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Culbert PA, Adam MJ, Jivan S. 
“Facile Synthesis of N-Trifluoroacetyl-3,4-dimethoxy-6-trimethylstannylphenethylamine: A Convenient Precursor to 6-[ 18F]Fluorodopamine”. 
Applied Radiation and Isotopes. 1995 Feb;46(9):883-5.
A convenient three-step synthesis of the title compound from commercially available 3,4- dimethoxyphenethylamine is described, The title compound is a stable, crystalline, organic-soluble solid which reacts with carrier-added [18F]acetyl hypofluorite to yield 6-[18F]fluorodopamine 20 + 7 radiochemical yield EOS, n = 3 following deprotection with hydriodic acid.
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