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Ara H. Der Marderosian, Anthony M. Guarino, John J. De Feo and Heber W. Youngken, Jr.. 
“A Uterine Stimulant Effect of Extracts of Morning Glory Seeds”. 
The Psychedelic Review. 1964;p317-18.
The history, description and use of seeds of certain members of Convolvuaceae for divinatory purposes has been well documented in the literature by Schultes and Wasson. These reports have prompted several investigations, and recently Hofmann et al. &8308 &8309 have isolated and identified the active principles as certain ergot-type alkaloids. These are d-lysergic acid amide ergine, d-isolysergic acid amide isoergine, chanoclavine, elymoclavine and ergometrine. Further work by Taber et el.&8310 &8311 &8312 has established that the alkaloids are in the microbially sterile embryo. They have also reported that the leaf and stem, but not the root, of Rivea corymbosa also contained small amounts of alkaloids and that these principles are present in many varieties of morning glories. However, some of the seeds are listed only by horticultural name, and some are synonymous with others in his table of plants studied.
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