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Cody JT, Valtier S. 
“Immunoassay analysis of lysergic acid diethylamide”. 
J Anal Toxicol. 1997 Oct 19;21(6):459-64.
Screening large numbers of urine samples for drugs of abuse is typically accomplished using immunoassays that allow for processing large numbers of samples without the requirement of sample preparation before analysis. Until fairly recently, screening of lysergic acid diethylamide LSD in urine samples could only be accomplished by the use of radioimmunoassays RIA. Recently, new nonisotopic immunoassays have been developed for the screening of samples for LSD. These assays lend themselves to rapid, high-volume, automated analysis compared with RIA procedures. In order to evaluate the current commercially available assays, samples prepared at known concentrations were tested by each of the assays. In addition, samples from known use of LSD were tested and the performance of each of the assays compared. The assays examined in this study included RIA assays from Roche Diagnostics Abuscreen and Diagnostic Products coat-a-count and nonisotopic assays from Roche OnLine, Behring EMIT, Boehringer Mannheim CEDIA, and STC Microplate EIA. Assays that could readily be carried out in a semiquantitative mode determining concentration based on a calibration curve were evaluated as to their relative response to the samples tested. All of the assays evaluated identified all of the samples which confirmed positive by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GC-MS. Likewise, each of the assays identified some samples which did not confirm as positive by GC-MS.
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