 1967 WAPNIR et el., 1970 PRYOR and MITOMA, 1970 BUTCHER, 1970. GAL, ROGGEVEEN and MILLARD 1970 suggested that these inhibitions may result from the incorporation of pCPA into the enzyme molecule at a crucial position in the amino acid sequence.
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