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Richard C. W. Hall, M.D., Betty Pfefferbaum, M.D., Earl R. Gardner, M.S., Sondra K. Stickney, R.N., Mark Perl, M.B.B.S.. 
“Intoxication with Angel's Trumpet: Anticholinergic Delirium and Hallucinosis”. 
Journal of Psychedelic Drugs. 1978 Jul-Sep;10(3):251-3.
Psychiatric clinics and emergency rooms encounter patients with drug abuses resulting from accidental or experimental intoxication and overdose. There is increasing concern among physicians regarding the growing number of agents being used for self-intoxiction. One such agent, Angel's Trumpet Datura suaveolens, a naturally occurring plant, is being implicated in the intoxication and death of an increasing number of adolescents and young adults, particularly in the southeastern part of the United States where it is cultivated as an ornamental.
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