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Datta RK, Ghosh JJ. 
“Mescaline-induced changes of brain cortex ribosomes Effect of mescaline on amino acid incorporating ability of ribosomes”. 
Brain Res. 1971 Oct 14;33(1):193-203.
Brain ribosomes have fairly strong ability to incorporate labeled amino acids and behave in a manner greatly similar to liver ribosomes 1,15 reviewed by Datta7. Several psychoactive drugs are known to influence protein synthesis of central nervous system reviewed by Richter25. Krawczynski 14 observed that lysergic acid diethylamide LSD and 2-bromo-LSD inhibited cerebral protein synthesis in vivo. In view of these findings it was of interest to examine whether mescaline 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine affects the protein synthesizing ability of brain cortex ribosomes. In previous studies, Datta and Ghosh9,10 have demonstrated that mescaline acting on respiring brain cortex slices alters ribosomes by making them structurally unstable, and decreases the hydrogen bonded structures of ribosomal RNA. Since ribosomes are seats on which proteins are synthesized, any alteration, structural or otherwise, of ribosomes as a result of mescaline treatment may lead to altered protein synthesis. Hence attempts have been made to study 1 the in vitro effect of mescaline on amino acid incorporating ability of freshly prepared brain cortex ribosomes and 2 the effect of mescaline treatment of brain cortex slices on amino acid incorporating ability of the ribosomes isolated from slices so treated. The results presented in this communication indicate that mescaline causes a little inhibition of ribosomal incorporation of labeled amino acids and that ribosomes isolated from the mescaline-treated brain cortex slices have less ability to incorporate amino acids than those from the untreated control slices.
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