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de Boer D, Egberts T, Maes RA. 
“Para-methylthioamphetamine, a new amphetamine designer drug of abuse”. 
Pharm World Sci. 1999 Feb 22;21(1):47-8.
A case study is described of a patient who was intoxicated after the intake of so-called herbal stimulants. A visit to a physician after the intoxication prompted to this investigation and the case was examined for its direct cause. An interview with the patient revealed that the source of the herbal stimulants was a so-called 'S-5 tablet'. Information provided on the packings of the tablet only indicated the presence of natural alkaloids and vitamins. Toxicological analysis however proved that the 'S-5 tablet' contained para-methylthioamphetamine MTA, mainly. MTA is a relative unknown amphetamine designer drug, which has only been studied as a model compound in some structure-activity relationship studies. The fact that MTA appeared in tablets was therefore completely unexpected. Not only the potential abuse of this new amphetamine designer drug is a serious matter of concern, but also the misleading information provided with the tablet.
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